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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - November 2016

Dark Stars monthly horoscopes for November 2016 by Jane Lyle

It seems as if both heaven and hell arrive in your life via other people this November. Partners, associates, employers and friends may disagree with you, or with each another, about what comes next. So a review of long-term plans might be wise. You may even have to let go for a while, and resist insisting on pushing things along. It goes without saying that money matters, but again – certain changes will take time, and it’s vital you make room for unexpected opportunities and fresh ways of thinking. Since October’s Halloween new Moon emphasised cash, early November is a fertile moment for focusing on your finances ahead of the full Moon on the 14th.  Luckily, love and romance beam warmth your way most of the time, thanks to Jupiter in Libra. Just remember, Libra is about balance, so you’ll need to work on some give-and-take with certain people. Mars in Aquarius from 9th November – 19th December heralds exciting conversations, short trips and online amazements. You may have your work cut out dealing with others, but your lively mind is as free as a bird – so why not enjoy a few creative adventures too?

Your annual full Moon brings much to a head in the days around the 14th. But you’re well supported by Venus in earthy Capricorn from the 12th November, and ready to set out on a new journey. For some, this involves more travel. For others, a renewed desire to learn, study, or explore skills and talents you set aside some time ago. Since your wellbeing is emphasised by Jupiter’s presence in Libra, you’ll be in the mood to explore what makes you feel good – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Prioritising this builds hidden strength, so please don’t think it’s self-indulgent. Energetic Mars focuses on the need for action on your goals and direction in life this winter, but it’s more than possible that your priorities have changed somehow – or that what once seemed all-important no longer fills you with enthusiasm. Fascinating flashes of insight can help you make sense of things. You’ll see romance in a new way, or come to some unusual conclusions about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. So keeping a journal could really benefit you now, and on into 2017. What you discover about yourself will be worth its weight in gold.

Gemini is all about information, and your passion for mental stimulation is what keeps you young, curious, and open to change. Some stimulating company is just what you need this month to get your mental mojo up and running. And since your romantic self is also turned on by mental rapport, you’ll find that getting out and about is the key to joyful moments, flirtations, and a renewed sense of joie de vivre – notably around the 5th, 15th, and 26th of November. Mid-month brings some delicate negotiations or conversations that hark back to June and July. Be cautious about taking unsolicited advice, or rushing into any deal or arrangement that seems alluring. You’re often impatient, but a little caution now can save you a lot of floundering around later on. Some enlightening ‘aha’ moments may arrive with 29th November’s new Moon, but these are nothing compared with what’s brewing up for December. Pleasing news on the 22nd, 23rd, and 26th makes you smile and offers useful hints about what’s next.

You’re more admired and loved than you realise, so why not relax a bit and allow yourself to really feel (and receive) that support and encouragement? You could be surprised by what others think, or see how certain people are simply longing for you to open up a little more. Inviting people round, or sharing time with a close-knit group of friends and family brings much joyful energy into your world now. And whatever has been going on at work, or in a wider family context, can be dealt with successfully in the coming weeks. A change of routine is coming up for many of you, but its nothing to worry about. Deep down you already know this, yet your busy mind may come up with all kinds of contradictory messages. So why not choose to listen to your instincts, for they are generally spot-on? Talking about your plans and dreams with someone close can open up all sorts of possibilities between the 15th – 19th, with important developments following on a few days later. By the end of November you’ll begin to see how things can work out for you in 2017. Your conclusions may surprise you!

Has it been a three steps forward, two steps back kind of year so far? Maybe both your finances and your romances have stalled? If you’re both bored and floored by all this, take heart. Some new fiery energy is beginning to heat up this month. As you probably know, when astrology brings flow it also brings a time when you must act to surf those waves. Otherwise, it’s a bit like spending a sunny day inside. Some of your November focus will be on your home, family, and relationships. But do your best to make a space for your imagination, intuition, and curiosity about the wider world. And why not ask yourself what dreams or projects you’ve abandoned along the way? A theme of blending something old with something new is going to be part of your life for the next year. You can bring original thinking to almost anything – a rediscovered love affair, a course of study, a different kind of social life, or planning the trip of a lifetime. And if certain routines or habits of thought are holding you back, then you can simply reinvent those details of everyday life until you find something that feels just right.

Friends, neighbours, and family are all keen to talk to you in early November. And what they have to say could really get you thinking about your emotions, and how you respond to others. You may be surprised to learn that you’ve made much more of an impression than you thought, and that someone wasn’t being cold – just shy . So whatever comes to head around the full Moon on the 14th, you can be sure you won’t have to go it alone. Decisions about whether to move, or make changes to your home are in the air this month too. And if you’re concerned about a family member or partner, this would be a good time to talk to each other about changes or tensions. Mercury, your ruling planet, is in philosophical Sagittarius from the 12th. It makes some helpful aspects on the 15th, and between the 24th-25th – and offers you some sizzling moments of insight around the 26th. By the time of the new Moon on the 29th, you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward.

