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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - January 2019

Dark Stars Horoscope: January 2019 by Jane Lyle.


Your new year starts with a flurry of fiery activity. Mars, your energy source, is in Aries from 1st January, for a punchy two-month-long vitality boost. Unpredictable Uranus, meantime, turns forward on 6th January – expect lots of news, visitors, and fresh ideas to bubble up. January’s new Moon is a potent eclipse, bringing your life direction, hopes and ambitions into sharp focus this year. Between mid-January and early February could be your turning point – do you want to carry on as before, or would you like to break away, try something new, or develop your talents? An adventurous, funny woman or a romantic partner could help and encourage you to be your own true self – pay close attention to events and conversations around 17th – 26th January. What’s not working out for you will be so clear then, and what feels good will feel like coming home.



Faraway people and places are on your mind this January. Perhaps you’ll plan an important trip, or get an unexpected invitation to travel abroad. Even if you’re firmly planted at home, you’ll want to explore new ideas or join a class or course. Stepping outside your routines opens you up to new friendships or romantic flirtations, as well as stimulating your imagination. It’s a positive time to play with ideas and possibilities, although you’ll have to make an effort to clamber out of any rut you may have fallen into. Why not experiment – at least in the privacy of your journal or your dreams? What you share with others is protected by Jupiter this year, so go at your own pace – but do take baby steps towards change and expansion. The magical master of change, Uranus, arrives in Taurus this March – seeing things in new ways now will help you work with this planet of the unexpected. You’ll travel far if you travel light.



It’s a standout year for all your partnerships and alliances. Events and conversations this January offer clues to your future – idealistic dreams meet down-to-earth plans. Yes, this can be challenging, for you’ll have to use all your nimble wits and analytical abilities too. Yet you can make dreams come true this year, even if you must shape and tailor things to fit real life – so don’t lose faith. You can move over, around, or under those inevitable bumps in the road ahead. Between 22nd – 26th January others bring extra love and luck, so you’ll know you’ve got fantastic support. And there’s a beautiful, clear moment at the end of January when your ruler, Mercury, meets the Sun in visionary Aquarius. At this point you’ll understand how to work well with what’s in front of you. Take time out then to rest and doodle – by February exploring your own rich inner archives pays off handsomely.



A dynamic approach to your work and future plans blossoms with Mars in Aries this month, and on into February. Yet you must consider others too – from your romantic partner, to longstanding associates and workmates. Everyone has something to say, and not everyone will agree with you. Try to be flexible, for news and information you receive this month could change your views or alter your plans. Listening to what others have to say is wise, especially while the Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn. 6th January’s new Moon and solar eclipse in Capricorn could also be a game-changer for you this winter – just remember that things are in transition and you don’t have all the information you need just yet. A sudden piece of luck or happy turn of events towards the end of January makes you smile, and shows you just how important it is to keep an open mind.



Something’s cooking up in your golden inner cauldron. You may not be ready to act just yet, but plenty of ideas and creative energy flow from a fiery Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries, plus a lively, emotional Leo full Moon and eclipse on the 21st. Finding time for some relaxing routines is productive this month – some time for yourself gives your imagination space to bloom and flourish. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, this year could be a special time for love, children, creativity and adventure – so why not take your time and find out what you really want? Between 14th – 23rd January is an especially vibrant time for you, with really positive potential. At the very least you’ll feel good, and many Leos will receive good news or meet someone special around this time. Feeling good attracts what we call “luck” and pleasing synchronicities, so go your own sweet way and make space for a little magic in your life.



Family, partners, and longstanding alliances are always important, and never more so than in 2019. Others have a major role to play in your life now. They can inspire you to explore something new, talk about moving house, encourage your talents or invite you to join them on an adventure. All you have to do is keep your feet on the ground, and remain your own sensible self. You may have to act as a mediator or steadying influence sometimes, but that’s not to say you won’t feel excited or curious too. Developing a creative partnership in love or in your working life can be just the start of a new phase for you this year. There’s a hefty chunk of practicality in your nature, supported by Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this month. You can see the flaws in someone’s big dreams, but instead of pouring cold water all over those visions, you can work with them towards making something with real value and endurance.



