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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - December 2016

Dark Stars: December 2016 by Jane Lyle

You may not be able to see it yet, but something very different is coming your way. You can help things along by saying yes to invitations, getting in touch with friends, and taking yourself seriously. If you have a quirky idea while you’re in the shower, or bump into someone interesting while out buying groceries, don’t just dismiss it as one of those things. An unusual planetary pattern is energising everything to do with shared projects, study, and new thinking this month. All of it connects with others, whether at work, in your relationships, or in friendships old and new. Watch what happens over the holidays, and on into early 2017. It’s no ordinary festive season. Once Mars enters Pisces on the 19th, you enter a thoughtful phase when you can think about things more quietly and intuitively than usual. By the time Mars, your ruler, and Venus are both in Aries in February you should be in a position to do what you do best, and make things happen.

Are you wondering what direction you should take? It might be wise to see what crops up unexpectedly in early December before you nail down plans for the future. For both unexpected endings and beginnings are likely, with pleasing news arising from complicated scenarios, and changes to your everyday routines and habits springing up out of the blue. Further possibilities arise with discussions around the time of a talkative, newsy full Moon in Gemini on the 14th. Don’t allow financial worries to dominate your mind, or block your imagination – there are some helpful people around you. And during the week of the Solstice, you’re in a good position to attract people who will have a positive influence on your direction in life. If you’re single, romantic moments and intriguing flirtations are linked with your work or any groups you belong to. Someone comes along when you least expect it, making what’s already familiar into something very thought-provoking indeed.

A very memorable December awaits you. The only thing to keep an eye on is your finances, bank records, credit cards, online transactions and so on. Mercury, your ruler, turns retrograde on 19th December, and will be focusing on your finances until February. Otherwise, like many of us, you’re in the path of an unusual series of planet patterns that promise to shake things up in love, with your interests and travel plans, and with any events or presentations you might be involved with. If something longstanding does come to an end during December or early January, you won’t really be surprised. You know that things have to move forwards, and you also know that its important to conserve energy and imagination so that you can give your absolute best to what truly matters. Around the time of your own extra-lively full Moon on 14th December it becomes clear which way the wind is blowing. Further tweaks and changes occur around New Year, when what happened in the autumn proves to be chapter one of a much bigger, and more riveting, book.

What’s happening in another location, or even abroad, can have a real impact on your world this month. Your best bet is to adopt a ‘watch and wait’ policy, for you could be faced with more than one interesting possibility involving travel, working for a foreign company, or perhaps an invitation to visit somewhere you’ve never been before. There’s a lot to talk about with partners and longstanding friends, but be prepared for these discussions to loop around in circles after the 19th when Mercury turns retrograde. Your legendary patience will come in useful, as will your excellent intuition – you’ll be able to tune in and see how the bigger picture is unfolding, even when all the details, delays, and distractions are clamouring for your attention. Since much is likely to be happening around you, cultivating your inner wizard is probably your best plan. What’s for you won’t go past you, but you may have to wait until January and February before you can make firm plans. Why not keep an open mind for now?

If you remember that knowledge is power, you’ll cut through the December days like a knife through butter. Observing others is key, since Mars in Aquarius points to rivals who could oppose your plans. And yet there’s also a tussle going on, and opposites attract as well as repel. Your love life could be quite passionate, especially between 4th-10th, and again over the holiday time itself. Staying alert and open is very helpful to you from the Solstice (21st) onwards, as conversations and encounters during late December bring you to a fork in the road ahead. If you tune in to yourself, you’ll know just what to do, although you may have to wait until 2017 before you can make firm decisions. If love or friendship aren’t involved, then you can also consider your career, and other interests and skills you possess. If you’ve worked hard on something that doesn’t seem to have brought rewards, hold off on ditching it altogether. A great deal of piratical, buccaneering energy is flowing now, and on into early 2017. You’re well placed to benefit, and to attract lucky breaks. Just keep your feet on the ground, and remember - actions speak louder than words.

You’re in a nostalgic, romantic frame of mind as Mercury travels through Capricorn this December. He turns retrograde on the 19th, and actually stays in your solar house of romance, creativity and risk-taking until early February. So be on the look-out for meetings with old friends, lovers, or even workmates during this time. Some may just bring a pleasant walk down memory lane. Others have the potential to help you or may want to reawaken love, restore friendship, or talk to you about working together again. There’s quite a fateful feeling around both sex and money for you this month, and it’s a time when old debts could be repaid – either in cash, in the form of apologies, or manifest as someone keen to set things straight between you. Further options for clearing away bad karma come around New Year’s Eve and on into January. What were you thinking about back in September? Autumn themes return, and this time it should be easier to make the changes you want, all ready for 2017.

