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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 17th May)

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True Love 520x300 69484198David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Venus sits in a new part of your chart, a part where you question someone’s values. Ask what love means to you, who was so close but not quite right, and why? Love isn’t always about taking action, sometimes it’s about ice-cream and seeking a greater understanding.

I have nothing to say other than Venus is in your sign and settled. That was a short conversation leaving you wanting more, and that’s how someone is feeling about you. A brief encounter wasn’t enough for them, they want to know more and may orchestrate a meeting under Saturday’s full Moon.

Someone older may be the light that shines in your life Gem. They have their own hair and teeth, so not ancient by any stretch and would it matter? He or she brings in the new, reminds you of what life looks like when true romance is present, prepare for romance, perhaps birthday romance?

You could have reservations, not dinner ones, the other sort. But does that mean someone isn’t for you? Maybe he or she is a grower, someone who takes their time to reveal their true glory? Give them a chance Cancer, let them woo you, and thank your lucky stars there’s still folks who can.

Venus is sitting high in your chart and the full Moon low. What does that mean? Well, it could be someone who likes the look of you finally saying it out loud, or early shifts to declare it? It could also mean you see who that special someone is all by yourself and start to make big plans very quickly?

Mars is in your social sky, take care and pay attention to any invitations that come your way with midweek conversations heating things up. Forces are making sure there’s some emotional interest in spending time with fun sorts and maybe one in particular? Be in it to win it Virgo.

As Venus is now full out of your relationship sky, you’re done with listening to the relationship advice from all and sundry, and what about those dating apps Libra? Maybe it’s time for a little quiet reflection? Seek some peace, some time to consider what you want, not the opinions of others.

A gathering of planets in your relationship sky has you counting the days until you can see someone again, whether you’ve sorted out a hot date or not is irrelevant; for now. Dating advice from those who know what he or she is all about would be useful, be careful who you ask is the guidance.

The Sun is in your relationship sky, taking over after Mars’s departure last week. This is a gentler energy, one that will still highlight the who’s in the running and who is not, but one that brings attention to the balance that can be struck when you finally find a true conversationalist. Sexy.

When you make a small concession in negotiations you know someone will try to take more, that’s business. In romance you can do similar, you can concede you like the way someone finds humour in most things and he or she may admire your etchings. All to play for but do add some play Capricorn.

The Sun is illuminating your fun and games sky Aquarius so who are you to say no? It’s an interesting week with a full Moon also suggesting you have a big announcement to make, so how are the two connected? An ending, a new beginning that has the potential to bring romance your way. Use it.

If you’re really going to go there, go there! It seems you’ve decided to let someone know they still have your heart, but are they interested in returning that commitment? Only one way to find out, send that text but a word of advice, that text will be enough; what happens next is kismet.



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