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David's Daring Dating (22nd December - Friday 4th January)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


With too much time on your hands and not enough to keep them occupied you can become a bit restless Aries. Is it love you’re after or someone to keep you busy? Your ruler Mars is in your sign on New Year’s Day, he fires up passionate exchanges and whilst you initially went in for some heat, you could end up with something longer lasting. 

Venus is whipping relationships into action, steady, she is taking charge and wants you to know you can have anything you want as long as you’re totally honest about what that is. New love, true love, how about it love; you decide. This social time provides one amazing evening, around the 23rd, that could be a game changer.

Mercury and Jupiter have had their fling, just what did they chuck at you Gem? Jupiter now waits for Venus, a combo that makes January a very exciting time for love energy to grow in your life. Use this in-between time to clear out what no longer works and set your intentions so that Venus get a clear picture of what you want next. 

As the Sun moves through your relationship sky, Venus moves through your new love sky too. This is an amazing time for you to make the most of any buffet and mingle opportunities you have, any bring your Christmas cheer over here gatherings that could give you an excuse to admire someone’s taste in jumpers, ask them out, get married; steady on! 

If you’re sure you’ve got things covered you go right ahead and do what could feel like a real challenge; take time off work and actually do all the things you said you would. No emails, no texts, no checking in; just you and your own stuff. If in amongst that stuff love features, know that Jupiter is happy to bring coincidence into play. Say yes to party invites .

Neptune and Mars in your relationship sector overshadow the pressure of the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in your new love sky and you have a combo deal that has you sailing dangerously close to missing someone’s subtle signals. Switch to stealth mode Virgo, love radar on, be aware of every nuance of an interested but super shy sort. Blip-blip. .

Mars makes it to your relationship sky from New Year’s Day, to say he heats things up is a bit of an understatement. What he works on depends on your own circumstances; how he does it will be via passion, power and sometimes anger. All motivational energies Libra. You’re tasked with creating change and given the energy to do it. 

Here you go, some time off, a bit of tinsel and some mistletoe, the seduction vibes are high and you dearest Scorpio, are in your element. Work it! Venus and Neptune continue moving in mysterious ways and romance blossoms between you and your mate’s mate, rebound sorts and most controversial of all; forbidden fruit. Saucy.  .

I am not sure you’re having second thoughts, you could be presenting it that way but it’s probably a stalling tactic. You know what you want, you know if someone is in or out and you’re just getting around to making it public. As the new year begins you’re ready, so maybe it’s just a question of timing Sagittarius?.

Eclipse season is getting closer, your signs features in it, so what great shifts do you want to see in your world? If it’s about love, seek the counsel of Venus who suggests someone you like the look of will respond more to soft words than robust wit and edgy humour; for now anyway. Go gently Capricorn. 

Your love life is being discussed, shame you can’t hear what they are saying about you! What have you been up to? Seems things are being played out in a very public way, is that okay with you? It will invite comment, criticism perhaps, but the truth is you don’t care and it only strengthens your resolve. Love a strong resolve.

Mars is out of your sign as the new year comes in, he’s hot and heavy and has been communicating with Venus in a bid to let you see who feels pretty much all of those hot and heavies for you Pisces. He or she could be flagging over this period, if you know who they are and you’re interested it’s time to return the favour. If not? No action required.



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