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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 25th May)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



Don’t trip, don’t slip up on your enthusiasm for the task in hand Aries. Playing it cool is not the same as being cool, take a breath and realise that someone will be more impressed with a well thought out campaign rather than suddenly appearing in their face. Get a plan.

You don’t need to tell someone your whole life story, not yet anyway, he or she will be ok if you share your name, where you come from and a smile. There’s plenty of time, and let’s face it you don’t want to get naked just yet, soul wise that is. Bare all only when you feel the real connection. And you will.

This week’s full Moon is in your relationship sky and she’s asking what you really want from your relationships. If that’s about your love life take some time to consider what you’re done with, who you’re done with, and create an image of perfect. Then leave it to magic meetings, Tuesday in particular.

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all want you to get serious about your love life Cancer. Maybe your ruler the Moon’s full phase on Tuesday will help? It’s a combination of seeking romance and re-arranging your schedule so you have actual time to give it some energy. Practical magic.

There’s a lot to be said for getting off work early this weekend, for taking a bit of a trip and seeking out pastures new. Not only will you find you relax in a new environment, you’ll be a novelty Leo. You don’t have to go far, just somewhere where you’re not part of the furniture. None taken.

Venus and Saturn aren’t in the best of fettle, but if there’s a sign that can deal with it then you’re it. It’s grumpy faces and big old harrumphs turned into observational humour, it’s pointing out that someone’s face is tripping them, and could you do something to cheer them up. Humour is key.

As Mars warms up your new romance sky it’s clear you’re in the running for busiest sign of the week, but don’t take it for granted Libra, he’s going to reverse from the 26th of June. So there. Was that a bit waspish? Get used to it, folks won’t like your love success. Not me. I’m celebrating it. Really. I am.

When you’ve got all the moves but not the right shoes? You may feel as if you need props, the right outfit, the hairdo, the membership to the Slipper and Handcuff, but really Scorpio you don’t. All you need is a smile, your inbuilt enigmatic smile, and you’re in. Keep it simple.

You little heart breaker you, seems as if things haven’t gone well but still, you know it’s for the best and hey, it’s a full Moon and Mercury is moving in opposite you, so you had no choice, right? Right. You’re always right. Maybe a little time out though? Smidge.

Saturn, in your sin, is having a few words with Venus as she moves across your relationship sky. Add to that Uranus and his vibe in your new love sky and you’ll see why this week is one of change, of deep conversations and surprises all designed to bring unexpected romance your way. Expect the unexpected.

Shine a light on the way you chat someone up is the message from Mercury as he sits in your new love sky. He’s joining the Sun in celebrating your wit, often said your full of wit, and with Mars in your own sign the only way you’re not getting your love share is if you’ve taken a vow of silence.

The socials are good for this week Pisces but be careful who you listen to on the love front. Some folks will tell you they have the perfect partner on their friends list, but we all know that rarely goes well, so maybe leave it up to the power of love rather than the power of social media match ups?


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