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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 20th July)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Getting bogged down in the details is a tricky place to be Aries. The who said what to whom, when will she be there, who knows him and have you checked out their social media yet has to stop. Take your head out of a would be romance, go only with your heart.

A new face is connected to some folks who you already know, someone is moving into your inner circle and it’s good to have that route to them. Friends of friends making an introduction is welcome, make sure you use it Taurus, it saves so much time!

A domestic matter may be overtaking things at the moment, so much to sort out with family or bricks and mortar, but does that mean your dating opportunities should suffer? Boxes, get your dramas in little boxes and shut the lid on them to buy you flirting time.

Have you said your piece Cancer, or is that have you said your peace? You’re seeking some way of resolving an issue with an ex or even a bestie, something you feel has to be resolved before you move and you would be right. Don’t dither about.

What resources do you have at your disposal Leo? Is it about friends, is it about gym gear and a winning smile, is it simply your dreamy hair? Look at how you can approach someone you’re infatuated with and work it Leo, work it real good.

You may not see what others see in someone and that’s a good thing on this occasion. Many may not agree with your choice of new romance, or maybe someone you’re flirting with, and they will offer their reasons. None of which make a bit of difference; good.

As you’re planning on making a move away from your usual surroundings it’s only right that you should say your farewells and mean them. Close one door before you open another Libra, clean breaks create new romance faster than drawn out dramas.

If you’ve got the where for all to notice someone in the crowd, someone who clearly needs the love and support of a Scorpio in their life, go for it! It seems fate is shining a light in the darkness of the same old, see it and brighten up your days. And nights.

There’s something you need to know about a fellow traveller, someone who you meet daily on your routine journeys perhaps? A commute could turn into something way more interesting than usual, go with it Sagittarius; smile back, say hi, suggest coffee?

Using this week’s eclipse, all be at the end of the week, is something you should think about. The Moon is your relationship planet, long term relationships at that, and she’s eclipsing in your values sky. Here’s your chance to decide if someone is in or out.

How are you? It’s a tricky week for you Aquarius, lots of choices to make but it seems you’re also being blessed with change that will lead you onto a new path. It’s not all about your love life but do look out for fresh growth rather than returning to well trodden pathways.

When you’re not sure about someone it shows, your face gives it away and it will garner a response from others that provokes a debate. Get into it Pisces. Who do you really fancy the look of, who is out of the running and who could do more to hook you up?



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