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Jane's Cosmic Weather Horoscope - December 2016

Cosmic Weather: December 2016 by Jane Lyle

Thought for December:

‘In the days of yore, when the fur-wrapped peoples of the Arctic looked up at the celestial disco we now know as the aurora borealis, they would see warriors with burning swords, shimmering shoals of fish and the spirits of the dead playing football with a walrus skull. Our modern eyes can't help but see more contemporary likenesses, yet this sense of wonder binds us through time like a heartbeat.'

Nigel Tisdall, "Northern Lights: Light at the end of the tundra", The Telegraph, November 10, 2008

Welcome to December, 2016.

This year our festive season crackles with unruly energy. It promises unusual surprises, big news, dramatic weather, and very probably some shocks too. Even if you think your own life is quiet and dull, we’re surrounded by others and affected – to a greater or lesser extent - by their experiences, and events in the world around us.

December’s astrology means it’s not only a memorable holiday month for us all, but also the beginning of a potent new phase of opportunity, events, and challenging change that stretches on into 2017.

December’s Main Cosmic Events

The Gas Giant and the Nutty Professor: Bringers of Change in 2016-2017

A period of breakthroughs, extreme restlessness, and original, inventive ideas begins this December. It highlights the fields of science and technology, outer space, sport, publishing, law and travel. We can also expect to see a big push towards changes and reforms in the law, religion, and politics. This begins now, and carries us forward into 2017.

In our personal lives, we’re talking about individual freedom and our relationships and alliances. How can we have freedom alongside commitment? How do we balance those needs in our lives?

There’ll be news and discussions about love, social life, and the role – both positive and negative - of technology and social media. I’d expect everything from dating apps to robots to be big talking points now, and in 2017.

These important themes rise to the surface courtesy of Jupiter in relationship-orientated Libra – the sign that says ‘we are’, and eccentric, rebellious Uranus in Aries, sign of the new-born self, the sign that says ‘I am’.  There’s a tug-of-war between them. Jupiter expands the revolutionary energies of Uranus, while Uranus sparks up Jupiter’s optimism. Uranus in Aries represents the ultimate outsider, the nutty professor, the brilliant misfit. Jupiter in Libra is about our connections, but it also symbolises strategy. Creating conflict for the sake of achieving peace and harmony in the long run would be Jupiter in Libra’s kind of thing.

Between now, and September 2017, Jupiter and Uranus herald unusual opportunities, even lucky surprises and unexpected twists of fate. Because they oppose one another, we’ll need to be determined to follow things through, and really focus on our goals. Jupiter and Uranus together symbolise revolution.

Your own horoscope is switched on this December if you have planets or angles at around 20 degrees, particularly in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, or in the fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius, and the air signs of Gemini and Aquarius.

By March 2017, this vitalising aspect is at 22 degrees. And by September 2017 it’s 27 degrees. An astrologer can tell you much more about what this might mean for you personally.   


The aspects are:

Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries, exact 26th December, 2016 at 20 degrees

3rd March, 2017, 22 degrees

28th September, 2017, 27 degrees

And this energising and electrifying theme is part of an unusual and rather extraordinary planetary pattern over the holiday season itself.



Dramatic December And A Season of Surprises

December 2016’s astrology says it’s no ordinary festive season. There’s magic, drama, and some surprising alchemy all around us. The precise moment that this all locks into place is over 24th, 25th, and 26th December. However, astrological aspects are like approaching your front door with your key. You have the intention of unlocking your door long before you actually turn that key in the lock. When it comes to the planets, we can often see and feel the key approaching the lock before the exact moment is upon us.

December’s main event, astrologically speaking, is heralded early in the month.

Days crackling with very high energy promise fast-moving events between Thursday 1st – Monday 12th December. These have a theme of tradition meeting innovation and creating or evolving into something new. Action planet Mars in Aquarius represents energetic ideas, beliefs, and the power of crowds. These connect with our big December themes of something old and traditional (Saturn) meeting something rebellious and innovative (Jupiter and Uranus).

From Monday, 12th December onwards Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius meet up to underline that atmosphere of old and new, hard work and innovation. The rules and laws that underpin familiar structures may be challenged, and the need for serious changes is the long-term result. Since the dwarf planet named for the goddess of discord and disruption, Eris, is also present (at 22 Aries) alongside her revolutionary pal, Uranus, I’d say the status quo will be rocking and reeling one way or another.

