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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 26th October)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Things that go bump in the night aren’t always what they seem. Maybe an accidental, and frankly annoying, elbow nudge or drink spillage is something that’s supposed to get you two talking? You and who? Wait? You can’t see them? Really? Right there? You will.

The thing about this week is you’re allowed to walk up to random strangers and comment on how amazing his or her outfit is. Just make sure it’s definitely their Halloween costume, anything else could get tricky. Venus and Uranus ramp up the freak-fest, get stuck right in.

Venus is in your new love sky from Wednesday, she’s reversing so maybe it’s not so new; is it love? A recent flirtation back for your attention or maybe it’s an ex turning up so that you can turn him or her down again? Even if you’re shaking whilst you utter the words, tell the truth. How do you really feel?

Who’s a chatty Cathy or Cuthbert? You’ve found your mojo and without the need for a mojito, oh no-no. Take it down a notch, no need for the rhyming, you don’t have to try that hard this week Cancer but make the most as Jupiter is in his last days giving you extra credits for trying.

So what if you can’t be bothered, your mates aren’t taking no for an answer Leo, you’re dragging yourself up and out. It’s the best party of the year for doing what you do best; a bit of role play. Get your outfit on, your attitude set to party and leave the rest to Mars.

Venus and Uranus are causing some big shenanigans this week, money more than love for you Virgo. But you have Saturn demanding some action with a new romance that’s linked to the dynamic duo and that brings some questions over stability within any blossoming romance. Steady your course.

Your ruler Venus is in your sign from Wednesday, usually cause for celebration and still is Libra. But she’s in reverse and that means you’re celebrating the clarity she’s offering over love matters both past and present. See clearly, use her to pause and clear your head and your heart. Then make your choices.

Jupiter and Mercury have you well up the leader-board for the sign most likely to talk their way into someone’s affections. To do that justice you might have to ease yourself away from your workplace and actually go out. Someone at work taken your fancy? You might want to re-think that. Get out.

Teetering on the edge of setting fireworks off in your new love sky is the return visit of Uranus. He’s not there yet, but he will be bringing someone back from their travels or unavailability very soon. For now, just keep your powder dry and don’t make any sudden moves; no matter how tempting.

You can’t be bothered, totally get it, you can’t see beyond that deadline at work and you can’t even see how you and a night out will happen in the next month, never mind this week. Me neither. You’re going to have to really, really want it Capricorn, even more than you want that promotion. Priorities.

Uranus, ruling planet for you, is all up in Venus’s face, asking her to justify this, talk about that, who said what to whom and what is that you’re eating? Are you in the right place to start a new romance? Probably not, but that’s perfect for you Aquarius. What you least need is always what you attract. Buckle up.

Neptune is gloriously left to his own devices this week, sitting in your sign dreaming about this, that and maybe some of the other. Can you turn those dreams into something more, like a hot date for example? You could, but drams are often way nicer than the real thing. Can you see the problem?


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