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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 5th April)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


The things we do to get someone’s attention can range from subtle to please don’t put that on Youtube. Somewhere in-between would be advisable as this week you could swing from just not trying hard enough to whoa, take it down a notch or ten. Have a strategy, it’s not sexy but it gets results.

As you’re now in a whole heap of erratic changes, unexpected events and a light dusting of what the. . . you can expect the unexpected T and get excited about what that means for your love life. Venus is working the socials and soulmates are hearing the call; chance encounters bring connections.

So what if someone isn’t that into you? It’s not a challenge Gemini, it’s just a fact and it’s one you might want to take notice of? The temptation is to pursue what seems like forbidden fruit, but you know as well as anyone that even if you do manage to fix a date it won’t last. Know yourself Gem. Take a hint.


Whilst there are those who would offer you love advice a plenty there are also those who shut up and sit back, ready to talk should you ask. There are no hard and fast rules Cancer, but those keen to get involved may not do you any favours this week. Just putting that out there.

I would like to say that you’re dating week is full of just your type with a smattering of take a chance sorts to make things more interesting, but I can’t. It’s more likely to be and ex, someone you’ve met and not connected properly or, controversially, your mate’s recently dumped BAE.

You’re doing okay Virgo, really. Don’t listen to those whose default setting is nit-picky, those who can’t wait to tell you what you’re not doing properly or could try better. Unless it’s me, natch. Seriously, the way you’re handling a bit of love interest is absolutely fine. For now.



It’s something you should be used to by now, all this attention you get having mixed it up on the social front. You’re fresh, new, exciting Libra but just how long will that be the case? Relationship advice is very simple, work it until you find a match and if it’s not working anymore shift your socials. Busy.

Mysterious works for you Scorps, you do the whole aloof thing really well, but what happens when you’re so mysterious folks would need a magic map, a dragon and a compass to find you? Turn it down, go on Scorpio, less of the dungeons and dragons, more coffee shops and blueberry muffins.

You are kidding? You’re seriously considering dating someone in the workplace, in your social group or at your yoga class? There are those who will tell you that could become awkward, they have a point, but since when did you even consider asking for it? Awkward-schmawkard. Get on.



With Venus in a bit of a do with Saturn later this week you’re in line for some karmic connections, the sort that turns a conversation into a soulmate thing faster than you’d usually go for but hey, if destiny dictates it who are you to say no? Look for an easy conversation and see where it leads.

You’re got a cheek, yes you do and if someone would like to kiss you on anyone of them that’s just fine. When I say someone, I do mean someone in particular, not any old random you meet the shops. You’ve pushed the boundaries Aquarius, seems to have worked for you. Again.

If you’re in the mood for some romance this could be the week for you! If you’re looking to turn that romance into some dates and maybe turning it into what’s for tea and did you put the bin out; this could also be the week for you However. Let’s start with a date. Yes?

For one to one advice on your lovelife speak to one of our psychics for a Live reading.



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