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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes November 2019

Dark Stars Horoscope: November 2019 by Jane Lyle.


ARIES(March 21st-April 20th)

Your alliances and relationships are all bound up with your ambitions and career choices. You seek balance or look for answers – but things could be tense. Perhaps a work partner, friend, or lover disagrees with you about where you’re heading. Or do you feel confused about someone’s intentions? Are you concerned about dealing with certain situations or travel plans? Mid November’s news, plus lively discussions with others, will be constructive - so just keep icy calm and carry on. Travel and study projects are looking good, they could be a helpful distraction. Yet you’re also dealing with long-term issues here, so don’t feel pressured to make impulsive choices or big commitments at a time when changes are often outside your control. The Boxing Day eclipse in Capricorn signals interesting December revelations. You may be inspired to explore a different path, or find new - even unusual - ways to earn money. Take your time. A massive meet-up of planets in your Capricorn career zone opens 2020. Other options and responsibilities could shape your future hopes and wishes, or open up a whole new path in the coming year.

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TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

Your own annual full Moon in Taurus is always a special moment. And this year, that full Moon (12th November) brings you a deeply serious yet highly imaginative, inspirational message. Your dreams are likely to be vivid, your intuition sensitive, and your desire to learn and explore is heightened. Communication and friendships are the key here. So do reach out to others, join a class, or simply see more of your friends this November. There are changes brewing in your closest partnerships, with an ongoing need for open conversations and better communication all round. Be patient, for it’s likely to take time for things to become clear, or for others to feel able to open up to you. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until 20th November suggests you’re dealing with hidden things, or lack of full information – watch what happens around 12th November. After the 20th, surprises or disruptions to your routine can clear the air and shake things up a bit. And what comes out of the blue then can change everything. By the end of this month you could be looking at some very fortunate, unexpected opportunities.

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GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

Your lively ruler, Mercury, is backtracking through sphinx-like Scorpio until the 20th November. So don’t expect to be at your sharpest, and don’t try to outwit others this month either. Common sense is all you really need for a Mercury retrograde phase. Your wellbeing is important too - Scorpio time is a helpful moment to think about routines and whether they add to your energy and pleasure in life. This could be a positive season to begin a pleasurable new routine, polish up your skills, or walk someone’s dog. Some intriguing developments at work look promising too. You could be about to get promoted, find funding for a special project, or reconnect with an older person who can help or inspire you in some way. Shared finances are in the cosmic spotlight now, and in the months ahead – with money or support you receive from others playing a big role in your future plans. And if someone does leave your life now, you’ll realise it was the right time. It is very much a seed moment, with further encounters and possibilities lining up for 2020. So why not take good care of yourself, and prepare for a memorable year ahead?

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CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

What emerges around the 9th November is creative, dynamic, and intriguing. Conversations you have, or offers you receive, bring partners closer - or help you see practical ways to make your projects a success. November’s earthy full Moon in Taurus (12th) highlights partnerships, projects, and alliances too. It also brings memories, and old friends or lovers back into your life in some way – either in real life, on social media, or in your dreams. Is there unfinished business with somebody? Is there someone out there who’s in your debt? One way or another the past holds the key to your present-day life, finances, love, and creativity. You’ll be in a position to take action once Mercury turns direct (20th) and Mars enters Scorpio (19th). Your charisma is bewitching, so if you’re seeking new alliances or a serious romance, why not make a move between now and early December? The high-energy Capricorn eclipse on 26th December is already reaching out and opening you up to new possibilities. Listen carefully to what others have to say – it could be life-changing.

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LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

A full Moon shines on your life path this November. This one, in Taurus on 12th November, invites you to think about your routines, your shared commitments, and what you’re hoping for in the future. Would you like to make some changes to everyday life? These might range from small tweaks – such as a daily walk or a healthier diet – to bigger dreams involving your career or relationships. Are you letting conventional expectations or beliefs limit you in some way? Do you feel like a round peg in a square hole sometimes? Why not explore things - and bide your time until Mercury turns direct on 20th November before taking decisive action. There may still be some unexpected twists and turns (and home repairs) to factor into your plans. Some joyful good luck and warm emotions are around on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th when beautiful, magnetic Venus embraces Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius. Love, children, playful impulses and creativity are blooming for you. Tune into this cosmic love-in and you’ll find these are excellent days for romance, getting creative, or for dressing up just because you feel like it.

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VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

Some fascinating information or encounters with old friends crop up in November. Let yourself think carefully about what these might mean, and how you feel about it. Some paths lead towards love and renewed friendships, others beckon you towards studying something, planning a big trip, or starting to reach out to others through writing, acting, singing, or talking. There’s the chance of a happy new start for your home and family too – with a brand new Moon (26th) and a stunning, lucky link between Venus and Jupiter towards the end of November. Indeed, if you need or want to set intentions about your home, relationships with family members, or feeling more connected to your own life’s path, this is a favourable time to go for it. Once your ruler, Mercury, turns forward on 20th November, you’ll find straightforward progress easier anyway. Yet never overlook the value of the past – its impact on your present day life should be more than obvious by the end of November.