Ceres, another dwarf planet, is also in Aries now, alongside Uranus and Eris. Ceres may be named for a mother goddess, one of the great grain goddesses of the ancient world, but her symbolic energy can be fierce, and her influence acts as a catalyst for change too. Ceres will go into battle for what’s close to her heart.

By the long weekend of 23rd December – 26th December love, art, money and social relationships enter the picture, as Venus in Aquarius joins the party. Unexpected attractions or break-ups can happen over this weekend.

Headline news about a well-known woman, or a famous marriage, could emerge over the holiday period. In our personal lives, too, there could be sudden, even surprising, announcements from friends and family about marriages, love relationships, or important life decisions.

Get ready for a fascinating festive season if you have any planets or points in any sign in your own horoscope at around 20 degrees. If you don’t know, you can always ask an astrologer.

The aspects are:

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, 20 degrees. Exact 25th December

Saturn in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Libra, 20 degrees. Exact 25th December

Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries, 20 degrees. Exact 26th December

Venus in Aquarius, 20 degrees, trine Jupiter in Libra, sextile Saturn and Uranus, 24th - 26th December.



Friday, 2nd December:

Mercury enters Capricorn where the planet of the mind is sensible, ambitious, strategic and cautious.

2016’s final Mercury retrograde begins on 19th December, so do double-check all your Christmas season travel plans, and that includes any New Year holiday arrangements too. There’s always seasonal travel chaos, but this year’s could be more dramatic and disruptive than usual.

With Mercury rewinding in Capricorn, it’s also sensible to be aware of financial weirderies, scams, or oversights. Capricorn is a sign much associated with banks. 

Mercury turns direct on 8th January, having gone back as far as Sagittarius again.

From 12th January, Mercury travels on, stoically, through earthy Capricorn until 7th February, 2017.

This long Mercury in Capricorn moment will favour addressing budgets, finances, goals and foundations – and carefully reviewing everything connected with such matters.



Saturday, 10th December – Thursday 17th December:

The final supermoon of 2016 is coming!

The Gemini Supermoon rises on Wednesday, 14th December. As you probably know, a supermoon is extra close to us here on Earth. Astronomers call this ‘perigee’, and the Moon itself can be new or full. A big, bright full Moon, of course, looks much more dramatic. 

A full supermoon brings increased lunar energy – this in turn signals high tides, stormy weather, increased seismic activity and heightened emotions. The magnetic effects of a supermoon stretch out either side of the exact date, meaning that we can expect turbulence and upheavals of one kind or another from around 10th December – 17th December.

November 14th’s supermoon, for instance, coincided with a major earthquake in New Zealand on 13th November. Is that a coincidence? Or is there no such thing as a coincidence? Why not keep an open mind?

In any case, a full Moon in chatty Gemini represents a high tide of news, contact with others, and events linked to the media, social media, leaked information, lies, scams, jokes and tricks. This is the third supermoon of the autumn season. There will be more in the Moon Diary.

For much more about supermoons and an in-depth look at their chaotic effects, please do visit Richard Nolle’s website. He’s the expert astrologer who coined the term ‘supermoon’ back in the 70’s.


This supermoon is a meaningful one for the USA, aligning with the US Mars and with the natal Gemini Sun of President-elect Donald Trump. Something culminates now.

Various horoscopes for Russia are stirred by the energies of this Moon. 

This Gemini supermoon also highlights the Moon in the horoscope for the United Nations.

Image: ‘The Lantern Bearers’ by Maxfield Parrish (1908) via Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Public Domain.



Monday, 19th December:

Hall of Mirrors: Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn and Mars enters fishy Pisces.

Mars in Pisces often acts in mysterious, magical ways. This can be a very creative Mars, driven to bring vision, imagination and artistic or mystical ideals into reality. Mars in Pisces can also find fulfilment working in Piscean worlds such as medicine, charity, art, music, film, or even sport and politics. Focus and consistency can be a challenge. Distractions for Mars in Pisces include pleasure of every kind, escapism, and unhelpful episodes of self-sacrifice.

Mars is in Pisces until 28th January. During this time, Mars has some very important moments, including:

Wednesday, 28th- Thursday, 29th December: Mars aligns with the Moon’s South Node in Pisces. Connections between individuals can seem fateful, dramatic, and karmic. Relationships between nations can be tested or threatened, and in Pisces these tensions may have an idealistic or religious flavour.

