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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - July 2018

Dark Stars Horoscope: July 2018 by Jane Lyle


Some tantalising summer possibilities are dangling in front of you. And yet it’s almost impossible to move things along swiftly. Mostly, the reason is other people. Their ideas and abilities may not match yours. It’s also eclipse season (three eclipses between 13th July – 11th August), meaning that hidden information or swerves in direction are almost bound to affect your current plans. If you’re involved with a team or group you’re likely to experience some kind of shake-up by mid-August -  others suddenly arrive, leave, or fall in love and move to another country. With Mars, your ruler, seemingly backtracking until late August, your best bet is to revise and fine tune projects you’ve already begun. If love is on your mind, chilling out is also your most fulfilling path. Some unfinished romantic or family business needs to be concluded this summer, even if that’s just in your own mind. Then you’ll be clear and ready to embrace a new chapter, and perhaps – in time - a new partner too.

Keep an open mind this July, and you’ll hear all manner of fascinating, surprising things. It’s a sociable time, yes, but more than that. A rich brew is bubbling up in your cosmic cauldron – and although you can’t push the river, you’ll notice possibilities, and you’ll sense changes in the air around you. Circumstances at work are shifting, with much going on behind the scenes. Some of this will become clearer by the end of the month when a disagreement at work reveals what needs to be discussed or changed completely. Romantically, too, you’re flirtier than usual – and a social event mid-July could really fizz with a bubbly – even unlikely - attraction. Venus in Virgo from 10th July – 6th August is a beautiful time for you to enjoy friendship, creativity, love and fun, with the 20th – 22nd looking particularly indulgent. Why not focus on these lovely things? They will keep you centred amidst the inevitable ups and downs of July and August’s eclipse season. Important changes are unlikely to be firmed up until early autumn, so don’t stress about things you can’t change.

If you need to be in touch with people, make a presentation, or get your point across please do make hay while the early July sun is shining. Your ruler, nippy Mercury, will be turning retrograde on 26th July – one day before a potent lunar eclipse in your house of travel, study, and mental exploration. What emerges then can alter your plans, or bring unexpected stories to light. Bear in mind that it’s all a work in progress, and matters probably won’t be settled until October.  Meanwhile, magnetic Venus soothes you from meticulous, stylish Virgo – favouring all things close to home, and highlighting your wellbeing and desire for peace and harmony. It’s the season for tuning into art and beauty, while listening carefully to your intuition. That inner voice has a lot to say, and much inspiration to offer you – but just like a river, it needs a channel where it can flow freely. One advantage of Mercury retrograde (26th July-19th August) is that it favours digging deeply into things, reviewing projects, and reworking your ideas. Wonderful results can spring from this quiet, sometimes less-than-glamorous process.

You’re a creature of the Moon, and beneath your tenacious, often self-contained exterior, the salty waters of the boundless ocean ebb and flow. The more mysterious side of your complex, lunar personality surfaces in July, for not only is this eclipse season – we’re beginning a series of eclipses in Cancer and your opposite sign, Capricorn, that go on until 2020. July 13th brings a Cancer solar eclipse – so if you feel a little crabby, odd, or sensitive at this time, it’s only natural. Any stand-offs or power struggles in your life could be shaken up now, with new points of view or perspectives emerging. Bide your time, especially if you’re looking for better pay, other financial improvements, or emotional security. It’s tempting to confront others, but you may not need to since their circumstances are likely to be altering as well. Your strength lies in your brilliant grasp of history, and intuitive understanding of how the past influences current events. Once you understand the bigger picture, you can move forwards – cautiously - with confidence. There’s no need to rush.

The Sun in Cancer shines on your dream life, home life, and subtle feelings of restlessness or curiosity. It’s a helpful time to assess the year since your last birthday, and think about what’s happened - and what you’d like to explore in the year ahead. The Sun enters Leo on 22nd July, meeting Uranus ‘The Awakener’ and energetic Mars for an astrological firework display that lasts several days. Partners, associates, rivals and longstanding friends could all surprise you towards the end of July – or there may be unusual, unexpected offers and events linked with ambition, status, or work. Take it easy, for the Aquarian lunar eclipse on 27th July says something is ‘eclipsed’ or hidden in your world. A Leo eclipse in August is another sign that your wishes and desires are changing. You might want to take off in some bold, new direction. You might completely reassess how you feel about something important in your life. It’s just the start of a phase – you’ll learn more by October. Until then, be aware that others may not be as open (or charming) as you’d like, and try not to over-react.

Magnetic Venus in Virgo can ease your path this July, particularly between the 10th and 22nd of the month. It’s a fertile phase for romance, creativity, or even attracting extra cash. And with Mercury, your ruler, in Leo, plus innovative Uranus in Taurus, your imagination flourishes if you allow it to. You just have to get out of your own way, and ignore that inner critic whenever you hear its whiny, judgmental little voice. Remember, too, that July and August bring some dynamic eclipses, and these will be ruffling feathers and creating changes all around you. Since people often turn to you for help when things get messy, you could be quite taken up with other people’s concerns or news. Try to make time for yourself whenever possible. Mercury turns retrograde on 26th July, just before a very energetic eclipse on 27th July. Cosmic chaos ensues – prompting you to rethink certain plans, or put them on hold for a while. Wise move – things are likely to be uncertain (and others at their flakiest) until early autumn, when a truly fabulous Virgo new Moon (9th September) shines on uplifting news and circumstances.

