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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - September 2018

Dark Stars Horoscopes: September 2018 by Jane Lyle.

You’re coming to the end of a pushy, even bumpy, phase for your career or aspirations. Maybe you’ve felt as if you’re carrying everything forwards on your own. Or maybe you’ve found teamwork challenging? Once Mars enters sociable Aquarius again, on 11th September, your focus shifts, and joining forces with others online or in real life sparks energy. It’s worth considering what cropped up in May, June, and July too – you can move forward with ideas you had back then. But do keep a sharp eye on your finances, and resist the impulse to throw money around. You’ll find brilliant, original ways to solve ongoing dilemmas, so take things at a steady pace. Your own Aries full Moon ends September with some tingling energy, plus deep, deep questions about what you’d like to ditch and what you’d like to keep in your life. Talk, think, and assess everything with care.

A fragrant, fertile month beckons you. With so many planets in earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – you’re in your element. You can get things done. What’s more, you’ll feel at home in the world, and in your own skin. If you fancy trying something different, learning something new, or doing some unusual historical research, now’s the time. Romantically and creatively, too, you’re hot stuff. If you happen to feel a bit wilted, then please do consider using the new Moon in Virgo on 9th September to tune into your dreams, open your heart, and reawaken your motivation. Venus enters your partnership house, Scorpio, for a long stay on that day as well. Between now and January 2019 is a memorable phase for all your connections – from loving relationships to professional alliances. Clear away any dusty old negativity, and you’ll be able to make some pleasing changes before the end of the year.

Your lively ruler, Mercury, is witty, discerning, and strong in Virgo between 6th – 22nd September. It’s a helpful time to edit, reorganise, and meditate on what you’d like for your home, family, and general life direction this autumn. Yes, there may be financial issues to deal with, or hidden factors disturbing your plans. These connect with money, the support of others, or your own shifting values. Perhaps you don’t want what you thought you wanted? 9th September’s potent Virgo new Moon shines a light on these questions. A less critical, more creative phase unfolds as Mercury and the Sun travel through Libra, from the Equinox and on into October. Your desire to create new romantic routines, or know where you are with a love relationship on a day-to-day basis, is a major theme for the next few months. So just take care of your wellbeing, find ways to feel beautiful, and prepare for a busy autumn.

A sociable, inspiring September is all set to energise you after a summer of responsibilities or even blockages. Communication flows in new ways – you hear from friends, neighbours, children or colleagues, and your conversations with partners in love or at work seem more productive and satisfying. This new atmosphere releases you to be more creative or romantic, just in time for Venus entering Scorpio on 9th September, day of the gorgeous new Moon. You’ll have magnetic Venus in your house of children, creativity, romance and risk-taking for most of the winter months. It’s a great time to focus on what you’ve had to neglect, and have a little fun. You can, if you choose, also benefit from September’s vibrant Jupiter-Pluto aspect, which signals admiration, luck, and success flowing from interesting opportunities or encounters with influential people. Do enjoy making the most of it.

A month without planets in fire signs offers you a chance to catch up with yourself, your values, and your contacts. Lively debates or arguments with partners at home or work can bring fresh ideas, eventually – or inspire the creation of new routines and rituals. Certainly, everyone’s expectations and assumptions are being challenged left, right and centre. Your own need for a more workable routine is paramount. You’d like things to be more balanced, of course – but what about finding time for yourself ?  Making space for what’s fulfilling and uplifting is equally important. Venus in Scorpio highlights the pleasures of home, family and friends between now and January. And as your hopes, aspirations, and direction changes, you’ll look for ways to have your cake and eat it too.  Watch for offers and intriguing possibilities around the time of the new Moon on 9th September – these can expand your world, and maybe boost income. Just remember to value your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing as well.

September’s first three weeks bring fantastic opportunities to shine, express yourself, or embrace some love and romance. If you want to communicate, write, blog or travel you’ve got plenty of positive factors on your side. Mercury, your agile ruler, is in Virgo from 6th – 22nd September, plus an outstanding new Moon in Virgo (9th) would be a helpful – even magical - moment to gather together your intentions, write a wish list, or make a fresh start. This can be especially positive if you’re looking for love, wanting to learn new skills, or explore new places. Your social life can benefit you in all sorts of ways now – from finding a new housemate, to meeting people who’ll encourage your creativity or flirtier impulses. Stay as centred as you can, and don’t be tempted to go to extremes with sport, diet, or exercise. You’ve got plenty of time to explore what’s new, and as autumn rolls along you’ll see that baby steps can take you further than you ever thought possible.

