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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 16th February)

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David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night. 



A little travel trouble brings you and someone closer together, be that on your daily commute or further afield. Delays, left when you meant to go right, it all adds up to being in the wrong place at the right time. Don’t huff and puff, unattractive to say the least, brave those changes and take a look around; catch the eye of a fellow traveller.

Mates cannot be held responsible for the outcome of a match, whether they consciously made it or not! You’re the one who decides if you want to go for it, you’re the one who says hello, goes on that date and sparkles; or not? Yes, you have been set up Taurus, it’s just another way of introducing you to someone new. You must take it from there.

Mars in your relationship sky isn’t going to give you much of a break, no time for a breather, but that’s no excuse for poor flirting skills at a time when you need to be on your best form. Someone is used to high standards, they want to see some effort on your part, bring you A game Gemini or take a conscious break, no more for a week or two? Busy as.

Of course, you should take your love life seriously, it’s a very important part of your life, but someone may be too serious, a little dull if truth be known. A new romance could be missing the sparkle you’d hoped for so what’s the way forward? Talk it out Cancer, if he or she just doesn’t get it then you’re better off not offering in the first place.

Why can’t you be in the driving seat? Oh dear, dramas over who’s in charge in a new relationship? It’s ok to let someone else drive Leo, it’s ok to let someone else choose the restaurant or turn up and take charge of your date. For now. Enjoy it, but know when it’s all a little too much and they really do need to remember who’s kingdom they’re in.

Venus and Neptune in your relationship sky could be very romantic, they could also be preventing you from seeing someone to be romantic with! Cut through the fog by using the rings of Saturn to set new rules, rules that include just giving it a go, saying hi to folks you like the look of even if they haven’t returned your ten-point flirting response questionnaire. Just go for it.

It can’t be easy being you, easy being gorgeous and sweet, wearing those designer clothes so perfectly and wandering the halls of art galleries commenting on great masters. I know, you’re none of those things. But someone sees you that way, someone sees your inner goddess, your superhero is showing. Work it.

We all know a Scorpio who is in a moody, a Scorpio who has his or her brows down and can’t be bothered, but that’s not you. You’re bright, shiny and looking for some love action courtesy of Venus and Neptune and a social gathering that’s coming up this week. Keep it that way, don’t bin it in favour of a brows down moment.

Mars won’t let you down, he has enough energy for the journey ahead and wants you to know that even though someone is playing hard to get, you can play all day if needs be. Run-around sorts are busy, oh they are so busy, but you have something that will help them relax, an offer they can’t refuse. Some well-planned downtime, just what they needed. Good play.

There are things you need to say, and you’re determined to say them. Whether it’s an ex who needs to hear your golden words or someone who has been less that forthcoming after your best flirting moments, it’s a week to be as plain as you can be about your intentions. Please. Up until now he or she hasn’t really been clear about what it is you want.

You have nothing more to do, you’ve done what you can and if someone doesn’t see that then it’s their loss. Too true Aquarius, it really is their loss and your gain as you make room for someone who not only gets you, but you get that they get you! A better fit comes along, but only when you admit you were squeezing into a limiting one.

The presence of Venus and Neptune in your sign makes you the love power of the month, the sign most likely to… you can fill in the blanks. In true Piscean form, you can’t see it, so you may need the prompts that friends are offering you. It may seem juvenile but a little ‘my mate fancies you’ can go a very long way to clearing the fog. 


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