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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - December 2018

Dark Stars Horoscope: December 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Unexpected news affects your holiday plans early in December, with pleasing developments due around the Solstice on 21st December. These likely involve your finances, your travel plans, or both. Generally, it’s a very newsy, gossipy, even flirty month for you. Yet with your action packed ruler, Mars, in thoughtful Pisces, you’ll be wanting and needing more time for a little peace and tranquillity. You’ll sense undercurrents and obscure developments around you. It’s hard to hold back sometimes, but others have their own agendas, so playing a waiting game will keep you out of trouble. Once Mars bounds into Aries on 1st January, you should have more energetic power to influence events or forge your own individual path ahead. Yes, some of 2018 may have seemed a bit sticky and slow, thanks to Mars retrograde. But things are changing. So why not let frustrations go, and plan to make the most of January’s fiery wonders instead?

Venus is back in Scorpio, stirring up your autumn thoughts. This time you may see things differently, or be able to move past what’s been blocking your path in love or financial affairs this year. Some beautiful cosmic music plays for you in the days close to the Solstice on 21st December - feelings of love and harmony are soothing and uplifting and reveal what’s truly in your heart. Your natural desire for security remains strong, but try not to cling to the old tried-and-tested formula too tightly. Fabulous things can be gradually achieved by exploring history, learning about new places, or committing to a neighbourhood project or activity of some kind now, and in the New Year. A powerful solar eclipse begins 2019, firmly underlining this important theme in your life. You can cosy up in your nest for the moment, but be aware that you can’t snuggle up under that duvet forever.

Cascades of lively cosmic activity in Sagittarius means that others are about to bring good news, invitations, or challenges into your December world. What you learn around the time of the Solstice, on 21st December, could be really uplifting or represent a fantastic, lucky break. Travel opportunities, foreign friends, and long-distance alliances are all positive possibilities now, and on into 2019, when luck and opportunity are inextricably linked with other people in your life. Let things come to you, and sidestep scenarios where you push hard to get your own way. You’ll see why around the time of a creative new Moon on 7th December. With Mars in Pisces aligned with deceptive Neptune in early December, you’d be wise to steer clear of dubious plots and secret strategies too. Mercury, your guiding planet, turns forward on 6th December, and is all set to begin 2019 with some stunning information. So the less you try to nail things down now, the better. Let your energy fly free!

Magnetic Venus, warrior Mars, and the mysterious Moon’s nodes are supporting your inner nature this December, making it a time when you feel juicier, and more comfortable in your own skin. Your salted caramel sensitivity is part of your zodiac birthright, yet you tend to pour excess energy into protecting yourself and your own security. Now, however, you can relax and blossom. Perhaps you’d like to tune in to some creative ideas, travel plans or imaginative visions for the future? Your dreams will be especially vivid around the days of the Solstice, when a magical full Moon in Cancer invites you to take a dip in an ocean of inspiration. Current working partnerships, in particular, benefit from refreshing changes early in 2019, and this is an opportunity to access five star gift- wrapped guidance from within and sketch out some possibilities. And if one connection must come to an end, know that there’s something better and more constructive waiting for you.

The Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and the new Moon (7th) in jovial Sagittarius are warming up your house of creativity, children, and romance this December. Enjoy those raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, and do make a special space in your life between 19th – 22nd to tune into the universe. The Sun channels some exciting electrical energy then, and Mercury and Jupiter promise big news or important invitations for many of you too. This expansive, curious and adventurous energy is a theme during 2019 – life’s about to open up in some way, either through a new love, children, or study and travel. All you have to do is open up. With Venus still in Scorpio, you may feel like staying at home more in December – but a wider world is calling you already. Be cautious with cash though, Mars in Pisces can be confusing, and you need to check terms and conditions with extra care when shopping or paying bills online. Overall, though, your December desires will carry on through into January when you can begin to take steps towards manifesting them.

Mercury, your ruling planet, turns forward on 6th December, just before a creative new Moon rises in Sagittarius on the 7th. What’s been stalled or stuck in your life can now get moving, although – patience! – it’s likely to be slow at first. This more helpful than annoying, because you may have changed your mind about a number of things in recent weeks. So although there’s that end-of-the-year pressure, please don’t feel you have to commit to anything one hundred per cent just yet. There’s a big shift coming in the days around the Solstice, and what you learn then offers a whole new range of choices and opportunities in love, or connected with your home and family. Some of you will move to a new area or even a new country in 2019, while others take a wild ride through some surprising family history. Meantime, partners and longstanding friends entertain you – sharing musical, spiritual, or storytelling events with them is especially magical this month.