Your birthday month begins on 23rd September, when the Sun enters Libra. The weeks before your birthday are always a helpful time to not only look back, but also look forward to your new astrological year ahead. What’s made you happy this past year? What would you like to change, or see develop further? What you value, and what you earn, is in big focus until January, because your magnetic ruler Venus will (mostly) be in Scorpio until then. As the powerful new Moon lights up your dreams and intuitions on 9th September, Venus slips into Scorpio. Her retrograde season begins in October, marking a time when you’ll dig out old projects, and maybe rediscover new – even lucrative - ways with old creative thoughts. Current passions and clashes come to a head towards the end of the month, clarifying anything that’s puzzled you for months. Stay as zen as possible, and allow events to unfold at their own pace. You can’t control everything.

Plots and plans you’ve been mulling over all year can now move forward. It’s a positive month for self-promotion, job interviews, or getting back in touch with people. You’ll also benefit from working with lively groups of people, or joining neighbourhood projects, classes, or schemes. An energetic link between lucky Jupiter in Scorpio and your ruler, Pluto in Capricorn offers you the rocket fuel you need to make the effort and move closer to your goals. Don’t allow any tensions at home to hold you back – these could range from broken appliances to disagreements with your partner or other family members that have been simmering all summer long. There will be opportunities to sort things out, or information that clarifies situations that have bewildered you since July. Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th – and the fortunate planet of art, love, charm and cash is with you (excluding November) until January. Focus on what you’d like to improve, and you can achieve small miracles. 

What arose in August may have seemed hard to understand or deal with. But clever strategies now bubble up from your fertile imagination, while supportive people and useful information helps you get things moving. A splendid new Moon on 9th September is a great time to begin something, or bring fresh enthusiasm to anything that’s lacklustre in your world. The hard working, positive link between your expansive ruler, Jupiter, and relentless Pluto boosts confidence too – if you’ve downplayed your dreams and ambitions for any reason, you’ll feel as if you’re waking up to a bright, sunny morning. You’re more likely to ask yourself “why not?” than “why?”. As you shake things up, you could stir up some opposition to your plans and ideas – so expect a few spirited debates at the very least. However, nothing can rain on your parade for long. This is a work-in-progress autumn, and you’re moving towards success. Jupiter enters Sagittarius on 8th November – are you ready?

Just how constructive would you like to be? I’d like to say the sky’s the limit, but with so many planets in earth signs September’s motto is probably more like ‘Dig for Victory’. Your ruling planet, Saturn, turns forward on 6th September, right at the heart of a supremely practical, positive phase for you. If you want to learn something new, improve your skills, or go exploring this is an energetic time to begin, so look for the magical new Moon on the 9th and set your intentions. Exercises that bring mind, body, and your spiritual side together – such as qi gong, tai chi, or yoga – could help you unlock more energy and imagination too. As you tune in to the universe, you increase your chances of meeting up with influential people, or noticing positive coincidences. Keep an outward focus, and don’t allow any awkward niggles with lovers, family, or children to drain your energy, particularly around the time of the full Moon on the 25th.

Your unique personality and take on life is revitalised when feisty Mars returns to Aquarius on 11th September for its final run through your sign. You loop back to May and June, and you realise that what stalled or got tangled up in the summer is looking viable again. All you need is a calm centre, plus a daily determination to favour balance and harmony. This is your challenge. A flowing link between your planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, favours an inventive mix of old and new, traditional and modern. You can channel this exciting theme into your love life, work, or social life and find unexpected fulfilment. Just remember that with Mars on your team your enthusiasm or determination could overwhelm others – softly, softly is a much more helpful approach as you move gently towards getting your own way. Then you’ll neatly avoid conflict, or unnecessary expenses.

All your encounters with others take on special, shimmering meaning this month. People can inspire, help, excite or support you if you’re open to it. Your old friends can surprise you, too. Anything is possible - from bumping into someone unexpectedly in the street, to hearing about an out-of-the-ordinary love affair or career change. If you want to work together with your partner, or a close colleague, you can probably achieve more than you could on your own. If you’re feeling lonely or lacking in direction, then September’s astrology favours stretching out and discovering large and small ways to make life happier and more meaningful. Your neighbourhood offers more than you might imagine, and any courses of study or classes you try could also be the gateway to so much more than just passing the time. In a few months time you’ll look back and see that September was just the beginning.


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