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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - August 2017

Dark Stars Horoscope for August 2017 by Jane Lyle



You can fall in love in August. It could be a fine romance, or - just as easily - you could feel a surge of love for an adorable pet, a new creative passion, or a beautiful landscape. Imagination plus a willingness to open up mind, body, and spirit are all you need to take with you on your journey. It’s helpful to allow for interruptions and disruptions to both journeys and your daily routine – Mercury will be backtracking through Virgo from the 13th August onwards. You’ll hear hot gossip and news that might not be all it seems, so try not to jump to conclusions. Otherwise, why not make the most of Mars in Leo? From 15th – 23rd August is a high-energy phase, with a few surprises courtesy of a dramatic Leo solar eclipse. It’s a wonderful time to get out and about, inspiration and exciting encounters are just waiting for you to enjoy them.

Beautiful Venus in sensuous Cancer is whispering in your ear – ‘relax, relax…’. Do listen to her beguiling pleas this August. There are plenty of distractions, so you’ll need to muster all your determination if you want to check out and leave the world behind for a while. Action and desire planet, Mars, is stirring things up with extra visitors, home improvements, or neighbourhood activities. And then August’s eclipses in Aquarius and Leo herald changes to both home and career matters now, and over the next six months. More is revealed towards the end of August and beginning of September - you’ll understand your situation more clearly and can mull over what steps you’d like to take, and what choices you want to make. Don’t stress about love either, for by October you’ll be feeling so much more receptive. A past relationship could fill your thoughts this summer, but it’s wise to let things unfold at their own pace. Meanwhile, just listen to Venus and make time for your dreams.

Your home, family, and close partnerships need all your famous flexibility and agile thinking this month. You’re in a phase that lasts until the end of September, with your ruler Mercury emphasising all things Virgo until then. This highlights a phase of paying attention to important details, health, writing, travelling and probably some paperwork too. It’s a great time to do research and communicate, but you may have to repeat yourself or make absolutely certain you’ve been understood. Mercury backtracks from the 13th August – 5th September, so try not to take anything for granted during that time, or get slapdash about your finances. If long standing partnerships in love or at work have seemed stuck in some way, these will begin to shift later in August. Talking to each other and exploring what’s been going on brings enlightenment, and you can resolve things further come September. It will feel like going back to school then in so many ways. Good ways.

Your lunar allure is buffed to a silvery sheen by Venus in Cancer this month. So if you need to charm the birds from the trees, cast your spells. Your partner or longstanding workmates are likely targets for your sorcery – there may be disagreements to resolve about home renovations, guests, or the basis of a working alliance. A power struggle early in the month may seem impossible, but if you exercise patience and cunning you’ll see a way around things – potentially as early as mid-month. Remember, when Mercury is retrograde it’s a helpful time to review what’s going on. Pushing hard for firm decisions may not serve you too well – exploring options and chatting about possibilities is a more helpful way to proceed. And August’s set of eclipses will also be stirring everyone up, and making nailing things down extra tricky. Whether you’re thinking about money, love, or your autumn plans, you’d be wise to grab a summer break, radiate gorgeousness, and take it easy for now.

A month with both Sun and Mars in Leo boosts your fiery charm and playful energy. Find a few creative or romantic outlets for it, and there’s no stopping you. Indeed, intuition, instinct, and imagination are key, for August’s two eclipses take place in your opposite sign, Aquarius (7th), and your own sign of Leo (21st). The cosmic kaleidoscope is shaking up endless new patterns relating to your own self-expression, and how you relate to others in your world. When you begin to think about it, you’ll see how the past has shaped your present circumstances and relationships in countless ways. What’s valuable to you emerges clearly in your thoughts and dreams, and some of it may truly surprise you. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to learn from the past, escape from what’s holding you back, and strengthen what matters most to you. Yours is the sign of the loving heart – keep that in mind, and revel in the sunshine.

Your astrological new year begins on 22nd August. The weeks just before your birthday month are a useful time to review what’s happened over the year, and ponder plans for the months ahead. This year, your ruling planet Mercury is in Virgo – sharpening up your wit, taste, and style. When Mercury rewinds between the 13th August and 5th September you’ve got a brilliant opportunity to reinvent something, or dig about in the archives for that amazing idea, outfit, or love affair you seem to have mislaid. Friends are very supportive now too – there’s great pleasure to be had from enjoying music, movies, or family get-togethers in August.  Shared projects bring fulfilment, or even some flirty frissons – just be aware that clandestine romance or finance could seduce you when you’re not paying attention, and be sure to check out anyone new with your usual forensic skills. But if you feel too summery to focus much, relax. Mercury is in Virgo throughout September too – any great ideas you have now can be taken further then.

