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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - October 2018

Dark Stars Horoscopes: October 2018 by Jane Lyle.


You can, if you like, make the most of interesting opportunities or introductions early in October. Particularly ones that you might have missed earlier this year. So why not say yes to invitations? Whether you fancy livening up your social life, or want to talk to someone who could help with your aims and ambitions, you can make some positive new connections now. These develop as the weeks pass, no need to push anything, just keep an open mind. Yes, it’s a bit of a cliché, but Mars in Aquarius suggests that joining sporty or creative groups and classes can also generate new friendships this autumn. Your romantic commitments may need some tender loving care though – you’ll see why around the time of the Libran new Moon on 9th October. Venus and Mars are sending off sparks then. So resolve to make love, not war, and keep a gimlet eye on your spending too.

October loops back to May, bringing back possibilities that stalled over the summer. Interesting. Yet meanwhile you may have taken on other projects, or even changed your mind about where you’re heading, and why. The main thing is not to dig yourself into a hole – so do resist becoming a very stubborn Taurus. As lovely Venus, your ruler, reverses in Scorpio between October 5th - 31st you’ll gain fresh perspectives if you allow yourself time to think. And do make space for some serious conversations with those who matter to you about what they want, or need.  Past lovers, half-forgotten creative projects, curious stories and karma are all poised to give you pause for thought. Your own full Moon in Taurus on 24th October adds to the pivotal feeling, and may bring surprises that change your plans. What appears to be stuck now will soon begin to move forward. So just keep clearing the path, and cultivate your famous patience.

A dynamic new Moon in airy Libra on 9th October shines on your creativity, and wellbeing. October is about finding a workable balance between expressing yourself in love, creativity, or with your children – and taking care of yourself, and your finances. Others have much to tell you, and much to say. So listen carefully, but don’t feel you must make decisions – particularly about love or cash – until you see what’s revealed around the time of a full Moon in Taurus on 24th October. This builds on what you sensed earlier in October, and helps you see the bigger picture. Jupiter enters your opposite sign, Sagittarius, in early November, opening a year of renewed ideals and fortunate partnerships in love, friendship, or career. You’ll discover new ways to love, earn money, and express what really matters to you most in 2019. Pace yourself now, and you’ll be ready to take off when the time is right.

Lots of Scorpio energy revitalises your house of creativity, romance, children and risk taking this October. So don’t let your sense of duty override your need to express yourself – at least not all the time. A retrograde Venus in Scorpio often brings back the past in some way, from old flames to unfinished novels. Do you have important unfinished business in your life? Do you think it could be holding you back in some way? Here’s a chance to confront it, or to make a decision you’ve been putting off for a long time. Venus boosts your magnetism and confidence, making this a helpful phase for taking creative risks. Some of you could even explore getting back together with a long-lost romantic partner. While there could be concerns about ongoing situations at home, or with family members, these, too, should shift by the end of 2018. Meanwhile, why not nourish your silvery sea-water spirit, and let a little Venus into your world?

You’re a fixed sign, which means its your cosmic mission to consolidate things. It’s embedded deep in your nature. October brings plenty of compatible, yet challenging, energy, with a big cauldron swishing full of bubbling Scorpio sorcery. Your home, ancestry, and past choices can be a source of inspiration and soul food. So you could explore family history, do some decorating, or rediscover past interests and passions that reward you in the here and now. Mars in Aquarius till mid-November highlights your relationships and long standing alliances, so expect some discussions and negotiations with those close to you – and try to be as flexible as possible. New ways forward will emerge, but you could be tempted to wash your hands of something, or someone, and then regret it. An exciting full Moon on 24th October shakes everything up, and temporarily seems to demand that everyone take sides. Again, what’s nailed down now is likely to shift again by January, so resist drama and proceed with elegant caution.

If you want to write, use social media, or get your ideas across to others, October is a helpful month. Your wit and style attracts positive attention, friendship, and interesting connections. Just keep your feet on the ground, and resist the temptation to whirl about in a flurry of activity – your power lies in reaching out, and keeping focused, particularly if you’re concerned about financial partnerships or commitments. Current partnerships in love, or at work, may be much on your mind and can distract, infuriate, or bamboozle you from time to time. Sorting out how to proceed could seem bewildering, but in the days around a lively full Moon on the 24th you’ll see things more clearly, and may even experience one of those fantastic flashes of intuition that illuminates everything and frees your mind. Rewarding, loving conversations then will warm your heart, and make you smile.

