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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - August 2018

Dark Stars: Horoscopes for August 2018 by Jane Lyle.


A classic Aries motto might be, “actions speak louder than words”. And yet with Mars, your ruler, still rewinding until 27th August, you realise that treading softly works better than storming in with all guns blazing. Biding your time is a tough challenge, but pays off in the end. Whether you’re creating something, romancing someone, or just reviewing your financial situation, you’re still in transit. You could be grinding your teeth in frustration. Or you could choose to review and reconsider your ideas, plans, and creations.  Look closer – what you find is surprisingly innovative. You may also discover that a certain individual or set-up is more complicated than you’d thought. What’s happened so far this summer will make sense by the early autumn. Until then, why not give yourself a break? Creative chaos can be fabulously fertile.

Spending time at home, and with those you love, offers summer soul food this August. An eclipse in Leo on 11th August focuses on issues you’ve been pondering for most of 2018. How secure or settled do you feel? Are you restless? Or are you wondering how to shift an important personal or professional relationship that seems to have stalled? Some of you are thinking of moving home, while others consider working from home. This is a strange month, and none of us have all the answers just yet. But there’s a beautiful, spiritual, musical link between lucky Jupiter and misty Neptune that can enchant you. You can tune into it by simply tuning out the clamour of the material world whenever you can. A walk in nature, a digital detox, a delicious home-made cake, some full-on romance….whatever works for you. Nurturing your intuitive, sensuous side can help you not only survive August, but experience expansive beauty along the way.

Probably the main thing you need to know is that Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde until 19th August. So, yes, you know the drill by now. Take care with technology, travel, communications, and social media. Expect delays. Review everything. You’ll be in excellent company, since until the 19th there are six planets backtracking and the cosmic message says - why not take the road less travelled? Your everyday life is full of opportunities to share lovely moments, or indulge in something that enhances your wellbeing. And by slowing down, you’ll give yourself a chance to notice things, hear things, and exercise your quicksilver imagination. Your path in life may seem confusing or mysterious right now, yet Neptune and Jupiter are there to open you up to a different way of seeing the world, or experiencing the elusive shape of water. August’s full Moon (26th) will reveal what’s gone, and what’s possible.

You’ve got a lot to mull over, courtesy of July’s eclipses. And August brings one more, in Leo, on the 11th that underlines concerns you’ve had all year. Some of those concerns are likely to be financial ones. Contracts and guarantees will need meticulous attention now, or you may be dealing with some banking confusion or online snarl-ups. Your natural patience and stoicism can help. And a gorgeous, watery dance between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces throughout August means that there’s a whole other level you can escape to. Here you can revel in love, intuitive guidance, vivid dreams, and other worlds. Single Cancerians could enjoy an encounter (maybe more) with an old flame. Others connect with someone from the past who has something interesting to offer, or who can suggest a new direction. Play it by ear.

Changing the way you work, make money, or exploring new routines are important August themes. Focusing on exploration is helpful, for there’s a solar eclipse in Leo on 11th August. This high-energy new Moon suggests a refreshing new start, yet the details are still swathed in mystery, so pushing or straining for results won’t serve you well. With six planets backtracking you can consider useful thoughts and inventive possibilities you’d overlooked or even dismissed. There’s no doubting your sunny allure this August, so keep communicating – most especially with your inner self. Imagination and intuition will boost your ability to charm the birds from the trees, or help you to negotiate any complicated emotional situations that perplex you. Partners could be hard to understand, but trying to force anything is doomed to failure. All will be revealed in the early autumn months.

These weeks before your astrological birthday month are a helpful time for reviewing the year. And how about making one of your famous lists? A list of your happiest or most fulfilling moments could be a good start – and not just the obvious achievements, but all the little things too. Your ability to see life’s fine details is legendary, but so is the fact that you often use that talent to criticise yourself, and others. As your birthday approaches, why not lighten up and pat yourself on the back for once? Mercury rewinds in upbeat Leo until the 19th, so simply go with the flow and avoid stress. The magical August link between Jupiter and Neptune says water, dreams, and playful creativity are all seductive paths to explore – either alone, or with someone you love. September’s enchanting new Moon in Virgo continues this bewitching tale. The world won’t stop turning if you wander off for a while. Have fun.