Venus travels once more through mysterious Scorpio this December, so at one level you’re reliving and reviewing September and October. Maybe you were attempting to sort out a financial dilemma then? Or were you musing on an on-off love affair or creative project? If you failed to reach a conclusion, or found others difficult to deal with, you’ll be able to make progress now, and on into the New Year. A stable full of planets in sociable Sagittarius means news and conversations are looking lively – getting out and about between 1st and 21st December puts you in touch with all sorts of fascinating information, gossip, and intrigue. After that, you’re more of a homebody. Make the most of a quiet break during the holidays, for you’ll benefit so much from time to process what’s happened (or not happened) this year. Your partnerships and alliances need refreshing, too – the need for change, energy and imagination grows clearer in January.

Once again, Venus is in Scorpio enhancing your magnetism and smouldering charisma. What happened in September and October may have puzzled you, but many mysteries will be solved this month – and what remains bewildering will be clear by January. Meantime, beware of spending too much time thinking about money. You’d be better off thinking about your values, and how much certain things mean to you. What matters most to you is in celestial focus for a whole year, and it’s time to see if you’re comfortably aligned with your own true self. Ambitions have been massively important in recent years, now there’s a subtle shift happening. Your communications may become more serious, or reach out into the world in new ways. Magical insights are winging their way to you around the Solstice, plus there’s Mars in Pisces energising curiosity, travel, and educational adventures. Feed your imagination with tales of buried treasure and ancient forests. Your astonishing determination has paid off, why not give yourself a holiday from the daily grind?

Well, Sagittarius, you’re truly in your element this December. With the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and a spiritual new Moon all in your sign your own lovely inner centaur gets a generous cosmic boost. And with Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next year, you’ve really got a chance to shine and develop your wise, humorous nature. Curbing restlessness and impulsive decisions is sensible though, as is awareness of boundaries, and being patient with others. If you’re eager to make changes, hold your horses! Some important news or developments during the week beginning 17th December could prompt you to rethink your current plans. Not only are the Sun and Uranus switching on all the lights in your house and heart then, but your ruling planet Jupiter links with Mercury to spark luck, news, or spontaneous travel invitations. And if you suffer from a Fear of Missing Out, relax. Your world expands further in the New Year.

Artistic, creative types and positively karmic connections are all around you this month. Enjoying some beautiful music, or wrapping up for a walk somewhere wild are also potentially inspiring now. With Saturn, your ruler, plus Pluto, in Capricorn your responsibilities and commitments are bound to be serious ones. This theme continues on into 2019 when the year kicks off with a potent solar eclipse in your sign. So you need to remember that all work and no play is never a great idea, and realise that much is still out of your control. Your own imagination and subconscious is rich and fertile, and with Jupiter there for a year you’ll realise just how much goes on beneath the surface. Connections with mysterious or spiritual people can be good for your wellbeing. And around the time when the Sun enters Capricorn at the spellbinding Winter Solstice you’ll be more tuned into your dreams and intuitions than usual. Seeing certain relationships in a new light is just one of the benefits, reawakening imaginative ideas from the past is another. Happy birthday month!

If you’ve been trying to attract someone’s attention, or galvanise others to join you in a project, you’ll finally begin to see some results this December. Maybe you’ve lost momentum, or turned away from something or somebody? Wait before slamming the door shut. Venus is moving forwards in Scorpio, and there’s a creative, flowing atmosphere when she connects with glamorous Neptune around the Solstice. You’ll also benefit from a vibrant link between the winter Sun and your modern ruler, Uranus, around the same date. Friends and associates are happy to listen to you, bringing out your very best quirks and originality this month. Meeting up with people can be uplifting, just be discerning and back off from those who leave you feeling drained. Holiday time can be full of duty and obligations, alongside joyful exchanges. So be good to yourself, you’re poised on the brink of a very interesting year of change and adventure.

Mars in Pisces encourages you to act on your dreams. But stay grounded, for Neptune is in Pisces too and you don’t want to get lost at sea do you? Venus in watery Scorpio and the Moon’s nodes in Cancer both support your own liquid nature and emotional intelligence so you can deal with any Yuletide ghosts with courage and style. Spiritual love and beauty can arise from this Piscean pool, particularly around the time of a bewitching Solstice. And there’s more – for December brings you generous helpings of warm, optimistic Sagittarian planets. These all point the way towards your ambitions, future plans, and how you manifest things out there in the world. Remember luck is now on your side, with Jupiter favouring exploration and study in 2019. Simply avoid impulsive spending on last-minute items, and your finances should be okay too. More action on that front is needed in January, so be strategic and use your imagination and ingenuity rather than throwing money at everything. 


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