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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 19th April)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Your soulmate is a misunderstood word, it literally means a mate of your soul, not ‘the one’ not ‘your other half’; a mate of your soul. Anyone who helps you along the way on a deeper level will qualify so why not start there? A helpful soul could be just the one you’re looking for mate. Venus agrees.

As the Sun comes over the horizon and into your sign the focus is on you and yes, you’re another year older so that begs the question; what are you really doing about your love life? Uranus in your sign says shake it up T, by that he means outrageous behaviour for someone of your age. Fabulous.

Is there any point? You’ll meet someone, fall head over heels, do the thing you do, fall into complacency, get bored, fall out of love, seek marriage counselling and start all over again. All right happy-head? Stop with the stories, start an adventure without a script. A free spirit is about to help you with that.

There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to fit everything in, but you know who flutters his or her eyelids and suddenly you’re free. That’s all the clue you need Cancer. Who do you put first, who do you set others aside to spend time with? Still looking for something you’ve already found?

Love advice comes in many forms but there’s only one way to find out if any of it is going to work. Go on Leo, that blind date, dating site, courageous hello or foolish stumble may be all you need. Jupiter suggests a plethora of opportunities; Venus adds adventurous spirit. Make the most.

As far as someone is concerned you’re hardly at the top of his or her list, sorry about that Virgo but isn’t it better to know than not? Harsh as it may seem, a mate lets you know the truth and that’s a great big favour as it drops the scales so you can see who is more than interested. Better deal ahead.

Surprisingly, you’re in demand! It’s no surprise to me or anyone else Libra, it may be to you but that’s because you’ve failed to notice the queue forming. You’ve been so busy doing goodness knows what, now things are quietening down you can concentrate on your love life once more.

At the start of the working week you’re likely to meet a new starter or two, a new face that could take you by surprise as you find yourself thinking about him or her a little more than you usually would. You’ve got a secret crush, how long before you make it public?

There are those who’d call you irresponsible, call you reckless or call you foolish and you get to call them boring. Who are you and what have you done with Sagittarius? An air of devil may care, a touch of over the top activity could shock some but delight others, one in particular. New exploits from Venus.

You’re in one of your most persuasive times Capricorn, not only for your love life by the way, those dulcet tones of yours could persuade someone off the fence and into the garden for a sherry or two. The caveat is not to try too hard, allow space for the woo to happen Cap.

With Mars in your new love, true love sky you’re pretty much set for some action over the next few weeks. Yay! Before you set off the fireworks you should know that by action Mars means conversation. Light the blue touch paper with charm, wit and sparkling bonhomie.

Venus is out of your sign and into making mischief elsewhere, so now you’re left with Neptune on his own. After weeks of flirting, hair flicking and smiling until your mouth hurts you’ve reached a point where someone should have emerged as the front runner. Run after them.



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