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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 2nd March)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



There’s the move of Venus into your sign, the move of Mercury too, champions of love, of flirting and of cosmic get togethers with fun loving sorts. It’s going your way Aries, helping you have a good time and in turn helping you have an even better time with someone who likes the banter you send their way. Don’t be shy. How we laughed.

Lord of second chances, Jupiter, brings his might to bear as Venus and Mercury shift in the lands of those that got away. Could your love future be tied to your past? For some that might require an apology but make it heartfelt, anything else will be seen through. Of course, that could also mean an apology could be coming your way too? Is it enough?

You’re making good use of your ruler Mercury’s outside voice as he shouts your terms from the top of the chart, nothing like being up front Gemini. Venus helps too, she has brought you a selection of obvious contenders to flirt yourself silly with. But. It’s someone who isn’t interested you really want to pursue. Ever the way.

The backflip from Jupiter sets a new tone, it’s one where your new squeeze might have second thoughts, or is it you who’s thinking things through, needs a break? No panicking please, it’s exactly what it looks like; a breather. If you’ve nobody to re-wind with seek a little break in the Sun, seems holiday romances are now top of the list for Cancerian singletons.

The Martians have landed, get your tinfoil hat on and don’t go near a window. No matter how odd some folks appear, they aren’t alien, they’re just not your usual type and as challenging as it might be Leo, there could be some fun to be had amongst them all. Geek, freak, heard it all; different is your new best friend and a whole lot more.

Last week’s full Moon could have brought a review, a what do you next? Whether it’s finding someone new or re-assessing where you are with that bloke from packing or the goddess from engineering it’s no bad thing to step back in this, a week of adjustment. Good enough is not good enough, just Mercury’s tuppence worth.

Venus and Mercury are in your relationship sky, it is the long-term, meet the parents bit of the heavens, so maybe slow things down a bit if all you’ve done is flick your hair in that dreamboat’s general direction. Help me, I have turned into teenager from the 50’s. This and other fantasies will keep you going for weeks to come, until you eventually settle on one way forward. Busy as.

Of all the signs in all the zodiac you’re running out of time to make your move Scorps, really. You can make your move after Friday but really, you’d do better before Tuesday. To be clear, that’s not necessarily someone new, in fact it’s highly unlikely; it’s smiles at work or laughter down the Dog and Rabbit, someone who is as keen as you are and as shy to make the first move.

Mars, in your sign, is about to send a message to Venus. She’s moving into your new love, true love sky and as she does that message won’t need much interpretation. The passion of Mars and the loveliness of Venus is a tale as old as time. Just remember that as old as it is, you don’t have eternity to make good on it.

I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t say what’s in your heart to someone who is clearly waiting for it, waiting for you to tell them who you really are, who you want to be, where you want to be, who you want to take with you? All you’re doing is sharing, you’re not moving in with him or her, not buying a Westie and sharing a sink? Are you? Slow it down.

The smooth-talking fairies are on your side Aquarius, they want to help you make your quota of folks you’ve flirted with this week. You can set your own numbers, high or low, but know this: it’s all leading to someone who stops you in your tracks, someone who those pesky fairies had in mind all along. Magical times.

On Tuesday you say goodbye to Venus and Mercury, the flirtiest combo of them all. Hopefully they have served you well, brought you some interesting conversations and some romance lined up for weeks ahead? After last week’s full Moon, you’re better placed to make something of it all, clarity with who, or what you want. Go.


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