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David's Daring Dating Week beginning 22nd February

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


The best bit of any new romance has to be that heart-racing moment when you lean in for the first kiss, you can’t repeat it; ever. So take your time Aries, build to it and don’t feel it’s on a schedule. It’s when you’re both ready. About tea-time Monday by the looks of things.

You can giggle if you like, you can casually stroke your hair and what about the old favourite; mirror their actions. Or you could act all natural, reminding yourself that you’ve nothing to prove and they’re lucky to get close enough to your lunch without being slapped. You must really like them.

Some folks will go out of their way to compete with your wit, banter with you because they see it as a challenge perhaps Gem? Most are just having some fun, some will be as annoyed as and annoyed thing and want to get one over one you. Some will be flirting outrageously. You will love it.

Venus is making her way to the exit, leaving your relationship sky to work on other projects. Is there someone you’d like to get to know better? Someone who’s been dithering about, someone whose contact details you might lose if you don’t say hi? Say hi.

As I write this you’re on the edge Leo, the edge of changing things with your love life and maybe it’s come because you’ve had enough of things as they are. Is it time to start dating again? Maybe the new became very old all to quickly? Venus supports your theory, it’s time for change. Be it.

What could you say about your ex that’s generous and kind? What could you say about where you are now? Positive vibes, higher roads Virgo, that’s the way to work with what may seem like awkward questions from someone new. They’re just interested. Seriously. Not nosey. Nope. Interested. Okay then.

I’m excited about the relief you’re going to feel when Uranus leaves the relationship part of your chart. When dating becomes something you really want to throw yourself into with real gusto and Venus can help you make the most from your new love sky. Next couple of weeks are game changers.

There’s something you haven’t tried yet, something that might expose your more intense Scorpio side but what if that’s exactly what a would be main squeeze has been waiting for? Revealing the truth, dropping the ha-ha mask and lol emojis and getting trademark intense. Look into my eyes.

Is there someone who makes you quiver with their very presence? Maybe you have to leave the room when they appear, or your words get up jumbled? So now you know who, figure out the how. How you’re going to get over yourself and ask them out?

Timing is in your favour this week, things are moving quickly so you really shouldn’t dither about if you’re planning on asking someone out. It’s not impossible after this week, just a little tougher to orchestrate the sort of fateful meetings that need to be taken advantage of that this week brings.

You know what was said, you also know what was left unsaid and that is enough Aquarius. Someone’s been listening to the ramblings of an ex, a friend of your ex or your second cousin twice removed. You know the truth. They can accept your version or jog on. No-nonsense, start as you mean to go on.

The best romances start when you’re in that place where you’ve stopped looking and have finally settled into single life. That’s annoying isn’t it? Not really, annoying is the next stage; you said no to a hot date because you were happy being single. It’s only a date, not a mortgage and a budgie. Perspective.



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