That old dictum, ‘as one door closes another one opens’ could mean a lot to you this December. It may manifest quite literally, as you consider moving, or planning some changes to your home. News about family and friends abroad, or far away, can also be thought-provoking since it could affect your established routines and habits of thought. This December brings amazing and unusual influences to us here on Earth, and for you these patterns highlight changes and breakthroughs in love, friendship, creativity or special projects now, and on into early 2017. Don’t be afraid to let something go, or feel too downhearted if a job or relationship comes to an end. The powerful Gemini full Moon (14th) flags up change, but also reminds you to take care of yourself and pay attention to your spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. Venus in Aquarius gifts you with some gorgeous extra charm this month, so do use it wisely. Between 23rd – 27th December magnetic Venus will be extra-dazzling in your horoscope. Expect the delightfully unexpected!

You love a mystery, and are ace at digging out the truth and picking up on subtle clues. Just remember, your intuition is there to guide you this month, not make you paranoid. So keep calm, and allow your spooky side to reveal your best moves and choices. What happened in November? Thoughts, events, or decisions you took then are having an impact on what’s going on in December. Accept this as an unfolding story, and don’t be in any kind of hurry. With Jupiter in Libra and Venus in Aquarius you’ve not only got an angel on your shoulder, you’re in a position to attract support, cash, and helpful partnerships at work, or in your neighbourhood. With December’s dynamic planet patterns stirring everything up, you can benefit by opening up your imagination and your heart. And this is just the beginning of a new phase for your dreams, ambitions, and even some of your relationships too. As we move towards 2017, you’ll see more clearly what you can embrace, and what you can begin to make your life more expressive of who you are now.

As you probably know by now, a visit from Saturn, currently in Sagittarius, means you can pare back what seems to have fulfilled its purpose in your life. But the thing is, if you delay or resist, then Saturn tends to do it for you, and this can feel quite harsh or dispiriting. On the plus side, all your hard work at this time creates something of lasting value, even if you can’t see what it is yet. Either way, many of you are looking around and wondering how to best work with what you’ve got. During December, there’s a strong possibility of a little sparkly stardust, a little luck, or a surprising breakthrough to help you on your way. It’s most in evidence after a potent full Moon in Gemini (14th) sends some lunar lunacy in your direction. You may briefly be distracted mid-month by the antics of partners, workmates, or longstanding friends, so just remember that there are more episodes to come and this is just one more twist in the plot. What emerges between 23rd and 27th December releases tension, and reveals something fresh, new, and probably very exciting.

December offers you a fascinating cosmic jigsaw puzzle to solve. How can you fit the pieces together? Basically, there are slow-moving, transformative planets working their magic on your home and family, career and direction in life, and on your own personal attitudes towards these vital areas of life. It’s a major, ongoing theme so please don’t feel as if you have to solve everything all at once. And as generous Jupiter, plus surprising Uranus, meet your ruler, Saturn, this month you may have to reconsider quite a few things anyway as it becomes clear you’re not always in control of the script. Instead, the planets are poised to deliver surprising developments, and even stunning twists of fate. It’s an astrological atmosphere that continues to develop during January and February, so you can view what happens this month as just the beginning. Inner events count as well – you could experience some astonishing dreams, or find yourself thinking of changing career or going to live far away. One way or another, inner tension is released, and a new horizon beckons, all ready for 2017. Happy holidays!

Do you ever feel as if you’re suppressing part of yourself or your dreams? Does being sensible triumph over adventure? Or are you an idealistic soul who seems to drive more pragmatic types mad? Either way, some serious planetary alchemy is brewing. And it encourages you to create a revitalising elixir this December. Why not add a dash of thrilling spontaneity to your schedule, or find a way to be more constructive and realistic when pursuing those off-the-wall visions of yours? Conversations and information are key – for what you discover between now and January has the power to illuminate any dark corners. Mental travel, or perhaps a trip somewhere new, can also awaken your enthusiasm. Love and romance could bring big echoes of the past, as someone gets in touch or you muse on the one that got away. What this means for you on a profound level may not be clear until 2017, so don’t let it interfere with December’s very unusual meeting between expansive Jupiter, and your ruling planets - electric Uranus, and practical Saturn. This promises to be a holiday season to remember. Ready, steady, go!

Your traditional ruling planet, Jupiter, is currently positively emphasising your finances, shared projects, life direction, and sense of self-confidence. Meanwhile, mystical Neptune, your other guiding energy, has been busy opening up all sorts of strange vistas and shimmering visions for months. If you’ve been especially dreamy, or felt as if you’ve slipped into a parallel world, this could help you understand why. There’s much to discover, and much to accept as you realise what (and who) is worth pursuing, and what doesn’t work so well for you any more. You may have to take on more responsibility, but if you take that plunge you’ll be pleased to discover you actually do have the confidence to make a real success of things. Yes, whether you’re thinking about love or career, there’s much hard work involved. But eventually you’ll create something enduring. Between now and February’s eclipse in Pisces you’ve got a golden opportunity to free yourself from self-defeating thought patterns, or individuals who drain your precious energy. Be good to yourself, and keep dancing.



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