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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - May 2018

Dark Stars: May 2018 by Jane Lyle

Many of you have been wondering about your next move since last autumn. You’ll reach a turning point on the road ahead this May when discussions - or even clashes - at work serve to clarify your feelings, or prompt you to take decisive action. Certain situations or beliefs are about to fade into the past anyway, as you discover  - or reconnect - with a whole group of friends, colleagues, or like-minded souls. Your energetic ruler, Mars, enters friendly Aquarius on 16th May for a good long stay. Mars remains in Aquarius until mid-August, reverses into Capricorn, and then returns to activate your social, humanitarian side from September to November. So channelling your energy into sharing and creating with others is a huge theme during the months ahead, and one that can open up your life, heart, and imagination. Just keep a beady eye on your finances, and don’t feel you have to throw money at projects, or spend a fortune on courses or study. What’s for you won’t go past you.

It’s Taurus season. The Sun’s in your earthy sign until 21st May, with a new Moon in Taurus for fresh starts, and Mercury in Taurus from 13th May. This year is super-important, for electrifying Uranus enters Taurus on 15th May - heralding a unique time of innovation, rebellion, and uncharacteristic restlessness. Much depends on your personal chart of course, for Uranus travels through Taurus until 2026. However, hints of what’s brewing are already stirring in your mind and heart. It’s helpful to pay attention to those vivid dreams or hunches. Elsewhere in your horoscope your ambitions and hopes pulse with energy and originality, thanks to warrior Mars in geeky Aquarius until November. You could meet unusual people, learn new skills, or fall out with anyone you feel is restricting your freedom. Your intuitive or psychic friends can help you see that there’s more than one way of looking at things, so don’t be shy about asking for others’ opinions or advice. There’s much fulfilment, and perhaps some romance, to be found this summer. Just aim to remain flexible, and cultivate your wonderful imagination.

Changes to everyday routines boost your energy, and help you make more sense of progress this May. Take everything step by step, for little can yet be nailed down. As your own instincts are probably telling you, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and much information remains unreliable or out of reach for now. It’s a productive moment to assess your year so far, and consider your options. Your delightful charms are enhanced by Venus in Gemini until 19th May, so you’ll be able to shimmy out of any tight corners quite easily. But do watch out for unexpected news, for between 10th – 14th May what’s happening in other people’s lives is likely to have a strong effect on your own decisions. Meanwhile, three cheers for Mars in your house of travel, knowledge, and the far horizons. Opportunities to learn, see, or experience something fresh and new can liven things up between now and November. How you use social media, gadgets and gizmos – both positively and negatively - is also in high focus for the next six months. So just remember to look before you tweet, and all will be well.

Certain tensions seem to have been around forever, particularly in your working life. Perhaps you don’t really see eye-to-eye with someone, yet feel you must at least try to smooth over the gaps? Or perhaps your partner feels uncertain about your plans, and would like you to discuss things in more detail? The elastic will snap around mid-May, when events take an unexpected turn, or someone finally blurts out the truth. What a relief! Fortunately, 15th May’s new Moon in steady Taurus offers some happy, even passionate, possibilities. Your tender, affectionate nature is strengthened and you’ll understand just how much energy has been siphoned off by various disagreements, or struggles at work. This is a very subtle turning point. We’re just two months away from a solar eclipse in Cancer, and coming events do tend to cast their shadows before them. Use your wonderful lunar intuition to tune in, for the eclipse signals changes ahead. Your psychic antennae will be spookily active towards the end of May too. Why not keep an open mind for now, and see what bubbles up?

Changes to the way you live and work are brewing. It could be your routines, a change to the way you see yourself and your skills, or the ways you use to juggle work and everything else. So why not see what crops up around the creative new Moon in Taurus on 15th May? On that day innovative Uranus begins a long journey across that part of your horoscope that’s all about goals, aims, and ambitions. It’s exciting – and much is unexpected. As a fixed sign, you like stability. But a big helping of imagination and flexibility serves you well during the years ahead – unusual possibilities beckon. Love and other partnerships are up for revitalising times too, with Mars entering Aquarius, on 16th May. All your connections – including working alliances - are energised for the next six months. So if you think a relationship needs a spring tonic, a summer holiday or an autumn retreat – you’re spot on. May’s Sagittarian full Moon echoes this message, shining on situations involving romance, creativity, and risk-taking on 29th May. Many Leos are heading for a turning point during the next six months – July birthdays are amongst the first to start a mini-revolution.

You’re not really a risk-taker, but it seems as if you’ve got tangled up in some unstable situations, or involved with some impulsive or unreliable people. If you can resist silver-tongued charmers early in May, you’ll soon see how to separate truth from fiction – and how to sort out any financial concerns you may have. With the Sun, Mercury, Uranus and the new Moon in Taurus this month, you can focus instead on movement – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth are all looking good. Inspiration can bloom very close to home, with your neighbourhood and closest relationships offering fulfilling activities, new ideas, and uplifting, happy conversations. This can be a very intuitive, creative time. And if you’re looking for love, Venus in Cancer’s dance with Jupiter and Neptune favours the right kind of mental and emotional attitude for romance. Extra special times for a hot date are between 30th May – 2nd June. Have fun!

