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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 5th October)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


A new Moon in your relationship sky offers an opportunity for a re-think. Perhaps you’ve made an error of judgement? Maybe you know you should have made a move? Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Review your decision, open a conversation for a return.

Mercury joins a reversing Venus in your relationship sky offering you the chat up skills to cover your recent forays into the world of dating. It’s not the easiest of times T, but it’s not impossible either, use Mercury’s skills to recover, say sorry or seek a second date.

If you’ve got something better to do this week, go do that. Maybe you’re brain is telling you precisely that? It seems as if your love life isn’t the most demanding thing but there’s good news Gem. The new Moon, Tuesday, falls in your new romance sky. You don’t have to try too hard.

Saturn’s energy is a bit of a buzz kill, Venus is in a moody, but here comes Mercury to lighten the mood and provide some optimism that could rock you out of the ‘never going to happen’ rut. Accept invitations out, even the meh ones. There’s potential that needs exploiting.

A real stay at home vibe might be encouraged by colder nights and warmer blankets, not easy to find romance in your PJ’s no matter how glamorous they are so why are you there? Ah. Still mulling over an ex, a would be or could be partner? Take a break. PJ’s and all.

You’re in the running for best dressed earth sign, you’ve been selected for a windfall, a turn of luck perhaps? Does that make you feel brighter? You don’t really need anyone’s big-up V, but it seems you get it and that in turn ramps up your confidence. Attractive thing confidence.

The new Moon is yours, it falls in your sign and being a Libra that means your relationships are probably under some sort of renewal, amongst other things. So take it at face value and renew. What isn’t working, who isn’t the one, why are you still wearing that jumper?

Venus is reversing in your sign, like you didn’t know that, so technically all things love related are what you might call delayed. Or you could see her back-flip as an opportunity to dig deep and be honest about what or who you really want? Take it.

What would you do if someone came right out and said they fancy you? You ask what they mean by that, what does ‘fancy you’ mean and is it appropriate in a modern world perhaps? Or you could just say thank you and I fancy you to/run away; you decide. A busy week for love chats.

Uranus and Saturn are pushing for some interesting times as far as your love life goes and it’s exciting times for single goats. What you may not feel all that comfortable with is how the word ‘interesting’ manifests? Not our usual type, not your type at all; until they are.

Creating something wonderful is what you want, you don’t want mediocre or it’s okay for now. Good for you. Maybe this week’s revelation from the Sun and Moon will help? They reveal a new adventure that could lead to love should you accept? Travel features.

At the start of this week the Moon and Neptune push for some amazing insights for your relationships, a realization about who or what you want? That’s then supported by an opportunity to make it happen. Can you trust your vibes enough to take the not so risky risk?


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