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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 14th June)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


The art of receiving advice isn’t as easy as giving it, for some. For you Aries it’s something that will lead to new paths, new love if you’re seeking it, or maybe a better understanding of someone you’ve just met? Listen to your friends, to your family, to those who know you better than most.

As this week commences the Moon is in your relationship sky and she’s pointing her energy towards confusing signals sent from someone who appears to consider you dreamy, complex, to be avoided or any other story you want to tell yourself? Have a conversation, find out what’s really going on.

Finding the right person can be a chore, you’re so busy elsewhere Gem it’s surely better to leave it to others to do the job for you? How’s that worked out for you in the past? Friends, blind dates, algorithms, done it all? What about leaving it to Venus in your sign. Stop looking, start seeing.

Not really sure where to start Cancer? The top of this week is one that’s full of mystery, promises made and perhaps promises broken? No matter how it falls for you, single sorts are in the thick of it and even if there are some dramas along the way they’re clearing the way for deeper connections.

Venus is in control of your social sky, the going out and mixing it up with lots of groups in lots of places and staying in with the online sort too. Add to that Monday’s full Moon in your fun time sky and you have the perfect time to whip through would be contenders in record time. Have fun.

When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a law suit. Dial up the romance Virgo, leave the practicalities of a meeting or the rules someone else is telling you have to be applied and just go with the song, go with the dance go with the nonsense of it all with a poetic soul who brings new things.

Amongst the noise and the chaos of your week there could be a shining light, someone who seems able to organise you in a way nobody else can, someone who gets what you need and helps you find it. Re-pointing your brickwork through to re-designing your website; love blooms in unexpected places.

A soulmate isn’t always someone you spend the rest of your life with, they can be a mate to your soul by simply turning up when you need to move onto a new cycle, to rock you out of the same old. They needn’t be that friendly either. An intense moment with a life changer, fun whilst it lasts.

A full Moon in your own sign is your annual let go experience, your annual enough is enough and if that’s about your love life then take time to not only end things with integrity, with love and with purpose but also with the knowledge that as one door closes another opens.

It’s easy to put platitudes in place, to say there-there, it will all be better soon. It’s harder to ask someone what they need from you, or just to let them know you’re there to witness what they are going through perhaps? As you stand by another it doesn’t go unnoticed. Loyalty draws someone closer to you.

In a world full of strangers there’s got to be a few who could be friends. You’ll never know unless you make the effort Aquarius and with Venus holding court in your new mates’ sky it’s a great time to get moving. By the way, the full Moon is clearing out those who no longer make the grade, useful.

The week opens with someone coming out of their shell, coming out of the hiding place as they finally pluck up the courage to say hi. He or she may be nervous Pisces, please bear that in mind as they make a pass that’s more awkward than a teenager on a first date.



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