What’s been on your mind for months still needs attention as May begins – especially if this involves your home and family. Partnerships and alliances of all kinds have also required quite a lot of mental effort and peace-keeping tactics. So you’ll enjoy the presence of Mars in Aquarius from 16th May, on and off until November. It’s creative and sexy, and encourages you and your colleagues and partners to find something fresh or playful to reinvigorate life. Yes, there may be disagreements too. But you’ll see things shifting over the next six months, and this should boost your confidence and deeper understanding of important individuals in your life. Venus, your ruling planet, enters Cancer on 19th May too. Helpful, positive people are drawn to you, and there could even be a flirty frisson or two. A fortunate financial phase at the end of May is a great time to attract more money and encouragement – but really and truly isn’t a good time for any kind of gamble or risky investment, how ever seductive it may seem.

A meeting between your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, means that late April and early May are a time when money, ambition, or dealing with the authorities in some way are emphasised. You realise you can’t simply please yourself, for others have their own views, needs, and ideas. Talking things through becomes easier and more fruitful around the time of a vibrant new Moon in Taurus on 15th May. At this time, what’s hiding away can be gently teased out and you can clear the air if you need to. Your relationships with longstanding workmates, partners, and friends can be seen in a new light – with October-born Scorpios especially likely to experience some dramatic breakthroughs. Beautiful romantic interludes soothe your soul towards the end of May. Meanwhile, your creative, intuitive energy is expanding, and your subconscious is eager to guide you. This gentle, yet powerful, phase continues all summer. If you can tune in, you’ll be able to focus on any action you need to take regarding your home and family. Revelations about your family history could also bring some fascinating food for thought.

You may not be keen on the idea of reassessing recent offers or developments, for you instinctively prefer to gallop on ahead. However, May is a positive time to weigh things up and ask a few more questions. A project or plan could need a fresh approach, or a more down-to-earth budget. Dreamy fantasies early in May do hold the seeds of something special, but manifesting this in reality needs adjustments and a close look at the small print. That said, some lucky breaks are hovering around you, with unexpected news mid-month opening up yet more possibilities for creativity, romance, and your relationships with any children in your life. A busy summer lies ahead, with Mars in Aquarius livening up your social life or neighbourhood. Just keep an eye on your tendency to blurt things out, especially when using social media. Your own full Moon in Sagittarius rises on 29th May, marking a turning point for your emotional life, your inner world, and your values. Making time to tune into yourself then reveals some intriguing signposts to your next adventure.

Your practical side is emphasised and supported this month, with much planetary activity in Capricorn and Taurus – plus a potent new Moon in Taurus favouring fresh starts, creative power, and romantic interludes. Saturn, your ruler, is in reverse now until September – meaning that you can steer a steady, if slow, course. You may need to rethink some of your plans, particularly early in May when surprises or sudden events could be quite disruptive. You’re not able to control what others think, say, or do and may have to simply go with the flow for a while. Yet there’s some springtime magic in the air too. You’ll find it in shared projects, musical adventures, close friendships, and – towards the end of May - romantic relationships. If your work is at all creative, this can be a fertile phase of inspiration. And if you’ve felt as if life is all work and not enough play, here’s a chance to explore what happens when you step off the treadmill of ambition and gaze at the wider horizons.

What would you like to do? Are you nurturing any secret dreams or the beginnings of a special plan? Once you start playing with ideas, you’ll see that there are all sorts of possibilities you can explore. Your eccentric ruling planet, Uranus, begins a very significant new phase this month, and that shift resonates through your life, your choices, and your future plans. Uranus in Taurus (until 2026) heralds home improvements, working from home, or developing new interests in the environment, organics, or other earthy possibilities. Family members may be more erratic than usual too. Meantime, your energy levels and determination to take action are boosted by Mars in Aquarius until November. So the next six months would be a great time for sport, physical activity, or any project needing extra oomph. Finding an outlet for all this vitality is important, if you bottle it up you risk becoming bad-tempered, hasty, or thoughtless – and that would never do.

You have two ruling planets – Jupiter and Neptune. So a beautiful connection between them offers you some very special opportunities this May, and on into the summer months. But you have to decide to explore creative or spiritual possibilities, for this hazy, magical connection can be slippery and elusive. You could just drift along through summer 2018 in a dream. Fortunately, there’s enough earthy energy around this month to help you make a start. Your words are charming, your charisma impresses new friends, and you can attract romance if you set your mind to it – particularly once magnetic Venus enters Cancer on 19th May. The full Moon in Sagittarius on 29th May illuminates the closing pages of one particular story in your life. You may simply lose interest in one long standing ambition, or find yourself inspired by a conversation with some free spirit or unusual individual. As always, spending some time beside a lake, river, or the sea will help to lift you up where you belong. 


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