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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - April 2018

Dark Stars: Monthly horoscopes for April 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Decisions and discussions loom large as April begins. It could be difficult to get your own way, or even let others to take the lead, as stubborn, headstrong influences create blustery weather. So don’t waste energy trying to solve a disagreement that began in March, for certain people have dug their heels in. More helpful moments arise when Mars, your ruler, meets lovely Venus between 8th – 11th April. You’ll find charm and tact work well for you then. Your own Aries new Moon on the 16th distracts you with exciting energy surges, or moments of spring-time madness. And then your situation begins to change anyway, when some of the people who are driving you crazy back down - or you simply lose interest in confronting them. If you can widen your point of view, you’ll see that there’s more than one way to move forward. And it’s worth asking yourself ‘what have I forgotten or overlooked?’ – some interesting answers to current dilemmas lie in the past.

Venus, your ruling planet, is blooming in Taurus for most of April, promising some sunny moments and extra-gorgeous charm this month. You’ll have some delightful magnetism on your side between 8th-17th April – these could be special days for a romantic date, a short trip, or some creative inspiration. Foreigners, or even offers of work or study abroad, are shining brightly on your April astrology agenda too. Socially, you’ll encounter a wider range of people than usual, so do say yes to invitations – your world can open up through a casual conversation or intriguingly different point of view. And if you feel nervous about stepping out of your comfort zone, why not try altering one small thing in your everyday life? It’s helpful to try something new, for this is the upcoming theme of summer 2018 when Uranus is in Taurus, and Mars in Aquarius is energising your aims, hopes and dreams. A spooky Scorpio full Moon on 30th April highlights your past, present, and future – what it reveals proves to be a valuable signpost on the path ahead.

Your conversations or communications with others are very much a work in progress this month. Mercury, your lively ruler, is battling away in feisty Aries, and backtracking until 15th April. Others want to have their say, and some of them could be on a very short fuse – try to keep very calm when it comes to financial affairs, shared projects, and anything connected with home and family. Clashes are especially likely between the 3rd – 7th, and again between the 23rd – 26th. Some things will just have to be parked for a while, and other objectives will just take longer than you’d thought. Don’t stress, a brand new way of seeing things will help you discover an inventive, exciting solution to many of these dilemmas around the time of an electrifying new Moon on the 16th. You’ll soon be enjoying Venus in Gemini too, a lovely boost to your charm and persuasive abilities from 24th April – 19th May. Meanwhile, stick with those original thinkers or unusual individuals in your life, and cut everybody else some serious slack.

Your partnerships, long standing alliances, and even your rivals are very much in the cosmic spotlight this April. Three planets – Mars, Saturn and Pluto - are travelling through your opposite sign, Capricorn, emphasising your weightiest connections, and spotlighting any tensions you’re dealing with in your relationships. Fortunately, some blissful moments of harmony are there to soothe you. These can energise a little lyrical love and romance – particularly between 8th – 17th April. If you’re feeling serious about someone, or interested in creating a professional partnership, then it’s looking good. April’s also a pivotal month for any fresh ideas you’ve been nurturing about new directions, new skills, or making some changes to your working life. What first crossed your mind last year is about to become a whole lot clearer. And if you’ve been putting something off, or feeling wary, you’ll feel much more confident, decisive, and keen to see what your next moves should be. There are bound to be those who disagree with you, but don’t let them rain on your springtime parade.

Some lively events and conversations inspire your adventurous side this April. Perhaps you want to express yourself in new ways? Or maybe you’re feeling restless and eager to explore somewhere, go on a short course, or get involved with a neighbourhood project. Certainly, the crackling Aries new Moon on 16th April promises something out of the ordinary. You may not be able to get things totally sorted out, but you’ll attract positive people or admirers who share your outlook on life. Romantic influences are reaching out to you from the past too. You may be pondering a past love affair, and wondering what you can learn from it. Or you could encounter an old flame, and find there’s still some chemistry between you. This is a karmic, serious time for love – for Venus and Mars are both in earth signs, and not very interested in brief encounters. Moving forwards emotionally is very much linked to processing the past now, and during the summer. Be bold - confronting unfinished business now will help you enrich your relationships in the months ahead.

An enchanted April awaits you, with one or two tiny flies in that delectable celestial ointment. Mercury, your ruling planet, is rewinding in Aries until 15th April, flagging up the usual mayhem, mixed up communications, and feral technology issues. Much of this manifests at work, or means that you won’t be able to tick things off your list just yet. Take extra care with shared financial arrangements, check bills, and keep an eye on your money in general. And don’t delay dealing with anything official or legal either, it may take longer than you think. But then, Virgo, why not relax and revel in the sensuous, artistic and spiritual moments on offer this month? You can celebrate all your senses as Venus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn bring out your earthy side - there’s a feast of nature, pleasure, food and love. With Jupiter and Pluto favouring your ability to get your ideas across, you could charm the birds from the trees or find yourself a new romance. And if you’re planning anything special with friends, or getting involved with a local scheme, April’s a positive time to achieve something worthwhile, and something lasting.

