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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 16th November)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Venus is hurtling through your relationship sky, making her way back her start point, after her back-flip. Rewind but be kind Aries. Review what you’ve learned over the last couple of months and use it to set clear intentions, focus on who or what you want from love now you know what you don’t.

Not one to be holding a grudge, much, you’ve decided you can move on from what someone thought was funny, needed or just couldn’t hold back on. Good for you Taurus, nothing dims your love light more than refusing to let go of the old. Out with it. It’s done. He or she can jog on.

A full Moon, end of the week, in your own sign is an opportunity to shed some stuff. Stuff. For it to be a full Moon in your sign the Sun must be in your relationship sky, so too is a backwards moving Mercury. That’s a long-winded way of saying enough chat, time for action.

Someone is still hovering around you Cancer, that’s hovering and not hoovering, just to be clear. He or she is waiting for your mood to change so they can make their move. Maybe they would be better hoovering, at least that way they’d be useful. Let them know it’s not your mood, it’s them.

I can’t tell you what to think, what to wear, where to go on a night out to find yourself some wonderful romance. But I can suggest you shift your attitude, change your look and how about a new venue rather than blending in down the Dog and Duck every weekend? Change is required. Lots of it.

Mars is in the land of your relationships, so too is Neptune and early this week the Moon is their too. A combination that brings you some hot stuff if you’ve got the stamina. You may prefer the steadying effect of Saturn in your new love sky? Choices are too hot to handle or ‘what’s for tea’. At least it’s a choice.

Venus is in her last fall out with Uranus, for a while anyway, and she’s leaving your sign with this thought; what if true love isn’t as perfect as it is in the movies? Seek perfection by all means Libra, but it seems you’ve already met someone who is closer to it than you think.

You have things you need to say and you’re going to say them. Good, so you should. Just remember that once you say whatever you have to say, you can’t take it back, no matter how hard you try. Better to take a beat Scorps, use your frustration to affect real change rather than winning points.

The full Moon, Friday, is your annual gaze into what’s reflected back to you through the relationships that you have. It may not all be about your love life, but how you react to people, and they to you, is important. New love is on hold to be honest, and when it comes along the ‘who’ will surprise you.

Someone is being really obvious about how they feel, so obvious your mates may feel a bit embarrassed for him or her as you’re clearly not responding. Not because you’re not interested, it’s just you’re so focused on a work deal. Ask your mates, they see the ‘do not disturb’ sign you have on, turn it off.

Venus is opposite your ruler Uranus and they’re having big chats, nope, bigger than that! Be honest with the ex, clear with yourself, charming with a new love interest or forthright with someone who needs to step aside so you can move on by. All to play for Aquarius.

Mars in your sign is many things, but up there on the list is amorous. He’s hot and bothered but maybe the reversal of your relationship ruler Mercury is the thing that finally gets you moving? A heated debate, frustrating even, shows you someone who you could love to argue with. It’s a start!


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