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David's Daring Dating Week beginning 18th January

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


It’s a shocker of a week as true love is revealed, but is that a shocker as in no thank you very much or is it the sort that has you wondering just what you did in your past lives to deserve such good luck? No way of knowing, but that’s the wonder of an eclipse. True love, new love, no thank you love. All available.

It seems you’re still tied to the past T, not as exciting as being tied to a four-poster with a bowl of chocolate sauce and a willing assistant, but it will have to do for now. Let go of the dream of an ex returning, fairy tale expectations or being swept off your feet and look again; perfectly ordinary holds the key..

Venus and Jupiter are aligned, that sounds like a good thing, right? It is! Oh Gem, I have waited so long for this moment, a decade in fact, time for opportunistic Jupiter to be in your relationship sky and meeting the goddess of love. Are you still here? You’ve got some serious flirting to get on with.

Now that the Sun is finally leaving your relationship sky you can deal with Pluto and Saturn on their own terms. These boys suggest karmic conditions apply, the eyes across a crowded room, a traditional sort, perhaps with a military bearing? He or she won’t be shy at asking you out. Eyes-front, get on with it.

If there wasn’t a total eclipse in your sign this week, you’d probably just be washing your hair, again, and staying in. But it seems you’re more restless than a restless thing and staying in is not happening, especially at the weekend. Good, Venus has asked Cupid to arrange a surprise for you. On point.

I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not? Are you really going to change everything around so that you can see more of someone? That would be fine if they asked, but it seems you’re shifting the diary so you can be where he or she spends their downtime. Kudos, really putting in the effort.

You have such a charming way, it’s a gift, but imagine of that gift was given a boost and then it was aimed at your love life in particular? So it is Libra. Here you have a chance to chat your way into someone’s affections, the someone involved has stolen your breath until now. At last, you can communicate! 

You do like an intense situation, something to really get yourself invested in Scorps. Happily, Neptune and Venus are willing to help you with a love choice that may not be what you’d call plain sailing but who wants that right? New love comes in a story fit to tell your grandchildren. Drama! 

All the way or nothing. That’s the Sagittarius way isn’t it? You like to throw yourself at it Sagg and with Venus and Jupiter currently egging each other on its time to hatch a plan. Trouble is, there might be more than one option in front of you. Busy week for the cock, or hen, of the walk.

As this week starts it’s tough going for you, let’s not mince our words, no time for that. You’re asked to be honest about what it is you want from love, why someone isn’t it or why they are and need to know you’re in it for the long run? What scares you, do that, be brave and make the tough choices.

There’s a whole heap of folks who want unicorns and fairies, nothing wrong with that by the way, just not where you’re at right now. The eclipse is going to reveal reality in all its forms, relationships in particular, time for fantasy later. Your new love ruler ends the week with you, fantasy can start then!

You probably don’t want to know, shall I tell you, do you really want to know? Oh all right then, here’s the goss; someone at work likes the way you walk your walk and talk your talk. He or she might be a bit clumsy in the way they show their affection, thankfully you’re more elegant with your response. But. Work? 



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