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Jane's Cosmic Weather Horoscope - December 2018

Cosmic Weather Horoscope: December 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Welcome to December 2018. December’s astrology offers us plenty of imagination, practicality and emotion to unpack.

This is a month of planets in the fire, earth and water signs. December moves fast up until the Solstice on 21st December. Once the Sun is in Capricorn, things begin to slow down over the holidays, and a more serious mood emerges. The Solstice is the right time to find some tranquil moments, light a candle and just be still. Even if only for a little while…..

With no planets (except the Moon) travelling in air signs, those airy festive fairies of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are elusive this year. Passion, sensuousness, and humour will tend to win out over cool-headed communications and rational analyses this month, and for much of January, 2019.

Image: ‘Princess Hyacinth’ by Alphonse Mucha (1911) via AlphonseMucha.org


A Cosmic Weather Christmas List

Image: Santa in Japan, unknown artist (1914) via Wikimedia Commons

For Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - the Fire Signs:

The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are in sociable Sagittarius. Uranus is back for the final time in fiery, impulsive Aries.

*Mercury’s most useful gift arrives early, on 6th December, when the planet of travel, media, tricks and communication turns forward again.

All our travel plans still need extra care though – Mercury (briefly in Scorpio) is arguing with disruptive Uranus until Wednesday 12th December, and then squaring off to discombobulating Neptune just before Christmas Day itself. Surprises, or a sudden turn of events, could scramble our holiday plans.

*December’s big cosmic boost from messenger Mercury and jolly Jupiter will be right on the Winter Solstice, 21st December. This one looks to be quite something. It’s at 9 degrees Sagittarius, aligning with the Watcher of the West, fixed star Antares.

Antares is a very potent, important star. It’s also known as the Heart of the Scorpion. Antares denotes success, but some kind of journey to the underworld and back again is always involved. This could be through an intense experience, or a psychological trip into your personal subconscious. Some kind of underworld beckons. Antares is also closely associated with news about nuclear energy.

So, do watch out for the days around this December event – they’ll more than likely be brimming over with intense news, passion, and major announcements. If you have planets at around 9-11 degrees in your own natal chart, this could herald important personal news for you, too.

*Jupiter in Sagittarius is surely Father Christmas in some of his many guises. For, just like Jupiter, Secret Santa is a shape-shifter. 

He’s a Siberian shaman, flying high on magic mushrooms, and attended by sprites and elves on the inner planes. He’s Odin, galloping aloft on his magical horse in the dark December skies. He’s a close friend of the Holly King of pagan tradition, and somewhere or other he’s kindly St. Nicholas and jolly Sir Christmas too. And like Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is mostly lucky and wondrous, Santa Claus has a devilishly dark side called Krampus. Yes, you better watch out! He knows when you’ve been good or bad……

Santa - and Jupiter - contribute much more than just a sense of fun to this holiday season. Jupiter is radiating goodwill and a sense of adventure from his home in Sagittarius until next December. When Jupiter activates your own natal horoscope it’s time to be more expansive and open. How and where will depend upon the planets and houses involved for you personally.

*Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can all benefit from these planets in fire too, so they aren’t totally missing out during the Yuletide season’s astrology. The astrological element of air is, in fact, mostly absent until 20th January, when the Sun enters Aquarius. Meantime, air signs can enjoy an energising, imaginative and fiery boost to their dreams and plans. 

For Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - the Water Signs:

*Venus returns to Scorpio again on Sunday 2nd December, retracing her September and October path and perhaps reawakening deep thoughts and feelings we had then.

Venus is in new Scorpio territory just before the Solstice.
Fresh thoughts on love, friendship, money and fashion begin to emerge – it could all get very spiritual and romantic for some of us around Friday 21st December. Venus meets Neptune then for some intensely misty enchantment. There may be tears before bedtime, but the festive season always has many intricate emotional layers - and I can’t be the only person who’s welled up when watching certain Christmas ads!

*Mars is in musical, intuitive Pisces all month.

