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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 1st March)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


There’s nothing you can about the way someone sees you, they’ve formed an opinion and you’re right, it’s based on nothing more than what a frienemy of yours has said. So rock on, if they’re so easily influence and can’t be bothered forming their own opinion they’re not worth it. Mic dropped. 

You’re good at love, you do love, you do romance it’s your thing; that and cake. But you’re not feeling it, cake is expensive, going out is expensive, best to stay in and eat beans out the tin. Hello! Needn’t cost the earth, which is why Mars is mobilising your mates and helping them to help you. Glam it up.

Mooning about, doing the face and wondering if your prince or princess will ever put in an appearance isn’t attractive and luckily it’s only for a couple of days Gemini. At the start of the work week things improve, someone bumps into you, eyes meet and your off. If you say hello of course .

The Moon is in your relationship sky this week, she’s offering a mirror to help you see just what’s going on there, good and not so good. Take this opportunity to step into the feels of it all. Switch your questioning head off long enough to listen to your heart. Truly listen, there are a lot of distractions.

Venus, new in your love sky, is what you might call seductive, she’s pouting and twirling her hair in a coquettish way. Steve from marketing isn’t doing the same, but he is making his intentions clear; sharing his lunchtime sandwich perhaps? He or she isn’t hiding their feelings; act, react, just don’t overact.

There’s not one thing you can do about someone who thinks they are all that. They will always think they are all that, but they can it somewhere else and you must be clear about that. A definite no is getting in the way of one, possibly two, maybes and you can’t afford to let it continue Virgo.

I know how annoying it is when you see everyone else coupling up, getting in to the first flush of a new romance and already talking about holiday plans. But think of it this way, your mate’s new date has mates you could date. Social circles widen, double dates could be a thing?

Mercury and the Sun in your new relationship sky send beams of loveliness to you, all filtered through your romantic Neptune, so dreams of happily ever after are floating around like marshmallow unicorns. Nice, but how do you turn them into reality? Mercury’s gift is flirty-chat. That’s not a clue, it’s an order.

Chatty Kathy over there never seems to have a problem getting attention, wonder why that is? Staring into the remains of your double espresso isn’t what you’d call making eye contact, never mind talking to anyone. Wake up, smell that coffee and make with the small talk for big results.

You may not be sure how to handle Mars in your new love sky, he’s hot and bothered about a lot of things. However; his recent hook up with Venus worked in your favour and a potential partner isn’t what you’d call quiet. This makes him or her obvious, a fellow storm bringer clatters into your life.

Venus is in your sign and she’s alone there, not one planet available to mess with her vibes. This brings you some clarity Aquarius, it may not bring you a hot date but you will be clear about what he or she should be like. Push pause, take a moment to set your intentions for the coming weeks.

The tumbleweed blowing through Dodge City that is your love life needn’t put you off. The astro reminds you that you’ve seen your fair share of cowboys, cowgirls too, now you get to be the one driving the next stage of your love life. Disturb the stillness with bold action, challenging perhaps? Yeeha!



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