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 LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

A rare astrological moment is coming up in November. Venus, your lovely ruler, is on her way to meet upbeat Jupiter in optimistic Sagittarius just around the time of the New Moon on 26th November. This should be a lucky time - you attract love, friendship and opportunities because you feel good and are open to whatever pops up. That feel-good factor helps create “luck”, so do make time to relax, see friends, and take part in activities that boost your mood. Outdoor events, sports, and short trips are all sparkling brightly in your skies. Just watch your finances and take extra care with online banking and spending. You’ve got beautiful energy and charm to spare, and may not be in the mood to be meticulous. But it’s worth the effort, especially during November’s Mercury retrograde in deeply financial Scorpio. Adjustments around home, family, and familiar patterns in your life are longstanding themes too – you’re probably aware what’s brewing, but things move at their own pace. The picture is much clearer by January. Meanwhile, why not make the most of November’s cosmic bounty?

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SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

What occurs to you around the time of a full Moon in Taurus (12th) is enlightening. You may see your home in a new light, or realise some important truths about one major relationship. Mercury travels backwards in Scorpio until 27th November – a favourable time for research, or redoing a project, but time to be careful with words, money, and technology. Deep thinking pays off, especially around the time of that Moon when Mercury and the Sun align - boosting brainpower and highlighting the tug of the past. You can also look forward to the arrival of your traditional ruler, Mars, in Scorpio on 19th November. There are some potholes in the road at that time, mostly connected to your relationships. Take it easy, and don’t jump to conclusions or try to second-guess another person’s feelings or point of view. Let them tell you how they see things, and you can make progress – whether that’s professionally, or in your private life. Mars brings energy and desire for action, you’ll appreciate its determined presence until January. Next month some dynamic patterns mean you can focus on putting your ideas across with power and panache. So do your research now, and reap the benefits before the year’s end.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

 What’s hidden from view or buried in your mind matters now. There are insights about yourself and others, and important thoughts about where you’re heading, and why. You may need some quiet spaces in your life this month, for it’s always helpful to take stock in the run up to your birthday. Shared projects or groups you belong to spark confidence and energy in the days around the full Moon (12th). This full Moon emphasises your wellbeing – it’s great for adjusting your routines, letting go of unhelpful activities, and making time for love, children, and fun. You also have lovely Venus and your upbeat ruler, Jupiter, in Sagittarius attracting fortunate coincidences and favouring an optimistic outlook. They hold each other tight towards the end of November, making the 22nd – 25th a good time for socialising, making yourself look more gorgeous, or making a stunning impression on a romantic partner. Your own new Moon in Sagittarius on 26th adds to a feeling of fresh possibilities and new starts, however small these may seem at first.

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CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

Sometimes it’s hard to give shape to ideas, or find an outlet for your creativity. If your schedule is tightly packed, or your ‘to do’ list seems never-ending, there’s often little time for music, art, and imagination. Neptune is calling you this November, perhaps in your dreams, perhaps through a visit to a beautiful old building or an atmospheric place beside the sea. People who are less ambitious or driven than you could pop up, or someone invites you to think carefully about your true values. So if early November is stressful, or things seem bumpy, it could be healing to let go a little. An earthy full Moon in Taurus on 12th November favours your romantic, creative side. Why not make some room in your life? Minor planet Ceres asks “what have sown?” as this green energy goddess enters your sign mid November. You sense cycles of life more keenly. And hoorah! Jupiter enters Capricorn on 2nd December boosting your confidence. An astonishing line up of planets in Capricorn is building up, signalling a pivotal year for you in 2020. Thinking about what (and who) really matters now will help you find the right direction as you navigate the coming months.

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AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

Your daily routine isn’t entirely under your control at the moment. Whether its last-minute alterations to travel plans, or some disruptions in your neighbourhood, you’ll need to find your inner zen master early on in November. A full Moon in Taurus (12th) brings domestic issues to a head – and something you’d overlooked may be the answer. Sorting out these things sounds tiresome, but it’s worth clearing a path so that you can focus on interesting news and encounters later in November. In any case, things are bound to be slow, or need a rethink, until Mercury turns direct on 20th November. Love and attraction heat up for many of you, heart-warming friendships and shared interests shine out for others. Either way, making an effort to be sociable lifts your spirits – you can tune into the joyful energies of Venus and Jupiter, especially between 22nd and 25th of the month. If you’ve been thinking of joining a class or a group, the new Moon on 26th November encourages you to sign up. What you learn, and who you meet around then, can be lucky and inspiring in so many ways.

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PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

If there’s something you can’t quite pin down – an idea, a project, or a romantic interest – then you can find the practical help and support you need this November. Communication is so important now. And this is true whether that means chatting to your neighbours, posting on social media, or writing your journal. People and places from your past can play a part too, either by helping and inspiring you or by prompting you to look again at something you’ve parked or forgotten. Enjoy excavating your personal archives, and keep a wide-open mind. New people or exciting ideas await, particularly around the time of the new Moon on 26th. Magnetic Venus joins with optimistic Jupiter towards the end of November too, when your ability to be in the right place at the right time peaks. Apparently lucky meetings or successful events at this time are closely linked with your own intuition and positive energy. You have powerful Mars in Scorpio on your side from 19th November – 3rd January too – so why not keep your travelling bag close to hand, or take steps towards learning something new this winter?

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