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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 16th March)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



The new Moon is a romantic one, but first you must be sure who gets the benefit of your fabulous, who has had their allotted time and has yet to make a move, who you’ve decided is worthier! Get you Aries, not only Venus in your sign but flirty Mercury too. Be more cupid, be more direct with where you point your love ambitions.

As you’re hoping for a movie moment could you be clearer on what sort of movie you’re looking for? Is love supposed to be a rom-com with laughs along the way, is it supposed to be an out and out heart-warming story or do you fancy a bit of tension to keep things interesting? All on offer, choose your co-star carefully.

It’s social time but it’s also a busy time for work, things to do, people to see. Nobody to blame then, nobody to accuse of standing in the way of your love life, just you, making different choices. Cuddling up with a well-presented spreadsheet must be a lovely thing, then again, maybe not? Change the groove Gem, get social, get some love in your life.

Mars is in your relationship sky from Saturday, he’s joining Saturn and Pluto and the gang of three is mighty, powerful and looking for change. Add Jupiter enhancing your new love sky and your ruler the Moon new in you adventurer sky and it’s clear it’s a big week Cancer. For what? For whatever you want it to be, put love on the list. High on the list.

You’re not known for you subtlety, you can do subtle it’s just not your default setting. That’s no bad thing for your love life as you make it very clear who’s caught your attention, who’s lucky enough to be on that list. Modest too. Being bold is your thing, but what would happen if you were a little less so? Someone wants wooing, not woo-hooing. Down a notch.

As you like a list, like to count things out, can I ask you to do the following math? Three in your new love sky, three in your relationship sky, add them together to make . . . six. Six out of ten planets concerned with the affairs of the heart for you this week V. The odds are with you, a three out of five chance to make a connection. Get on it.

The Sun is in your relationship sky from Tuesday, the spring equinox, he brings shiny things your way and with Mercury, Venus and Uranus there too they could be very shiny indeed. But. Mercury is going into reverse from Friday so maybe a well-planned love campaign would be in order early this week? Turn up the Libra charm.

There are things you need to say, heartfelt things, but it’s about time and place as much as anything else Scorpio and you have to get it right. If it’s asking someone out on a date don’t blurt it out on the bus, if it’s I don’t think it’s working out, don’t say it by text. New love not working, would be love wants starting, choose your words and your location carefully.

Mars out from Saturday, he’s moving in to deal with money, but as your new love ruler he’s done his job, introduced you to someone who you want to spend more time with. Now you must decide if that time is about learning more about a hobby or past time, making a friend, or are do you want to take things to a completely different place. Not talking Grimsby.

Not one person can tell you what to do, quite right, but they can advise you Capricorn and it would be foolish to switch off to that, just because they aren’t telling you what you want to hear. New romance may not be going the way you want, for a reason. Do what you will but listen to the counsel of good friends and family.

You’re not going to be swept away by a moment, not going to let your heart rule that very clever head of yours. Okay, so what are you going to do? You going to edit what you feel, not trust your feelings, appear as cold as cold thing on a cold day? Helpful. Stop analysing Aquarius, go with it, expose your heart stuff, be truly you and get the same in return.

The new Moon in your own sign is one that offers you the wishing star, that one day a year where you get to ask for what you want, just the one thing mind. If it’s about love, be very clear about what that looks like, what he or she would look like, how they’d act, what they’d say, dream them into being. Happy new Moon-wishes. 


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