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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 9th November)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Venus goes direct by the end of this week, she’s slowing down and stopping in the part of your chart that governs relationships. Instant results are not the point, new ways of looking at the way you drive your love life forward totally are. Change it up.

Your ruler Venus has played a grand game, she’s helped you take a look at relationships and your working life, those you see along the way and those you’d like to see more of, less too. Gather your notes, make a list and start with your favourite ray of lovely sunshine and ask him or her out. Pronto.

We all know you’re the best at flirting, you wear it like a crown, but you should also know that anyone who wears a crown is usually first to be picked off when the gates are stormed. Have you wielded your flirting skills honourably? If you have, no worries. If not? Loose the crown, keep a low profile. 

Is it impossible to get peace and quiet when you need it? Not if you ask, you just need to let people know what you need. Same goes for your love life, it really isn’t impossible to meet someone who shares your values. Stop ducking out of conversations when they get deep, personal or emotional.

You can pretend you don’t care but we all know you do. You can say you’re over it but we can see you’re not. It’s okay Leo, you can get annoyed, you can shout if you like but do bring your final thoughts to the surface so we can all help them heal with you. Share.

If it’s something you’re really not interested in say so now. It may be fun doing thing with your new squeeze but if you start going to five-a-side knitting and don’t really enjoy it, you may have an issue as time goes on. This week is all about Mars; be direct and use his magic power wisely.

Your gorgeous ruler Venus has had a bit of deep dive, like you didn’t know, she’s moving forwards from Friday so take some time to think about the gifts she’s brought you. Gifts? You may think it’s been anything but the season of giving but look again Libra; she’s made the way ahead clear.

She’s heading back! Venus makes her turnaround on Friday and whilst she could bring an ex back into your life, that comes with the warning about what you wish for? Is that really what you want or are you seeing the benefits of not going down that route? Choices.

Jupiter is now in your sign, so let’s take a moment to consider all the good things that can bring? Now onto Venus, she’s put someone into your social life who could either be the new love of your life but you’ve just not seen it yet, or she’s getting them to introduce you to Cupid’s choice.

You have his or her attention now, no need for the am-dram and what do you know, everything you heard about them was made up by some jealous mate; yours or theirs. The truth comes out, maybe more towards next weekend, but there it is. Social media or coffee shop gossip may be best avoided.

You’re convinced someone is not your biggest fan, made up a few stories about why that may be and decided you don’t like them either. Something to tell the grandkids Aquarius. ‘Remember when Grandma and Grandad pretended to hate each other’. Over it.

Mars is in your sign from Thursday, time for you to get your passion-play on. Nobody in your sights Pisces? Give it time. Venus is moving out of the shadow part of your chart soon, she’s set on revealing someone who has been waiting for you to move out of the dark and into the light too. It’s time.


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