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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 30th November)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


There’s some tough talking going on around you and if it relates to your love life it could be setting out your terms and conditions. Not very romantic Aries. To be fair, you’ve not done it in writing and you’re only making sure you’re clear about where you’re at.  Talk it through.

There are some very smooth talking vibes around you T, the sort that will have you in a bit of a quandary if you’re not careful! Pick one T, jus one, there might be a bit of a buffet on offer and as much as you like a buffet, when it comes to love it’s not the best option.

The new Moon in your relationship sky, Friday, brings you closer to someone you like the look of. He or she isn’t bothered about what you’re wearing, what’s stuck in your teeth or what you do for a living; they want to know the real you. Good luck with that.

Isn’t it amazing, you go through some ups and downs and just when you’re at the point of not caring anymore someone really steps up. A new love, a was once love or missed opportunity returned love; it’s time to have some fun.

I have no idea what you’re planning, but I expect it won’t be subtle! You have some incredibly grand astrology in your new love sky Leo, the sort that can work well for you or it could lead you into overdoing it. I fine line, walk it carefully.

The union of Mars and Neptune in your relationship sky could be a bit tricky; understatement. Whilst it could be a romantic time for you it could slip into confusion of you don’t keep communication lines clear and open. Let nothing past you.

If you’re got things you need to do, get on and do them. It’s no good mooning about wondering if someone will call, what will they say, will he or she have good new or is it a bit meh? Leave it Libra, love will move on; one way or another.

You appear to have bigger expectations than reality can provide, at least that’s what some of your mates could be telling you. What if they are wrong and you are right? Don’t give in Scorps, dream bigger if anything, the heavens have romance in abundance to offer you.

It’s not easy seeing yourself as others see you, but there it is Sagittarius. You’re faced with an assessment from someone who isn’t going to be shy about it. Panic? What if what they have to say is highly complimentary? Someone really does have the hots.

Someone has tried to be more than obvious about the way they feel, as obvious as their self-esteem will allow! Take another look around Capricorn, he or she is about to give in or book a marching band; one of the two. Who has been spending more time than usual with you?

There’s an alarmed look on your mate’s face as you make a beeline for someone they don’t consider you’re sort. And it has what to do with them? Oh all right, you do listen to them but maybe you should listen to your heart more? Your mate comes round eventually.

The combo deal of Mars and Neptune in your own sign can be read in many, many ways. But as we’re talking love ‘scopes here it’s you can use the passion and the sheer power of this combo to turn your romantic vibes to high! Attract, weave a web, job done.



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