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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 2nd November)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


There are some surprises this week, in fact it’s probably one of the most unpredictable weeks of the year for your love life Aries, kind of makes my job a bit awkward. Suffice to say that nothing goes the way you plan, the way round it is to make no plans! New love or can’t be bothered love, let it unfold.

What are you making of all this Venus backward thing? She’s doing it until next week and all in the part of your chart that wants to see routine and deals with your working life. Office romances are hovering, but it may not be wise to land until Wednesday when the new Moon offers a fresh start in love.

Not sure about how you’re dealing with someone who keeps changing their mind? Are you getting the balance between playing it cool, not looking like you care and still appearing interested? Why bother? Players are playing, he or she is premier league at it Gem, you don’t have to stay in the game.

It’s the small stuff Cancer, the details of how he or she looks at you, smiles when your around or offers you the key to their flat in week two, right? Slow it down, the little stuff is great, but the big stuff may need a little more time to get there. Cancel the wedding cake tasting.

Uranus is in the house of new love from Tuesday, how very, very exciting! Hang on, hasn’t he just spent seven years there? How did that work out for you? Someone who you’ve never been able to forget could be back for another trip around the fabulousness that is you. He or she hasn’t forgotten either.

The new Moon is pushing you into a conversation that may not feel all that comfortable, but you do uncomfortable really well. A would be love match may not be ready for just how well, he or she may distract you with offers of a smooch, be strong Virgo. You have a few things to sort out first.

If it’s all too much for you it’s okay to call a halt, if that’s a no further or a wait and see it’s up to you. Venus is testing you, asking if this is really what you want and be it your first date or your first week check in with your list, your must haves, and be honest about how he or she is doing.

Is it fireworks or a damp squib? You can find out by checking your pulse, easy as that. Is it racing or is it just where it always is, one beat per minute? Someone causes it to race, maybe not this week but very, very soon. Wait for that, anything else is just practice.

Jupiter is in your skies from the end of this week, your relationship ruler Mercury is already there, a combination that could take things to a whole new level. Venus asks that in order to do that you take your social life to a whole new level too; gather your friends and get a new plan. Expand your search.

The new Moon wants you to consider your options, your interaction with a couple of likely sorts who both peak your interest. It sounds like your choosing race horses Capricorn? Are you looking for short bursts, or someone who can stay the course? Back your winner, choose now: Twice Nightly or Long Game?

A social week offers you the chance to make new friends and they have friends who have friends and so it goes on. Say yes to those invitations Aquarius, your new love ruler Mercury is on bit of a mission to bring you as many of them as he can. Be rude not to accept his kind invitations.

Not everyone is pushing for the love of the century, some would be happy for a night out, but equally some aren’t pushing at all and yet they find it? You’re in the latter category this week Pisces. The new Moon offers a chance meeting at the bus stop, the library or at the county fireworks display. Sparkle.


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