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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 7th June)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Venus encourages us all to big up the chat, she’s in the talkative part of your chart from Sunday, so that means you’ve got more folks willing to go along with your banter. Get right into it Aries, in fact why not push yourself a little further than usual; raise the stakes and go from sixes to eights.

It’s not easy when you’ve had so much attention from your home-girl Venus and you have to say farewell; ta-ta. She’s got other thing on her mind but don’t fret T, your relationship planet Pluto is calling for some deep and meaningful with someone Venus has introduced you to recently. Teamwork.

There’s some serious relationship advice from Jupiter, some soul mate help from Venus and a smattering of cake and candles to get the party started. Say yes to surprise invitations, why not to last minute call out and a definite I’m in for anything that’s not going to cost you a penny. Love finds its way.

As much as you’d like to keep a cool, clear head you know that at the first sight of an ex, you’ll remember what it was you wanted to say to them and, even if it’s not advisable, the words could be tumbling out before you can stop them. Let them. Sometimes we need to clear the past before the future takes hold.

Any plans for the weekend? Love advice central as you gather with mates and dissect who’s seeing who and who isn’t? I’d love to say the potential for the love of your life to walk through the door is screaming out of your chart, but that’s a bit of a push. The love of this summer might be; it’s a start!

How are you doing? We can all see that you’re got lots of things on and probably no room for any romance? Probably. How would you know if you don’t give it a go V? It’s amazing how fast we can turn other things around when we find the right person. Priorities V, change them.

Your ruler Venus is in a fellow air sign so it’s all systems go with what you do best, talk. Get out and about, be as social as a social thing and if it helps Venus has her sights set on overseas sorts or someone you meet on your way to a foreign destination. It’s not essential; just a nice little extra.

I have no idea what it is you want Scorps and I suspect that’s because you’ve not got much of a clue yourself. There’s the starting point, what is you really want? Be honest, if it’s two kids and mortgage material get to it, if it’s a long night and short morning buy some croissants and be done.

Boo-hoo, you have some love dramas to deal with. I know a few signs would love a love drama, they’d just like the options you have and let’s face it Sagittarius there’s a bit of you that’s chuckling at just how you’ve got yourself into this. Happily you can get out of it; and still leave some for the rest of us.

Wow! I don’t use that term often in these scopes but the past few weeks have warranted it! Venus is out of your new love sky from Sunday but the weight of planets in your longer-term relationship sky is just as busy. So what’s changed? Your workplace now holds the best vibes to meet someone new. Awkward.

TVenus has big news this week and she’s shouting it from the new love, true love, how about it love part of your chart from Sunday. She wants you to know your flirtability levels have gone up and you’re good to go, so go! Having Venus as your wing-person, take her advice and enjoy it.

Love magic is up close and personal for you this week Pisces, it’s more about dinner parties with friends, coffee dates and casually bumping into folks than swinging you tail around the tank. Say yes, even if you have a feeling you’re being set up, you probably are. Go with.



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