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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 26th April)

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shutterstock 540646219David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


The intensity of Pluto and the beauty of Venus combine to offer you some powerful love vibes Aries, real soulmate connections. Connections plural? Some will be lifelong friends, one might have the potential to be so much more and the good news is, you will have no doubt about who that is. Soulmate.

I can see that you’re hunkering down for some thinking time, what you want, who you want it with or who isn’t all they appear to be perhaps? You do that Taurus, but make it your decisions as any influence from friends could skew your decisions and not always in the right direction. Trust your own vibe.

Mars is in direct opposition to your relationship ruler Jupiter who happens to be in your relationship sky, so that gives him extra weight. No matter how much you want things to be different they’re already set. Better to let go and in doing so you gain so much more in return. Make space for someone new.

Sometimes the universe makes things obvious, there’s a lot of that about this week, and for you it’s making sense of a recent debacle with someone who is as stubborn as they come. He or she could intrigue you more because they aren’t like every else, a clear sign that a date would be interesting! Go on.

When dating your newbie, it’s easy to compare to the ex but really Leo, is that any sort of way to proceed? Why not set another agenda, the amazing things he or she brings into your life is a great way to look at things, but the true benchmark is just how much you get to be yourself? Be the youest you ever.

As Saturn reverses, from Thursday, he’s making things a little awkward with your love life. Don’t panic Virgo, that’s not necessarily a bad thing and it could in fact help you to find the right person. He shows up the also rans very quickly, leaving you more time with the front runners.

There’s chatter on the wires, he said this and she said that is coming in thick and fast and someone could be single soon. Listen up, that’s all you have to do for now, keep your ears on alert and avoid talking too much. When you know all the facts and there’s been sufficient time, that’s when to ask them out.

The Sun and Uranus are pushing some unexpected vibes your way, the shock decision of a new squeeze or the sudden appearance of another perhaps? With Neptune in helpful mode all you really have to do is trust your intuition enough to make the right choice. A week of change, with romance at its heart.

Mars is directly opposite your resident and ruler Jupiter, often a sign of growth but in bursts of hectic activity and in your case that activity is closely followed by dissecting each action in intense conversation. Hasty moves is the shortened version; shouldn’t have done that but I enjoyed it. Fabulous.

Your resident and ruler, Saturn, is in reverse from Tuesday and it’s standby to over old ground; not all about your love life. Just in case it is, try to remember that his main goal is to sort out any areas where responsibilities have not been faced up to. Say sorry, accept an apology, clear your love karma and move on.

What you’re seeking is seeking you. Somewhere out there is your perfect partner so by that measure all you have to do is stand still long enough for them to find you. Seems unlikely Aquarius, but why not try it? Get yourself a lemonade, stand still and watch the would-be perfect partners walk by.

When you meet someone who you know gets you but also winds you up like nobody else can, that’s the feeling from this week’s astro. He or she knows what buttons to push and what reaction comes as a result, which kind of says they’re into you; right? Annoying, funny, frustrating sort. Date incoming.



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