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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 29th March)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Venus is in the magical part of your chart, she’s encouraging dreams, poetry and wistfulness which are all very nice, but what about clarity? Make a list. Sounds dreary, but really, make a list, the universe needs to know what’s on it; it focuses your mind and turn dreams into reality.

Your relationship ruler, Mars, is out of your sign and focusing on money. How romantic. But, we can still seek love advice from him and in this new place trade money for value and you get his new gig in more detail. Seek someone who values you, someone who invests in you, someone you can count on.

There’s nothing much in the way of immediate dating opportunities but you still have a slow burner ongoing. The question is, just how long are you prepared to allow it to simmer before you turn up the heat? If you wait much longer a hot date could turn into a warm friendship. And nothing more.

What can you do to find out if someone is the one? Nothing other than go on a date, if that goes okay you go on another and another and so it goes. Stop seeking any magical signs, any omens or prophecies and say yes to that coffee. It all begins with a hello. Hello.

Relationship advice from mates can sometimes be unwelcome, their intentions are good but really Leo, it’s as if they don’t know you at all? Truth is you’ve changed your mind, said no to a sure thing and yes to a troublemaker, they’re only reflecting back your own uncertainty. Take a break, a week out.

It’s difficult to find someone when all you want to do is hide away, which is why it’s good news as you’re being encouraged out of your comfort zone. We all know that this is where the fun stuff happens but are you ready to push those boundaries. Ready or not, it’s happening.

You’re using new vibes in your relationship sky, how you do that is up to you Libra but know it’s important to use them or be offered what the universe thinks you want? It’s the difference between having a magic lamp and actually giving it a rub. Make a wish, make three.

Dating sites could hold the key, or what about that mate of yours who knows you know who? It’s confusing Scorps, I get that, but the temptation of Mercury, Neptune and Venus in your new love sky makes it even more so. Stand still, stand still and shine. Let them come to you.

What you won’t want to hear are lame excuses, you never do, the sort of thing you know is just a cover up for actually saying what’s wrong and that means someone isn’t even interested enough to be honest with you. You’re right. It does. Harsh as it might be, someone is simply making way for better.

Were there to be a firework display, maybe a marching band or possibly on of those giant arrows illuminated in neon light over someone’s head; would that make it easier for you to spot a potential date? It’s kind of what’s happening, now trust the signs and get over there and say hi.

Someone has gotten you all wrong, no fault of yours it’s more than likely some idle chit-chat from folks with nothing else to do. This could explain the cool reception you’re getting but you’re okay with that, you like a challenge. Oddly enough, that’s what’s making someone more interesting. Rise to the challenge.

As a Pisces you can conjure up something to put you off going out, you even go further than ‘washing my hair’ inventive to the end. What you won’t be able to do this week is relationship ship advice from friends that tells you a few home truths, in your actual home! Stand by to be prised out the door.



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