Christmas ghost stories, heavenly choirs, and supernatural Yuletide beings are extra energised between Sunday 2nd – Saturday 8th December, when Mars meets Neptune in Pisces. These are also days to be extra vigilant around your cash, online scams, and smooth-talking would-be lovers or salesmen.  Fishy? Yes indeed.

*Neptune often represents a glamorous magician, or spiritual guru. This can be a misty, even delusional astrological influence, fond of mind-altering drugs, alcohol, and deception.

But Neptune has a kind-hearted side too. Astrological aspects involving Neptune this month can prompt us to give something back to our community, spend a little time helping others, or decide to donate to our local food bank or favourite charity. 

For Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - the Earth Signs:

*Serious Saturn and enigmatic Pluto are in earthy Capricorn now and on into 2019. They’re joined there by the Sun on 21st December.

This Sea Goat trio mean that business, finance, government and security are issues we can’t completely ignore during December. They’ll push their message home in January for sure, aided and abetted by a potent solar eclipse in Capricorn on 6th January. All this activity supports serious ambition, hard work, and practicality. It doesn’t wear a party hat though.

However, let’s give sober old Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, a holiday break too. December brings echoes of the Saturnalia, which was a wild party in the Ancient Roman world.

The Saturnalia celebrated the god Saturn, freeing him from his usual chains of responsibility. It brought days on end of bawdy fun, games, gift-giving and carnival. Capricorns can have a dour astrological reputation these days, yet deep inside each and every Sea Goat there are, most assuredly, some Saturnalian vibes in their cosmic DNA.

The Yule Goat is another festive pagan figure. Capricorn, the Yule Goat, is still alive and full of mischief in Scandinavia - as you can see in this photo from Charles Freger’s fantastic ‘Wilder Mann’ portfolio and book.

Image: Yule Goats, nutti pukki or Joulupukki, an ancient pagan Scandinavian custom. Photo by Charles Freger from ‘Wilder Mann’ via Charlesfreger.com



Friday, 21st December 2018:

The Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 2018 brings us to the year’s final turning point, and the official start of winter. For thousands of years it’s always been a moment to pause, in the heart of darkness, and wait for the renewal of the Sun’s light.

This year, a heartfelt full Moon in Cancer rises on the following evening, Saturday (Saturn’s day) 22nd December.

So it’s a particularly powerful Solstice moment for all of us this year, rich with symbolism and fresh potential.

The Sun and Moon sit on the annual Solstice points – 0 degrees of Cancer (Moon) and 0 degrees of Capricorn (Sun). Each point is a seasonal portal, a pivot in the year – with the others falling at the Equinoxes in March and September. Each and every one of these is a turning point.

This December Solstice looks particularly energising though, with meaningful messages for all of us, plus an opportunity to release deep emotions at the full Moon in her own sign, Cancer.

There are tender, loving feelings and celestial music from Venus and Neptune.

There’s important news from Jupiter, Mercury and Antares in Sagittarius.

Saturn, ruler of the Solstice Sun, is beginning to make a helpful, productive aspect to Neptune – favouring ancient mystics and long-lasting artistic and charitable projects now, and in 2019.

And the mighty Sun, poised for rebirth, is channelling all manner of excitement and upheavals courtesy of a flowing link to electrifying Uranus in Aries.

If ever there was a year for a Solstice ritual of some kind, this is probably it.

Image: ‘The Star Catcher’ by Remedios Varo (1956) via WikiArt.org

‘Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know.  

His house is in the village though;  

He will not see me stopping here  

To watch his woods fill up with snow.  

My little horse must think it queer  

To stop without a farmhouse near  

Between the woods and frozen lake  

The darkest evening of the year.  

He gives his harness bells a shake  

To ask if there is some mistake.  

The only other sound’s the sweep  

Of easy wind and downy flake.  

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,  

But I have promises to keep,  

And miles to go before I sleep,  

And miles to go before I sleep.



And, finally, it’s Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Astrology Room! Wishing you peace, love, and all good things in 2019……

Image: Vintage card, foxes on a sled via graphicsfairy.com

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