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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 24th May)

Category: Love Horoscopes

resized Female dating app shutterstock 1067769005David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Finding the right person can be just as it sounds, you go out and find them, but sometimes it’s waiting for them to come to you and with very little activity in your new love, true love sky then perhaps that’s the way to go this week? When you’re not looking love finds you.

Your ruler Venus is in the middle of your sign, she’s shining her light over more of your tribe than ever and as she does so she’s playing the attraction game, especially at the start of this week. Someone can’t help themselves; they simply have to be near you Taurus. Observe.

When you say something clever on a first date some folks get full of their own self-importance and huff their way out, letting you know how you’re offended them or some such blether. You meant nothing by a joke, a side comment, a witty response. He or she doesn’t get it, or you. Good riddance.

Certain things you do catches someone eye and it’s unlikely to be anything major, you don’t have to do a waggle dance on the desktop. They’ve noticed your smile, the way you laugh, something subtle that makes them want to get to know you better. A workplace romance, awkward or exhilarating?

Can you overdo the romance, overdo the pursuit of a love interest? Whether it’s you who’s pushing a little too hard or someone’s not giving you the space to think things through, this is a good time to take step back and downscale your plans. Keep it simple; coffee, maybe a biscuit. Cancel the orchestra.

We all have things we don’t love about ourselves, I wish it wasn’t true but there it is, so you can make them a priority, or you can accept that perfection may not exist and someone will love you in spite of your flaws. Or maybe because of them? Not for you judge what he or she loves about you. Or not.

There has been much discussion, a lot of soul work and some deep sense of what’s right and wrong for you. Finally, you’re ready to shake off the energy of an ex, the energy of the past and to begin a new future. A light appears, it comes in the form of someone who is unlike anyone else. It’s all new.

Big week for lovers of the unexpected, those who welcome a change of plans and a change of direction. Embrace the chaos Scorps, follow the lead as mates push for another venue for your night out, someone suggests a night in, or you’re asked out by ‘not your usual type’. Vive la differance!

Your smooth-talking vibes are hitting the spot with a giggler, someone who totally gets your sense of humour where others may not. He or she will be smitten, but is that enough to pursue a romance? They may get you; they may laugh but do you want to date them? Caution.

Of all the places in all the towns you had to walk into this one. Yes you did and that’s what’s called fate Capricorn. Venus is full on, she’s finding you that hot date and she’s asking for some help from Neptune and Jupiter in introducing you to a face you recognise, but from where? Surprise.

Gemini energy is something you love, it’s bright, shiny and it’s probably the only other sign that can keep up with your conversation as you run five or six different threads. He or she needn’t be born under the sign of the twins, but they need to be able to keep up with your random banter. And they do.

The front runner doesn’t always end up as the final choice. The relationship advice from the heavens is really very simple; make no decision until you’re sure you’ve noticed, dated or flirted with all the contenders. This is a marathon Pisces, it’s not a sprint. Be prepared to change the running order.



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