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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 15th June)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Dramas amongst mates are how groups adjust, how they grow into lifelong support, memories built and laughter shared. But what happens when new folks enter the group, new opinions, new love interests perhaps? This is real life, not love island, you get to choose who you see; not your mates.

If you haven’t figured out why someone is giving you the run-around then maybe this week’s energy will help clear the air. He or she could be the shy type, the sort that need coaxing out, or they may not be that into you? A front up kind of week. Good.

There are discrepancies in what someone is saying and how they are acting, they may think you haven’t noticed but that just shows they don’t know who they are dealing with. Start a new relationship off with complete honesty, even if it does feel a bit uncomfortable.

The Sun is in your sign from the solstice, a big shiny birthday light that brings attention your way, plus it’s an excuse for a party. A change of mind on the social front could bring unexpected attention your way Cancer, for once that’s a very good thing.

You’re adjusting to having Venus in your sign and no sooner do you get used to her, but Mars sits opposite pushing her into some high-energy vibe that’s all about pairing you up! Expect pushy mates, a series of hot dates and a shift in your diary for the next few weeks. Busy as.

There may be nothing going on, or they may fancy the clipboard off you. Someone is being bossy, organising things around the office or in your social group but they’re only trying to impress you with their practical mind and rule-book attitude. Sexy beast that they are.

A heartfelt discussion with those who know you well will bring some information your way, nothing you’ve not been aware of but it’s different when you hear it from someone else. Realising only you can take things forward is the aim of this game. Already set, just needs you to move.

Jupiter and Neptune are pushing and agenda of abundance, that’s nice. But they’re acting on behalf of single Scorpio in particular, acting to out the feelings of someone who has been so much fun and yes, he or she really does want more.

From Thursday the Sun is out of your one-on-one sky and you’re less likely to spot someone who has the necessary chat to satisfy your need for conversation and debate. Or is that less likely to say hi, seems you’ve already spotted him or her.

Saturn and Uranus are bending the rules, helping you play hooky from the daily routines and must-do of life that have you soaking your feet at the end of the day, rather than getting your dancing shoes on. Practical commitments change, space is given up; fill it with fun not more soul-sucking work.

Mars, your sign, is facing off with Venus and that will prompt newly matched Aquarius to have some doubts, some high energy moments where thoughts of freedom may take over from thoughts of commitment. It’s make or break time, stick around or head off. Again.

You can see how much someone likes the look of you, however; it seems their idea of how romance plays out is not yours. We all express ourselves in different ways Pisces, loose the expectations you have and just look at the adoration in his or her eyes.

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