It may be holiday time, but it’s also a time when you can make a wonderful impression on others. So if your social life feels a bit flat, or you’d like to get people together to support one of your pet projects, August and September’s planets favour your plans. There’s a general creative shake-up going on anyway, thanks to eclipses on the 7th and 21st. For some of you, this spells new love and attractions. For others, it prompts people to get in touch with you – there may be invitations to go on a little trip, or some surprising news revolving around the children in your life. Do make the most of this outgoing phase, and the final helpful months of Jupiter in your sign. Things can flow more easily for you now if you focus your efforts on what you’d like to improve. Your charisma may need a bit of polish, but it’s there for you – and everyone else - to enjoy.

You’re usually prepared to watch and wait, but Mars in Leo means you’ll find it hard to hold off on impulsive acts this month. Try to take it easy, for the eclipses in Aquarius (7th) and Leo (21st) bring an unstable and changeable atmosphere. As things shake up, and shake down, you could realise that some decisions are pointless – especially ones you make about your career or your home. Further hidden information comes to light with Jupiter and Pluto’s connection – meaning that this is definitely a time to be very cautious about money, and think twice before you lend cash or invest in any kind of speculative scheme. It’s more fruitful to allow Venus in watery Cancer to show you some beautiful places, or open your mind to music and movies. Between the 10th – 13th August could be very dreamy or romantic – either way you can discover your more spiritual side, feel psychic, or blissfully lose track of time, date, and place. 

You should be feeling pretty good this month, and well able to cope with any delays or confusion that crop up in your career, or with family members. Anything that does appear to go wrong will right itself come September, so there’s not much point in wasting energy on worrying about it now. You simply don’t have all the facts, and decisions may need to change later anyway. Your ruler, Jupiter, makes two important aspects this August – both highlight what you share with others, and what you’d like to share too. Something that’s been floating about in your mind for months is suddenly clear – the fog lifts and you experience an ‘aha!’ moment. Relationships benefit from such freshly-minted insights, and you could suddenly desire more commitment or realise that a partner really is ‘the one’. Working partnerships benefit too, and can change or develop in positive ways. A very surprising encounter towards the end of August enhances your gut feeling that something fresh is on the way. You’re right.

Getting other people to do what you want is one of your best tricks. So what might happen if you loosened up a bit? It’s sensible to play it by ear early this month, and hold off on telling others what to do. Why not step back? You’ll realise just how much you’re loved and admired, and see that others mostly have your best interests at heart. If you want support, just ask. As the weeks pass, a dynamic ongoing meeting between Saturn and Jupiter flags up a fertile time for exploring – either by seeing new places, learning new skills, or simply changing your daily routines. Admittedly, things could get a bit disruptive towards the end of the month, particularly at home and around your neighbourhood. But by consciously choosing a more relaxed, flexible attitude you’ll be well placed to deal with any unplanned events or expenses with aplomb. Overall, hidden or confused information is a major August theme for most of us. Wise Sea Goats will refrain from pushing too hard, and wait until September to firm up plans.

Is this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Maybe. What we do know is that 2017’s first (and last) eclipse in Aquarius rocks up on 7th August, energising your inventive spirit and unsettling many of you in exciting ways. The big solar eclipse in Leo follows on 21st August – and around this time you’ll gain all manner of new perspectives on partnerships, alliances, and professional associations. There’s a lot of talking to be done in August, and some of it could be very lively indeed. You may not agree with others’ plans and ideas, and they may find it hard to see your point of view. But with both Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde, the planets are encouraging you to review matters before signing on the dotted line. So do keep communicating and don’t be scared of passionate feelings. You’re clearing a path ahead, and preparing for some fascinating and fortunate opportunities that are coming your way in the autumn months.

An opportunity you’ve been waiting for could be delayed or held up in some way. But no need to lose heart, just accept that things are fluid and take the time to tune in to your impressive intuition. Some of you are currently concerned about someone who’s unwell, acting strangely, or who owes you money. You’ll understand much more about this soon, as more information emerges and you begin to see the bigger picture. Meanwhile, both love and creativity are boosted by magnetic Venus this month, so you’ve got a wonderful outlet for your glorious imagination – particularly in the days following that potent lunar eclipse on the 7th. A retrograde Mercury in your opposite sign, Virgo, suggests that the past is rich and juicy territory if you’re looking for a relationship, or if you’d like to do some networking to liven up your working prospects. Feelers you put out now should bring interesting results by the time of a full Pisces Moon in early September. Tread lightly, and go into your dance.



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