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Jane's Cosmic Weather Horoscope - February 2018

Cosmic Weather Horoscope for February 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Toss a pebble in a pond and watch the ripples shiver outwards. This is an image for the astrology of February, 2018.

Right in the middle of February we have a solar eclipse in Aquarius. It’s lively, mouthy, eccentric and electrifying. And it’s symbolism and meaning fan out on either side of the exact date, February 15th – one day after Valentine’s Day, one day before Chinese New Year, and the Year of the Dog.

February begins beneath the bright moonlight of that supermoon at the end of January, and the discombobulating effects of the lunar eclipse in Leo. So do consider holding off on major decisions for at least a few days as February begins, and then be cautious again mid-month when the solar eclipse plays hide-and-seek with our lives. We can make good progress this month, but rushing things won’t work out too well. You can, if you like, read much more about this partial solar eclipse in the Moon Diary.

Fabulosity and melting fol-de-rols arrive towards the end of this short month when the mysterious waters of Pisces rise, and planets in the sign of the two fishes meet the god of the oceans, Neptune. Shape-shifting inspiration is on offer for many of us then.

In fact, the end of February is much dreamier than Valentine’s Day itself. So what about the designated annual day of love?

Image: ‘Schwane im Schilf beimersten Morgenrot’, Caspar David Freidrich (c.1832) via Wikimedia Commons/Hermitage Museum



Wednesday 14th February:

On 14th February the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are in cool, friendly Aquarius, connecting with Uranus for a few Valentine’s Day surprises.

A very nice Valentine’s Day surprise might include cracking stifling romantic conventions open and celebrating all kinds of love. Those clever Ancient Greeks identified seven varieties of this beautiful feeling:

The Seven Varieties of Love


Here’s the essence of what Aquarius symbolises at its very best. Agape is the love of humanity, an instinctive understanding of what we all share together as human beings.


Family love, and family ties are what Storge is all about. In astrology, you could say this is the sign Cancer the Crab, and the fourth house of the zodiac. It’s about the love that connects parents and their children, but widens to include other family-style relationships such as adoptive parents and their children, or aunts, uncles, cousins. You can just keep going on this one.


Pragma takes time, patience, and effort to achieve. It’s the kind of love that develops when people have been together for a long time. It’s not exciting or urgent, but it endures through all manner of trials and tribulations.


We talk about this one a lot these days. Philautia is self love, but it’s not about the vanity of being totally up yourself and a complete pain. Self love, and the rather squirmily-named ‘self care’, is healthy and necessary. But the Greeks warn us to take care.  They tell us that taking self love too seriously can lead to the crushing losses of nemesis and hubris. Look after yourself, and then you can care for others is probably the ideal path to follow.


The delights of bonding with a team and sharing brotherly or sisterly love are what Philia is all about. Group hugs!


Ludus is fun and games, flirty and playful. Ludus beckons us towards butterflies in the stomach, and the scary tightrope of that euphoric phase of early attraction.


The mischievous Greek god of love was called Eros. When powerful sexual chemistry casts a spell it is almost impossible to resist.  We like to think of this as ‘romantic’, but the Ancient Greeks didn’t really do romance. Culturally, just as we once put fig leaves on naked statues, we wrapped our notions of ‘romance’ around the erotic intoxication Eros represents.

So however you choose to celebrate it - Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image: ‘Hearts and Planets Interrupted’ movie poster, 1915. PD



Sunday 18th – Sunday 25th February:

Sea of Love

Pisces season begins when the Sun and Mercury enter the sign of the two fishes on Sunday, 18th February. Love, music and mystery prepare to seduce us.

And when magnetic Venus in Pisces meets watery Neptune – exact on the 20th and 21st - we can perhaps float on a boundary-less sea of bliss. Emotional intelligence rules, compassion surges, psychic awareness tingles.

This could be the perfect time to try:


Listening to soulful, harmonious music

Tantric sex or kundalini yoga

Walking beside the sea

A foot massage – In the astrology of the body, Pisces rules the feet


Image: Matsyangana, traditional Asian mermaid. Public Domain.


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