October begins by focusing on you, your home, and your family. And when it comes to making decisions about home, family, or work-life balance you’ll need all your silky skills to avoid tense or stressful situations. Some of these arose around the time of the Aries full Moon in September, others spring from your desire for change. By the time of your own high-energy new Moon, on 9th October, you’ll be able to see more clearly what you actually need, rather than what you think you want. Meanwhile, your magnetic ruler, Venus, offers some money luck or a rediscovery of passions, skills and talents you’ve neglected. A casual conversation, or encounter with an old flame, reminds you that treasures lie in your very own archives. Venus waits until Halloween to return to Libra, but holds out the promise of some lively, inspiring November moments.  You won’t always be treading on eggshells. Why not plan ahead?

You can certainly make progress this October, and have all the energy you need to push forward with your plans. Mars has been in Aquarius on and off since May, so you’re probably looking at long-range plans. Try not to trip yourself up though. Your magnetic personality will be radiating mysterious allure all month long, so no need to overdo the self-promotion. You risk making someone feel as if they don’t matter, when of course they do. If anything’s been festering in your professional or personal partnerships its likely to come to a head around the electrifying full Moon in Taurus on 24th October. By then, your intuition will be strong and supple – so you’ll be able to understand, and smooth over any disagreements or upsets. By the time the Sun enters Scorpio on 23rd there will be four planets in Scorpio, boosting your natural talents and abilities no end. Good news around the 28th should give you a lift, just in time for a very happy Halloween.

Certain things lie hidden just out of reach. You can almost touch them. But charging around firing your arrows into the air is not the way to discover what you’re searching for. Conversations and news you receive around the time of the new Moon on 9th October should pique your curiosity, while a fat slice of Scorpio energies livens up your subconscious mind. Jupiter, your ruler, is heading for Sagittarius in early November – for now, it is acting as an angel on your shoulder, hidden in Scorpio but expanding your intuition. All you have to do is make space for that knowledge to surface. Venus in Scorpio all month highlights financial affairs – hidden or out-of-reach money may concern you now. Clandestine love, or a secret crush is also possible for some of you – tread carefully or things won’t remain confidential for long. October can be a sociable month, but do also use these weeks to review the past year. New plans can be hatched in November, your year of living expansively awaits.

You sometimes reach a peak in October, for the Sun is in Libra right at the top of your solar horoscope. Around the time of a highly-charged new Moon in Libra, on 9th October, you’ll have an opportunity to see how things are working out for you – and what’s changed (or not) since July. Connections with others can be so helpful, inspiring or lucky this month – and some of you will find yourselves pondering a change of direction or new interest as a result. Your current attitude towards earnings and money in general is feisty, or sometimes uncharacteristically over-optimistic, thanks to Mars in Aquarius – but some genuine good fortune crops up this month too. Be wary of schemes suggested by friends or lovers though, mixing up attraction, love, and money is not in your best interests. You still have the positive encouragement of Saturn and Uranus, urging you to combine old and new, innovative and traditional in exciting ways. Make the most of this, and your October can be a magical one.

Mars in Aquarius continues to boost your energy and determination until mid November. And the first two weeks of October bring extra oomph as Mars and Venus dance together, offering all manner of possibilities for your hopes, wishes, and life direction. Pay attention to conversations, offers, and encounters during this phase – women could prove to be especially helpful or inspiring now. Keep an open mind, and consider the message of your two ruling planets – Saturn and Uranus. Their current connection represents a fruitful blend of your own innate characteristics – yes, you can be stubborn and obstinate, but you’re also full of amazing ideas, inventive quirks, and original thinking. Things don’t have to be solved in conventional ways, so if you’ve got any unusual or deeply individual ideas – now’s the time to take those a step further. 24th October’s full Moon shows you what can be left behind now, or transformed with the help of others.

Many of you are in the mood for a little break, or searching for inspiration and friendship. Short trips and days out can be the perfect solution. And if you’re a communicator then you’ll find plenty to photograph or write about on your travels. You might even meet a possible maybe or a hot date, but there’s no need to push this – you’re approaching a long phase of romantic opportunities in late 2018 and on into 2019, so relax. Finances usually concern you at this time of year, so if there’s any rethinking or reorganising to be done the Libran new Moon on 9th October urges you to confront money issues and be practical - or prepared to compromise in some way. There may be some financial discussions involving others – your best bet is to listen, and hold off on making sudden moves. Changes outside your control are brewing, and these shake-ups should turn out in your favour during November. 


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