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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 8th June)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



Under a new Moon in your chatty third house, Venus sneaks into your new love sky to up the odds when it comes to finding romance. Midweek may not be your natural playground when it comes to making advances, but this week any invitations to come out to play will be met with big rewards.

The time for talking is almost over, your ruler Venus suggests that you’ve had plenty of time to make your case so now you must make your move even if that’s moving on. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you; done. Is it date or is it mates?

The new Moon on Wednesday is a fresh start for you Gem, a day for new beginnings and as she’s got her flirty head on in your very own sign, it’s also a good day to note Venus and her shift from money magnet to conversation starter. Seems your workplace may offer a connection. Or two.

From Wednesday you lose the goddess of love in your sign, no biggie. You still have Jupiter cheering you on from your new love sky, but really Cancer; if you want to get serious with someone you’d do better sooner rather than later. Intense it may be, but isn’t it better than never knowing?

Venus is on the move. You see everything Leo and you strategise according to who’s doing what and with whom. But Venus is in your own sign, so now you blind to what’s going on with everyone else as she makes sure you only have eyes for one. The one perhaps?

Intense vibes bring you closer to a solution, closer to moving on or taking someone up on their request for a conversation to help clear the air and move closer. You can choose the fast route, or the slow, either way it seems the way ahead is clear and all you really have to do is admit it.

A mate could ask you out for no other reason than it’s midweek and he or she is as bored as the rest of us. They’re not intent upon declaring their undying love for you, don’t panic, but they could play an unwitting part in finding it. A friend of a friend seems fated to casually meet up, the rest is up to you.

All around you are people calling you out, asking you to admit to how you feel about this person, or how you see your love life progressing; big noses shoved right into your business. Not something you like Scorpio so how do you change the narrative? Listen. Admit to your feelings and get on with it.

The new Moon, Wednesday, is in your relationship sky. As she draws your attention to your emotions it may be a call to be honest about how you feel about someone, to show them. It may also be time for ice-cream, an old movie and good cry. Choose to talk. Please.

With Uranus in charge of your social life things will take one unexpected turn after another, leading you to a merry dance. Keeping you on your toes is no bad thing Capricorn, it prevents you from spending too much time on the sofa. Go with the sudden shifts in venues, nights out and even nights in.

If you’re expecting someone to declare their undying love for you, you may be disappointed. If you’re hoping for a smile and a bit of chit-chat over a cappuccino followed by a phone number, that’s a bit more realistic. Hurrying him or her along is unlikely to work in your favour.

Love has entered your workplace, keep an eye on those new starters, and he or she may be a shining light on a dull Monday. Is it advisable to go down the route Pisces? Advisable? Not a word attached with passion, love and romance is it? You have a point. So do your mates. Weigh up the consequences.


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