It’s time to look back over the past six months, and see what’s happened since your last birthday. You may have had some important realisations around the time of that Libran full Moon at the end of March. There’s more to come, with a live wire new Moon on 16th April suggesting fresh possibilities, and some surprising discussions with partners in love, and at work. Some of these could relate to personal family matters, others will centre on your surroundings. Perhaps you want to move home, or find a better place to work? Everybody has something to say, so do be prepared for some disagreements and doubts to slow things up. Others may be stubborn, or liable to change their minds more than once. There’ll be some unusual solutions, eventually, but you might have to be patient until May rolls around. Meanwhile, your lovely ruler, Venus, is gloriously happy in Taurus. She’s the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. A series of delightful aspects mid-month offer inspiration and happy social events. And between 15th – 17th April is a particularly potent phase for attracting love, support, or extra money.

Giant Jupiter is currently rewinding in your sign, encouraging you to reassess certain plans, paperwork, and decisions you’ve made. It’s a kind of fine-tuning process, and can’t be done in a hurry. Currently, an earthy astrological picture encourages practicality and patience – as April’s conversations or exchanges with others will make abundantly clear. While you could face limitations or delays, please do view these as temporary – and probably necessary. Yet in between these slow and serious moments, you can bask in some beautiful love and inspiration. Longstanding partners are in an affectionate mood, and people you’ve worked with for a long time are also there to offer admiration, or even a pay rise or bonus of some kind. One way or another you’ll benefit from thinking more positively about yourself, and letting go of old, limiting beliefs about your skills, charm, or future prospects. Your own fabulously magical full Moon on 30th April reveals some fascinating insights that can guide your steps.

Your generous ruler, Jupiter, is backtracking in Scorpio until July – signalling a few months of reassessment for you. This month, Jupiter makes a positive aspect with powerful Pluto, focusing your mind on your own values and also your finances. Maybe the way you earn a living doesn’t fit with what you really want to do? Perhaps it would be helpful to think about how you can find a balance between earning a living, and developing your own ideas or paddling your own canoe? Some exciting conversations or encounters in mid-April could really get you thinking along brand new lines, or considering other unusual possibilities. There’s no need to rush, all you have to do is keep an open mind at this stage. The same applies to romance, if you happen to be looking for love. Potential possible maybes are certainly out there, but they may not be your usual ‘type’ or seem like a soul mate at first. Your natural inner restlessness can give rise to impatience or flightiness, so try not to run away from what’s on offer too fast. Why not consider something new instead?

Your stamina and grit are wonders to behold this April. And the icing on the cake is that you’re attracting supportive, influential, and generally delightful people who’ll remind you that all work and no play is rarely a good idea. Love, inspiration, and happy times are delivered by magnetic Venus in Taurus, bringing some sweetness into your world until 24th April. Yes, there are plenty of tough challenges this month too – particularly when it comes to home, family, and what’s happening around you at work. None of these are particularly unexpected. However, they may pop up as seemingly sudden events around the time of that electrifying new Moon on 16th April. When you have time to kick back, you’ll see how certain past events have led to current surprises. What’s most helpful is the powerful alliance between Jupiter and Pluto. You could be reminded of plans or ideas you’d almost forgotten, or contacted by an old flame or a former colleague. Why not see what’s on offer? For you really can make things happen this April, or find the willpower to keep pushing for something you really want. Over to you.        

You’ve got your own ideas about what’s next, or what you’d like to achieve. Just remember to factor in some room for hidden agendas, or remind yourself that others don’t always share what they’re really thinking. You may have to spend time on a project or task you thought you’d completed, or find a former employer or lover is keen to get back in contact. And while you love to know what’s what, it’s helpful to view April as a transitional phase. Next month high-energy Mars enters Aquarius for a long stay – May until mid-August, and then mid-September until November. Not only that, your own ruler, Uranus, makes its first appearance in Taurus – bringing exciting hints of changes to your career, home, or heartfelt aspirations. Certain conversations, or subjects that capture your imagination, offer signposts around the time of a rebellious new Moon on 16th April. By the time of the spooky Scorpio full Moon on May Eve, you’ll see more clearly what to keep, and what to leave behind on your 2018 journey.

Your finances may be more than a little confusing as April begins, so do avoid rushing into decisions about important spending plans or speculative ventures. Things will untangle themselves gradually once mischievous Mercury turns direct on 15th April, followed by a thought-provoking new Moon the very next day. Mars in Capricorn offers such stalwart, sensible support too – signalling that old friends and familiar individuals are there to support you. But they’re not in the mood for any flimsy notions or idealistic dreams – you’ll have to be super-realistic and practical if you want to make things work for you. Your beguiling charm radiates in dazzling ways this month – meaning that you can persuade, seduce, or impress in any way you choose. If you’re after a new romance, or working to get a creative project off the ground, you’ll have all the inspiration and charisma you need. A Scorpio full Moon on 30th April shines on distant faces and places, and suggests that one chapter is coming to a close. Fresh paths beckon.

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