Friday, 30th – Sunday 1st January, 2017: When Mars joins foggy Neptune in deceptive Pisces we’re looking at a very fishy start to the brand new calendar year. At this moment, September 1st important 9 degrees Virgo eclipse is woken up. You can read about it in the Moon Diary for 1st September 2016 if you like. Here’s a short extract:

‘There’s a strong possibility that this eclipse signifies a dramatic, memorable world event. Many national horoscopes are activated by the eclipse and its aspects, including:

Various horoscopes for the United Kingdom are vitalised, meaning it’s a pivotal time on many levels for the UK:

Ascendant for the UK House of Commons: 9 Gemini

Ascendant for UK Reorganisation: 9 Gemini

Uranus, UK Reorganisation, 7th December, 1922: 9 Pisces

Neptune, UK Glorious Revolution, 23rd February, 1689: 10 Pisces

Saturn, UK, England, Republic, 27th March, 1649: 11 Gemini

Pluto, UK, England, Republic, 27th March, 1649: 8 Gemini

Jupiter, UK Coronation of William I, 25th December, 1066: 8 Virgo

The eclipse and its aspects also activate many other national horoscopes, including:

Turkey; Germany; the USA; Vietnam; Ukraine; Russia; Greece; Spain; Belgium; Iceland; Israel and Palestine.

Watch out for news about these locations in late August and during September, and when the eclipse degree of 9 Virgo is activated again by Mars in Pisces in late December, and early January – signifying a powerful start to the new year.’ 

As for mischievous Mercury retrograde….well, here’s what I wrote for 2nd December:

2016’s final Mercury retrograde begins on 19th December, so do double-check all your Christmas season travel plans, and that includes any New Year holiday arrangements too. There’s always seasonal travel chaos, but this year’s could be more dramatic and disruptive than usual.

With Mercury rewinding in Capricorn, it’s also sensible to be aware of financial weirderies, scams, or oversights. Capricorn is a sign much associated with banks. 

Mercury turns direct on 8th January, having gone back as far as Sagittarius again.

From 12th January, Mercury travels on through Capricorn until 7th February, 2017.

This long (some might say too long) Mercury in Capricorn moment will favour addressing budgets, finances, goals and foundations – and carefully reviewing everything connected with such matters.’

Image: ‘Zan Zig performing with rabbit and roses’, late 19th century poster via Wikimedia Commons. Public domain.



Wednesday, 21st December:

The Winter Solstice

The Sun enters Capricorn today. Our longest, darkest night here in the northern hemisphere is a vital turning point. Today, the weak, dying Sun is symbolically reborn, and gradually the days begin to lengthen. A day for reflection.

The Winter Solstice was celebrated in many ancient cultures, with alignments at various sites angled to the Winter Solstice sunrise or sunset on this magical day. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, is one dramatic example:

For more information about Stonehenge:


And we mustn’t forget to say happy birthday month to the Capricorn Sea Goats! Capricorn is a wintry sign, known for its strategy, ambition, patience and determination. There’s a hidden, or not so hidden, streak of hedonism, love of luxury, and a dry sense of humour too.

Capricorn – you have Jupiter in Libra on your side until next October. Your ability to get your ideas across, write, and meet people who can help you is truly beguiling now, so do make the most of it. Now and then, a strange restlessness may whisper in your dreams, and some of you may even become less driven, and more spiritual and philosophical. There are inevitable disruptions in the coming year, but they will open up new roads for you to travel.

Image: Winter Solstice at Stonehenge, via English Heritage.



Friday, 23rd December – Saturday, 31st December

Here are some astrologically dynamic days indeed. You can read all about them in much more detail at the beginning of this December blog, where I look at Jupiter and Uranus, and the Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Venus, Ceres and Eris festive extravaganza of opportunity and surprises.

Mars in Pisces also has a big role to play over the holiday period as it joins with dreamy Neptune and the Moon’s South Node to activate fateful events, and vitalise September’s Virgo eclipse. Service and sacrifice are themes, and for more detail please do see what I wrote for the 19th December.

We can expect surprises, even shocks, in the news. So I’m hoping peace and love prevail in your own corner of the universe, and in your hearts.  

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays from The Astrology Room!

Image: Illustration from ‘The Snow Queen’ by Edmund Dulac, public domain





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