Lovely Venus enters Libra on 6th August, bringing an extra layer of cosmic butter-cream icing to your delightful personality until 9th September. If you need to make a positive impression, now’s the time. But there’s more. This year your magnetic ruling planet reverses back into Libra at Halloween, and stays with you throughout November. This Venus retrograde not only brings old friends and lovers back into your life and thoughts. It means that you’re on the brink of a fascinating, thought-provoking phase for finances, artistic flights of fancy, and partnerships in general. If you’ve experienced a bumpy ride since Mars went retrograde in June, hold tight and use this time to be honest with yourself about how you feel, and whether or not something (or someone) is really worth pursuing. What emerges towards the end of August prompts a reassessment of values or connections. It’s just the beginning.

If you’re dealing with any reversals or delays, have patience. Once Mercury turns forward again on 19th August, the information you need should appear. And once Mars, your traditional ruler, also turns direct on 27th August, certain stubborn situations can be resolved at home too. All of this could be maddeningly gradual, so in the meantime why not lose yourself in the bewitching, healing vibes that are also around this month? There’s inspiration and enlightenment on offer. Does this sound too airy-fairy for you? Hold back your scepticism, for inspiration can lead to valuable new associations, friendships, or money-making opportunities in September. All you need to do is let go a little, and be prepared to value your visions and instincts. What seems to be confusing on one level has much to teach you if you simply relax and listen.

Your generous ruler, Jupiter, protects and inspires you from mysterious Scorpio until November. And during August you can dare to dream, for Jupiter is flowing with Neptune all month. Your life direction and ambitions are fluid now, and you may want to devote more time to helping others, or find yourself creatively inspired as never before. Ancestry, buried treasure, or simply clearing clutter from your mind and your home are all possible themes to explore. Do avoid spending like an oligarch though. Financial luck favours you in August and September, but over-confidence or misunderstandings can trip you up. Romantically, a message in a bottle from the past stirs up old feelings for many of you – or a past love who’s now a friend could suddenly seem so attractive again. Where this is going becomes clear by October. Until then, let things unfold at their own pace.

Maybe you’re in a risk-averse, low-key mood. And yet, vivid flashes of inspiration, invention, or unconventional possibilities are crackling in the air around you too. Share your thoughts or wild ideas and you’ll soon see that you’re onto something special. Your friends and workmates will encourage you to explore and experiment. By blending old and new, you’ll create some fabulous alchemy and interesting results will come together in the early autumn. July’s Cancer eclipse refreshed, or shook things up, with home, family and partners. It’ll be a while until you can really understand what this means for you. Single Sea Goats are feeling flirty meanwhile, and with Venus in Libra you’ll attract people who share your hopes and dreams. August is like a bridge, so don’t rush to nail anything down. What’s for you won’t go past you. 

This can be such a positive time for your hopes, ambitions, or dreams about what you can achieve. You can think big now. Just avoid spending lots of money at the same time, for this is unlikely to go well. Partners in love, or at work, may also seem less than enthusiastic about some of your plans – so let them have their say. Bear in mind that the Leo eclipse on 11th August, plus Mercury rewinding in Leo, creates an atmosphere of mystery or confusion around communications. As always at such times, some facts and feelings are likely to be hidden for now. You yourself may be holding back too, or prone to sudden spontaneous decisions that unsettle everyone around you. Focus on longer-term shared projects, and dig deep into your determined nature for the gifts of patience and strategy. Much will shift between now and your birthday – remember you’re only half-way through your astrological year, and breathe.

Group projects, classes, or activities bring out your best this month. And if you want to discover something new, or do a short course, this could be the ideal time too. Jupiter and Neptune’s August dance means that both your ruling planets are working beautifully together to bring flow, creativity, and deep feelings to the surface. It’s a powerful moment, for what you learn this summer can form the foundation for some exciting autumn plans. By September, Jupiter will be extra supportive and optimistic when it comes to any kind of voyage of discovery – and you can bring summer dreams down to earth with the help of Pluto then. Unlocking new ways to increase your income is a strong possibility in September. So why not focus on this, and keep a low profile around gossipy acquaintances, or anyone your intuition tells you isn’t entirely on your side. You’ll see why by the light of your own full Moon in Pisces on 26th August. Meantime, cherish your dreams. They are magical.



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