November is looking like a month of two halves for you. Certain things reach a peak mid-month when the full Moon shines on your values, earnings and any savings you’ve got. At the same time, your lovely ruler Venus enters ambitious Capricorn – your charm can work wonders if you’re seeking new alliances, or looking to polish up your career in some way. Watch out for interesting chats and meetings in the week beginning 21st November – it’s a productive, even magnetic time to be out and about. Relationships, both stable and flirtatious, can entertain and unsettle you this month too. Perhaps your partner comes up with some quirky plan, or you meet someone very different from your usual type. 5th November looks promising for single Librans. Just use a little common sense and caution when it comes to romance now. There are exciting possibilities, but nothing is likely to be plain sailing until late December. At that point, many of you can look forward to a very memorable holiday season.

Your dreams and visions can be extra potent as November begins. Do pay attention, for what you glimpse then can be just the start of a wonderful journey of the imagination. You may receive news in the real world, too, or have an illuminating conversation. There’s much you need to understand, for the mid-month full Moon highlights your partners in love, friendship, and at work. Your intuition may have been tapping away, but perhaps you’re still largely unaware of what others really think and feel? Even though you’re someone with great insight, you could be surprised by what you discover. Revising your opinions and perhaps your plans too is what comes next. And once Neptune turns direct on the 20th, you’ll see how things gradually fall into place. You’ll be eager to get moving, and you can make pleasing progress. But further important developments await you in 2017. Until then, why not take it step by step? 

The weeks just before your birthday month begins (21st) are an excellent time for mulling things over. You can look back over the past year and see what you’d like to celebrate, and what you’d like to change. Close friends can help you with this, for their insights can surprise you, or help you to see your situation in a new way. So it’s really worth listening to what they have to say – all sorts of doors can fly open inside your imagination as a result. Once your astrological year starts, there may be something you’d like to finish up. You’re clearing the decks ahead of your own annual new Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th, making space for interesting developments. Many of you already have a sense of what these might be. And although you know you must be sensible, you’re also feeling more inspired  – especially when it comes to creativity, risk-taking, and romance. Try to get used to these shifting feelings, for your year ahead promises many more of them. With patience and planning, you can invite a little more magic into your life in 2017.

You’ve been pushing in certain directions since late September. Early November news and conversations show you how successful this has been, or offers you a chance to think more clearly about your workmates and acquaintances. You still don’t have all the information you need, so if someone is trying to force you to make a decision, know that you’re right to ask for more time. Why not see what the earthy full Moon brings to light mid-month? It marks a turning point for you, and could reveal new directions in love, or for your ambitions. Once lovely Venus enters Capricorn (12th), your charm and magnetism will be more than a match for any rivals or opponents you happen to come across. Meanwhile, things at home are settling into a new phase that may take some getting used to. Maybe you’re concerned about a close relative, or maybe you’re trying to work out how to juggle all your responsibilities and make space for love and harmony too? You’ll succeed if you can see all this as an ongoing process – everything will gradually fall into place.

How you communicate is always important, and never more so than now and in the months ahead. You may find yourself giving a presentation, teaching others, or talking about a precious project or charity. Mars in Aquarius boosts your impact from 9th November until 19th December, so no need to go overboard on this, you’re more impressive than you realise. Moments to dazzle crop up towards the end of the month, and beginning of December, with the Sagittarian new Moon on the 29th marking a positive time to begin something adventurous, bold, or brand new. In the cosmic background you sense fresh energy building up – perhaps there’s an increase in curious coincidences, or you bump into old friends, lovers, or workmates in unlikely circumstances. Yes, you’re right to think that things are on the move – and there’s so much more to come in December and in 2017 too. All you have to do is keep an open mind about how to use your talents, and be flexible when it comes to romance, friendship and reaching out to new contacts.

Many of you have had to work very hard to make much sense of the year so far. But what you’ve achieved will begin to make sense as November begins, and your intuitive instincts sharpen up to show you exactly how things stand now. More information surfaces after Neptune turns direct on the 20th, just a week after that revelatory full Moon on the 14th lights up what’s shadowy or hidden. Your own thoughts could surprise you around this time. Remember, people are generally feeling positive about you, so it’s a good time to be sociable or ask for any advice or help you might need. So whether it’s for work, or you happen to be looking for love, November’s a productive time to say yes to invitations. Getting involved with local projects and events expands your world too – and could even lead to some new ways of earning extra cash, perhaps in partnership with someone you meet. There’s a beautiful view opening up by the time of the new Moon on the 29th – what really matters most should be abundantly clear by then.  



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