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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 21st June )

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


The love advice is pouring in from all areas and as last week was about listening, this is now your opportunity to do most of the talking! You’re clearer about what it is you want and who you think can provide whatever is on your list, and they’re ought to be someone who comes to mind. Talk.

When you lead the dance, you decide where you go, how you move around the floor, where you shimmy, where you dip, where you twirl, feet together, two three. So it is T, you’ve orchestrated this waltz from the off, take charge and see it to its conclusion. You’re the driving force.

Is relationship advice for men different to advice for women? Maybe it’s all in the delivery, maybe it’s all in the experiences of those giving the advice; maybe there are more variables than anyone has time for? That. Do it your way Gem, but do do it on this a spectacular week for romance.

The Sun is in your sign from today, 21st, the herald of the summer and on this solstice you’re asked to put yourself front and centre. With regards to your love life that means letting go of a chord that binds you to an ex and to embrace a more open approach to someone who thinks you are the sunshine.

If it’s all right with you I’ll say nothing at all. Disappointing? When you’re expecting interaction and you’re met with nothing, no return on your emotional investment, hours spent doing you hair perhaps? Mercury is in your sign, Thursday, open up to someone who is anxious to hear from the real you.

With your relationship planet Neptune reversing in your relationship sky you’d think it was time to back-peddle, go over old ground and find out just what went wrong? That’s one way of dealing with it. Another would be rising above it, refusing to play the blame game and move on free from it all.

Is that you? Are you sure you’ve not been replaced by another sign? You appear to be more upfront than an upfront thing as you push your way into the limelight rather than watch and wait, balancing the pros and cons of making a move. Thrusting yourself in the fray. I like it!

As the water signs get another boost, that’s you by the way, it’s clear you can’t be in two places at once so maybe you take this uptake in offers and use your eye for quality to edit, to trim things back to something more manageable? Oddly enough Venus has the same idea, your short list is shorter. Good.

Venus and Jupiter are at loggerheads and you could be tempted in over doing it, having a dramatic turn for the worst perhaps? Take a deep breath and remember that sometimes it’s not about being right, it’s about having peace. Is a disagreement really worth all the hassle? Learn, note it, do nothing. Yet.

I haven’t got the slightest interest in what gauge the railway is, not a blink of recognition over this week’s fashion statements and frankly what you had for your tea is no concern of mind. Come up with something that piques interest in someone you clearly want to get to know better. Do your homework.

Trying to be all things to all people isn’t easy. Giggling with the giggler, getting serious with the serious one, jogging with jogger and blogging with the blogger; not going to work Aquarius because you’re trying too hard. Finding the right person is as easy as asking who you’re most ‘you’ around.

As your ruler Neptune reverses in your sign, Sunday, you could feel a little less like going out and more inclined to stay in going over your journals and doing readings with your magical stuff, bit of introspective investigative work perhaps? Great. The Sun and Mars what a raucous night out. Choices.



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