Venus in Sagittarius from the 7th January says this is a lively time for visitors, communications, and short trips. Much is sparked off by your partners in love, or at work – although you may not always agree with their suggestions. But by allowing others to take the lead for once, you could be pleasantly surprised. Watch for what crops up between 15th and 23rd January, when others show you just how much you mean to them or deliver some uplifting news. Keeping your eyes on the far horizons is wise, for domestic and family issues have a way of capturing all your attention if you don’t remain vigilant. Yes, you have responsibilities – but how other people think and feel is outside your control. Do what you have to do, and simply take time out to explore less immediate concerns when you can – even if that’s a few moments in the shower or when walking your dog. In this way you’ll be able to work through any crises or clashes with others, and still be able to enjoy some beautiful moments too.



How you channel your creativity and imagination is likely to deepen and change this year. This has a knock-on effect on your finances, or even your values. What you think is important may begin to shift either through your relationships and professional links, or through something that feels more mysterious altogether. Watch for thoughts or information around the time of the Leo full Moon and eclipse on 21st January – this could make you aware of a number of things that have been just below the surface during the past year. Conversations with those you trust are so helpful now, allowing you to see things from another point of view or talk about your dreams. Your ability to make things happen this year depends on down-to-earth plans and determination. Plus, once you realise that certain individuals are on your side you’ll see that you’re not alone in your quest to make life just that bit more meaningful.



You radiate delightful charm and humour without even trying much this January. Mars will support you in creative or risky ventures until February, while those who crave romance could find love flowing their way. Warm-hearted connections are very well-starred for you between 15th and 26th, with friendship and other opportunities looking positive too. Try not to let any confusion or uncertainty at home siphon off all your vitality – for Neptune in Pisces can have a very undermining effect or bring fog on the brain when you least expect it. Your spiritual nature is boosted though, and can feed into anything you choose from sport to painting a room or joining an unusual course. You don’t have to be mystical, just open-minded. Keeping an eye on your money is sensible, as is establishing a routine you enjoy such as meditation, or writing a journal. The more structure you have, the more all the incredible positive energies of Jupiter in Sagittarius can work well for you now, and in the year ahead.



Your natural Capricorn energies are exceptionally strong this month, with Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in your sign. Plus, a potent Capricorn eclipse on 6th January suggests that you’re reaching a turning point in 2019. What, where, and how this manifests will depend on you, and those closest to you. If you’ve been suppressing something – particularly a talent or longing – it’s likely to emerge this year. You may want to make a significant career change, you may want to leave a relationship, or simply find ways to create something fresh and new in your life. Like your fellow Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra and Cancer) you like to be captain of your ship, and have naturally dynamic qualities. However, there’s such a thing as being too pragmatic, too bossy, or simply limiting yourself too much. This year is about discovering what happens when you leave some spaces in your design. The Universe may just fill in those gaps with something intriguing.



Once the Sun enters Aquarius on 20th, your astrological year begins. Until then, you can enjoy the company of friends, sharing lively conversations and showing off your wit and curiosity. It’s a big ongoing theme this year, so why not reach out to anyone you miss or whose company you value? Yes, there’s also a lot going on behind the scenes and some patience is needed too. Just before your birthday is an excellent time to quietly review the past year’s achievements or think about what didn’t work out for you. Your ruler, Uranus, changes signs in early March, ushering in a brand new phase and sparking off restlessness. You may want to earn money in new ways, or make big changes to your home and domestic life – January Aquarians are first in line, February birthdays may simply feel like questioning things. Events and thoughts around the time of a Leo eclipse on 21st January could be important too – some upcoming changes are driven by what other people in your world say and do. Pay attention!



It’s going to be an interesting, expansive year for your hopes and dreams. And the first clues arise this January as your two astrological rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, meet up. Your sensitivity to beauty, music, and empathy for others is strong now – and your natural intuition will also expand and become more noticeable in everyday life. Floating off into the wide blue yonder is one distinct possibility, but fortunately Saturn anchors you via your friends, family, and neighbourhood. You may sometimes resent your ties and responsibilities, but this year they will help to keep you grounded in helpful and fulfilling ways. Any groups you belong to offer you so much, and if you’re working on a special project with others you’ll eventually reap some lasting rewards. Financially, January and February favour action and a positive plan. Surprises crop up in February, so don’t despair if things move slowly at first. Your true essence is distilled into a wonderful elixir this year. Easy does it.

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