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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 9th March)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



You won’t be set up, you won’t be asked along for a dinner date with mates to find little Miss or Mr Singleton waiting to share a dippy bread and camembert, you want all that goodness for yourself and what’s double dunking about? Friends mean well Aries, but the truth is you’re way too busy having a good time. And right there is when someone finds you. Just shine.

If you can’t say something nice about your ex it may be better to say nothing at all, especially on your first date. Say what? Are you talking about how things didn’t go so well with someone who wants fun times with you? Or maybe you’re putting them off with a mopey-story of ten? A week to let it go Elsa, build a snowman, build a snowwoman, let them hear your woes.

If it’s all too much for you it could be you need a little spa time, that’s whirlpools and mud treatments not loitering in your local shop, just to be clear. Get thee to a place of relaxation Gemini, come back feeling more inclined to let someone in your space, more room for their conversations and admiration of how soft your skin is.

There’s very little you can do to convince someone that a dinner date would be a good idea, in fact let’s change that. Why would you try so hard with someone who clearly isn’t all that bothered? Don’t push it, there’s enough going on in the land of would be love links for someone to come to you. If it feels too much like hard work, it’s because it is.

As Venus tots up her air-miles you might be thinking of a break, somewhere with sun, sea, sand and someone to make your heart flutter? She would agree, a nice little break might help quench your thirst and nobody is talking cocktails. If you’re in stay at home mode, your daily commute offers eyes across a crowded carriage. Love is travelling, move with it.

As the Sun continues to travel through your relationship sky, he’s meeting Pluto’s icy stare from your new love sky. That’s hardly heart-warming. Well… think of it as more of a question as he wonders if you see what everyone sees, if you see someone is into you and you’re still talking mundane stuff? Look again Virgo, someone is using any excuse to talk to you. Flirt a little.

If Mercury is communication, Venus is love and Uranus is unpredictability you have the full set working in your relationship sky and trying their best to bring out the spontaneous flirty-mcflirty in you. Don’t hold back Libra, give it some of your best one-liners, your brightest smile, your spontaneous ideas for fun in your lunch break?

I can’t tell if you’re feeling a little hot under the collar because someone who is just your type has made his or her feelings known, or you’re nervous about what happens next? Either way it’s simply about having a good time Scorpio, you can draw the line wherever you want and the move it if you feel like it. You may think it’s all in or nothing, not true. Set the pace.

What can’t you say that you haven’t said? What can you do that you haven’t done? Is this where you give up? Seems someone hasn’t got the message Sagittarius, it’s not that they’re disinterested, they just don’t know that you are! Get super clear with message, shall we go for a coffee sometime beats so, what are you doing today? Get direct.

Things are changing, in the next few months you’re set to go from not a lot happening in your new love sky to being so busy you might have to introduce and queueing system. This then, is the time you use to ponder, to consider what it is you want in said relationship? Don’t be in a hurry, true love take a little longer to come around.

I had the most wonderful date with an Aquarius, we started at morning coffee and ended at dinner and all that time there was laughter and witty banter. I often wondered what was cancelled in that day to make it all happen, for my Aquarian to spend so much time with me? That’s how you know, nothing else matters and that’s what could come your way this week.

If you’re surprised at who thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread you may want to butter him or her up, even if you’re still not sure they’re the one for you. Some folks are growers, some take time to reveal their hidden depths and this is one of those times Pisces. Don’t dismiss a hasty advance, it might just be nerves.


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