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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 21st September)

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David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



What a week! Tomorrow’s equinox offers you an opportunity to consider what it is you truly want from your love life, a gift that stays for the whole of Libra season. Add your personal full Moon on Tuesday and the offer of a new direction for your life is made. Get clear on what, or who, it is you want.

Venus continues her journey through your relationship sky, that’s the good news. The not so comfy news is she’s going to unpick a few things in the next few weeks. The advice is make your move now, start afresh, renew a commitment even if it is to take some time out, time for yourself.

As your ruler Mercury and the Sun traverse your house of new love, of true love, of what’s to do love; it’s over to you. You have the tools to get things moving Gem, you have the gift of the gab and plenty of foot-fall. Perhaps an ex still haunts the pathways? Shake that ghost off, time for the new.

It’s not you, it’s them. It’s totally you. Don’t shift it, own it Cancer, know that you’re just not that into him or her, seize the power that saying no can bring you can have a lovely night in with the cat. Contentedness comes in many forms, love comes in many forms. Know what fits.

You’re shaking off some vibes that were not of your making. Someone may have misheard you, thought you said this when you meant that or maybe someone is just a cantankerous old know it all with too much time on their meddling hands? Walk away from gossip and towards heartfelt connections.

As long as you really are okay with things, let your bestie date your ex or whatever convoluted plan is hatching in Virgo land. But be okay with it. If you’re not, say so. The season of V is closes, leave it with a clear head and a clear heart. Better things come when your honest with your heart.

You’re up Libra, it’s your turn in the Sun as the equinox brings the light back to your sign. It’s half and half of course, it’s light and shade and all those sorts of things but Tuesday’s full Moon leaves you in no doubt who brings what? Someone’s either shiny or not, bright or duller than a dull thing. Revealed.

Venus in your sign is something you can work with, Jupiter too. What you do with them is up to you Scorps but could we suggest you do something other than layer yourself in fresh face-packs no matter how vegan they are? Looking pretty amazing, now go do something with it. Dazzle.

If you’ve got some hot dates lined up, good for you. Make sure you take a good book with you as he or she may be a bit late, if it turns into a hotel room overlooking the meet you may have to accept they aren’t turning up. Put limits on how long you’ll wait, for a date, a call, a text. Whatevs.

Saturn and Mercury have a bit of a conversation for you, one you’ll be hard pushed to avoid. It’s all about how you feel, what you want, who isn’t doing their part and that conversation is a two with thing Capricorn. It is not destructive, it’s far from it. A new relationship needs new boundaries.

Someone is making themselves really obvious, not in a crass way you understand, it’s all very classy and sophisticated. Hang on. Are they being a little too subtle? Who has popped around more than required, who has borrowed your stapler and not returned it, who’s offered a foot massage?

In a world of message delivery reports it’s hard to slow things down and yet here you are, hoping for just that. Don’t hope Pisces, set the pace and don’t let any fast-fingered Lothario set you on a guilt trip for not replying quickly enough. You’re in control, use the mute or delete function as required.


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