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David's Daring Dating Week beginning 1st February

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


As the new Moon highlights your social life, Venus is making good on her promise to make you more visible to Mr or Ms Right or maybe Right-Now? You’re moving up the ranks of signs most likely to . . . you can fill in the blanks Aries. Mars and Uranus suggest an unexpected advance, all to play for. 

If it’s all too much for you why not sulk in the corner for a bit? That’s attractive, it’s a real turn on watching you turn your lip down because you didn’t get your own way. Think bright, think shiny, thing he or she isn’t worth it but what comes next most definitely is. 

It’s a big wide world Gem and that’s the love advice for you this week, get out and into it. Okay, so you may not be in the mood to hop on a bus, maybe you’re a bit strapped for cash, but the world can come to you just as easily? Someone well-travelled excites the boredom right out of you. Marvellous.

Living your best life isn’t dependent on anyone else Cancer, truly isn’t. If you’re attaching too much of your own happiness to another this could be the week that you see that and you might even decide to do something about it. New romance could fizzle out, true romance could mean loving yourself first.

What were you thinking when you said you’d step in and take over the weekly meeting, running the show or doing some task others don’t want to get involved in? Now, now Leo, you’ve made a promise and it wouldn’t be the first time an annoying task produced gold. Surprise! 

Should you have said something? Yes. Should you have at least smiled? Yes. You know where you went wrong and now you’re wondering how you can put it right? Happily the Universe is into second chances and you can. Brace yourself Virgo, you’re actually going to do it. Make your move.

Without creating too much of a fuss, could you find out more about him or her? Don’t go asking their mates, or yours for that matter, no need to do the Facebook check or the Insta-like. All you really have to do is ask. I know. Radical isn’t it? You will find shared interests, then dating. Imagine. 

Neptune wants you to think more poetically, but to be clear it’s the poetry of romance and not the stuff where your angst is showing. Someone will respond very well to your intense nature Scorpio, to the passion you have for true love, honest dialogue and sharing your deepest fantasies. Oi Oi! 

Whilst Scorpio has gone 50 Shades and Capricorn is looking into pre-nuptials, you’re seeking a cup of tea and book club. That’s okay Sagittarius, sometimes the middle ground is where it’s at and taking it easy, leaving someone to come to you is all right too. Can you flirt quietly? Seems you can.

You want to know if someone is for you, if they will be faithful and true, if they will share what’s theirs and let you hang on to what’s yours? There are no guarantees Capricorn, it’s a new romance not a sofa. It may get messy, then again it could be the best thing ever. Through yourself at it.

With your new love planet Mercury whipping through your sign you might feel the urge to chat up everyone who crosses your path. Ordinarily that would be a bit awkward, but this week it may be a good idea. Numbers, it’s a numbers game Aquarius. Not a popular thing to say but there it is. 

You don’t care what someone does for a living, you’re not bothered by their history or their interest in stamps of the Americas. You just want them to be funny, kind and go as gooey eyed at you as you do with them. You old romantic you. Sorry, drifted off there. McDreamy is on his or her way. 



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