July is often a busy month for you, as the Sun in Cancer highlights your life direction, status, and hopes for the future. This year you’re questioning quite a few things – from your career direction to your home or current work-life balance. A potent eclipse in Cancer on 13th July shakes the tree for many of you – and what falls out may surprise you. Reserve judgment when and where you can, for you’re unlikely to have all the facts you need just yet. Plus, it’s likely that past events or actions will be having an impact – perhaps an argument you’ve had, a past lover, or a risk you took that hasn’t been as successful as you’d hoped. Venus, your lovely ruling planet, makes some beautiful aspects between the 10th and 22nd – a helpful phase for sorting out money, affection, or your wardrobe. Venus also encourages you to value your wellbeing – and this includes how much fun and laughter you currently enjoy. If your world is all work and no play, you already know what to do.

Scorpio’s two ruling planets – Mars and Pluto – are currently both rewinding, bringing frustrations, yes, but also a chance to reconsider decisions you’ve made this year. Have you been able to get your ideas across? Or have you expressed how you really feel about something, or someone? Your connections with others – both at work, and in your personal life, are vital this summer. So you may have to wrestle some of your self-protective, secretive instincts to the ground and open up a little more if you want to improve your relationships or professional partnerships, and change them for the better. Unexpected offers, arguments, and deep, beautiful inspirations are part of your summer – so why not stand back a little, and see what washes up on your beach? Trying to control everything will only exhaust you. The Aquarian eclipse (27th) brings much to a head, with unexpected possibilities or encounters flagging up changes in your longer-term hopes and wishes. July can seem discombobulating, but when the mists clear (by October) you’ll be on your way.

Your upbeat ruler, Jupiter, turns forward again on 10th July. A rush of energy lifts you up, but do pause and consider what you’ve learned in recent months before pushing on ahead. Jupiter is heading for your sign in November, so you could look at part of the summer as a time of preparation for this fortunate event. It last occurred in late 2006 through to late 2007. Yes, sometimes luck seems random, but mostly those stories of overnight success involve a lot of hard work and behind-the-scenes effort before you can claim any glittering prizes. What do you dream you can do? Some positive vibes around 19h – 22nd July open your mind to new possibilities – perhaps linked to a female friend or professional associate. More news or involvement with a like-minded group of people follows. Everyone will be feeling the effects of summer’s eclipses in the atmosphere around us, plus the need to rethink certain plans this July and August. You’ve understood and discovered so much in recent years, so now’s the time to gather all that knowledge together and see what your next steps should be.

Inventive or unconventional ideas and individuals can prove to be so positive for you this summer. Your serious ruler, Saturn, is rewinding in Capricorn until early September – underlining your natural tendency to analyse or reassess things. However, Mr. Sensible is working closely with astrology’s Nutty Professor, Uranus, to refresh your ideas - or even open the door for some kind of ‘out of the blue’ event or encounter. Blending your past work and experience with something fresh or experimental is an exciting theme this July and August. Birthdays around Christmas are especially likely to have a creative or romantic boost. Meanwhile, a potent eclipse in silvery Cancer on 13th July is also heralding transformation and change – perhaps for you, or for your partner or someone vital at work. Those changes ripple out into your own life, and on into the year ahead. With so many planets retrograde this summer your famous patience will come in very handy. Just know that, little by little, progress is being made – and keep on keeping on.

You’re almost half way through your astrological year.  At this time the Sun in Leo emphasises your partnerships, longstanding friendships, and work alliances. Many of you are about to surprise those people in your life who think they know you best – for your ruler, Uranus, is creating a few fireworks by squaring off with competitive Mars in Aquarius. You’ll be tempted to dig your heels in, or liable to storm off in a huff. Factor in a lively Aquarian eclipse on 27th July, and it looks like you’ll have much to ponder - and certain mysteries to solve. What’s useful about this? It’s an opportunity to rework some good ideas, or create something new from what already exists. If you can control your frustrations, or share your thoughts with some sympathetic, supportive friends, you can balance out the tension and go on to accomplish something positive. By doing so, you’ll show everyone just how inventive and original you can be. Give yourself a break, and allow until October for plans and projects to mature. This summer, patience, tactics, and strategy will be generously rewarded.

Your romantic, imaginative spirit is nurtured all summer by fortunate Jupiter and dreamy Neptune. This is wonderfully psychic, musical, and unfettered, but can lead to inertia or over-optimistic beliefs in dubious people, or dodgy lovers. You need to keep your feet on the ground to make the most of it, particularly in early July. So all those tedious little things like good food, sleep, and fresh air cannot be underestimated – they have the power to help you be at your most creative and visionary. Sowing the seeds of love, ideas, or dreams this summer is so worthwhile. These things need time to germinate, and eventually you’ll reap a rich harvest and be able to make more decisive moves in the autumn. Your traditional ruler, Jupiter, highlights a time of exploration and opportunity from November for a whole year ahead. So, like your mutable friends Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius, you’re already on your way to a new and different phase, and the preparations or experiments you try now can help you make the very most of it. 

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