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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 19th October)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


There are some ground rules to be sorted, new relationships move from the anything goes to don’t cut your toenails in the front room. Has the shine gone off? Be it a new relationship or someone who is playing way too hard to get, change things up and watch new magic happen.

Wow! That’s some astrology you’ve got going on T, what are you going to do with all those magnetic vibes pulling you towards someone who intrigues you, someone who is not your usual type, someone who has your inner critic on high alert? Risky it may be, but heart ragingly exciting too. Choices.

Who will you be if you can’t be you? It’s possible to be someone else Gem, for about an hour with your inability to stay in character for any longer, so why not give someone the unique, charming and changeable truth? No acting, it won’t end well even if you think you’re Oscar ready.

There could be some interesting options on the love front this week; interesting being the hardest working word in that sentence. You might be surprised at who your mates bring to the party, ‘they’re perfect for you’ are words you might want to watch out for. But. There is a diamond among them.

I can tell you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about the dating game, it’s colder and you want to stay in with a hot chocolate and your PJ’s on and I can’t say I blame you. But if it’s love you’re after no amount of online effort will bring it this week. Get off your Mars and get out there, he’s insisting.

What did the elephant say to the giraffe? That’s silly, elephants don’t speak and do they see many giraffes? Okay V, let’s take it down a notch, you don’t have to nip at everything someone says. He or she is trying to make you laugh, make you argue, make you talk to them. Any which way they can. See it.

Venus is moving ever closer to you sign, but remember she’s in reverse and as he enters, Halloween, she may bring an ex back into your life. He or she could be planning their return but is it a trick or is it a treat? There may be only one way to find out. Remove all the masks.

The thing is, it needs to be obvious for you Scorps, it’s not that you don’t feel the vibes it’s just that you need to know for sure before you make a move because you really don’t want to be embarrassed by getting it wrong. Trust your vibes, make a move or wait a very long time for him or her to do it.

There’s something strange happening with you and your romantic potential. It’s as if you’ve set your heart on one course but you’re open to persuasion if another become available. Not like you. Perhaps the truth is as simple as admitting who you really want? No spare, no fall back, just go for it.

It’s odd in a modern world as what used to be the domain of going out and having a good time must now include going online and having a good time, a night out without going out? What a marvellous thing for some. Be it online or in person your social sky is hotter than a hot thing on a hot day in Hotsville.

You have so much happening at work, your professional life is buzzing with energy, but there’s also someone coming into view that may need your attention as he or she is looking to get to know you better. Can you cut out a work meeting or commitment to make it happen? Might be a good idea.

My little, not so little, dog Sunny is great at finding the muddiest spot on her walk; it’s a talent. I still love her, even though it’s annoying at the time, we get over it with a rub down with a warm towel and scratch behind the ears. Not suggesting that, but a new romance could use a little more understanding.


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