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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 31st May)

Category: Love Horoscopes

Make yourself more loveable520x300 121922278David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


A feeling of coming home, that thing where you settle almost immediately into comfortable silences that are just as important as witty conversations. That. Someone seems familiar, in reality you have never met, but in your dreams you’ve seen each other a thousand times.

Venus continues her move through your sign and as she links in with Pluto the intense vibes are set to drop a mask. Someone who has been pretending they are a little in like with you is in fact in way deeper. Does that make things awkward? It really shouldn’t T, deep and meaningful awaits.

Your annual new Moon, Monday, is an opportunity to let the universe know what it is you’re looking for in love, and anything else you’d like to call in. Current vibes seem to be aimed at someone from your past, not an ex, someone who missed the mark first time around.

Relationship advice is something you take very seriously, especially given the source of these wise words, but it needn’t be something you always act upon; it’s advice and nothing more. Don’t live your life under instruction from mates no matter how well meaning they are; a week to go off script.

It’s clear someone new on the scene is not your type, you may have told anyone who wants to listen the very same thing, but do you protest too much Leo? Are you seeking approval from mates, making sure they’re okay with someone who could ruffle a few feathers? Admit to true feelings.

If you’ve stood by at too many weddings, holding flowers or organising cars, flowers, seating and all that malarkey; ask when is it your turn? To fast? Maybe go for coffee first? Is there anything wrong with setting your intentions high V? Not a thing, in fact if you’re going to do it this is the perfect week.

When you’re the sign that governs love and relationships there’s a certain amount of pressure, an expectation perhaps? From whom exactly? Finding the right person isn’t on a deadline, even for you, it’s something that’s going to unfold as it’s meant to. Although things are hotting up this week for sure.

You can’t make someone love you, you can’t make someone fancy a snog behind the bike shed either and before you say you could use your Scorpio charm, a sprinkle of magic perhaps, we both know it won’t work if both hearts are not committed. Start there Scorps, a heart that meets yours half way.

Soulmate stuff as Mercury finishes his run through your relationship sky, gone by Tuesday. But there’s also a new Moon to help you make the most of the few days leading up to Tuesday’s departure. A combination that highlights a flirter, a charmer, a talker; an unmissable soul just waiting for you.

Mars is pushing for some big choices in your love life, new romance or early stages dating, he’s asking what you really want rather than what you’ll settle for? Every detail is being analysed Capricorn, which is why someone may be difficult to deal with. They want to get it right too.

The Sun, Mercury and a new Moon in your new love sky couldn’t be any better timed for this weekend’s run of nights out and flirting opportunities, if you’re going out that is? If you’re not, that’s okay, you don’t have to use the vibes to make things interesting. You can stay in, catch up on GOT. Nice.

Mars, in your fun time sky, is being joined by Mercury on Tuesday so that brings you not just passion and some heat, but the courage to actually get over there and say hi. It’s time to get out Pisces, out-out, any and all invitations should be accepted and enjoyed to the fullest.



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