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Jane's Cosmic Weather Horoscope - May 2018

Cosmic Weather: May 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Thought for May:

‘May, the blossom of the hawthorn, smells of sex and death. This is neither hyperbole nor poetic licence: it contains a substance called trimethylamine that appears when bodily tissues and sexual fluids decompose. Perhaps because of this, and perhaps because of religious opposition to its ritual use as a portal to the otherworld, a folkloric fear of hawthorn exists in living memory.’

-  Nina Lyon, ‘Uprooted: On the Trail of the Green Man’ (2016)

Traditionally the ‘Merry month of May’ is an enticing layer-cake of folklore, fairy-tale, pagan rituals and otherworldly beauty. Green Men, May Queens, the spirits of the dead, fairies and all manner of mischievous supernatural beings dance around the Beltain bonfires – even in our tumultuous, high-tech world.

May is always a portal. What lies on the other side of the mysterious door?

May 2018’s astrology signals movement, tension, and change. We are half way between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice in June (or the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere), and six planets are due to change signs. Only the Sun and Venus moved home in April, so chances are we’ll all feel a shift in ourselves, our priorities, and in the world around us.

Certainly, there’s high global tension as May begins. Mars and Pluto in Capricorn foster a brooding, ruthless atmosphere, while revolutionary planet Uranus in war-like Aries clashes with Mars, and continues to signify a time of upsets, unexpected possibilities, and sudden upheavals.

Mid month astrology heralds an exciting, even shocking atmosphere as Uranus enters earthy, security minded Taurus, and Mars enters clever, geeky Aquarius. The warrior and the nutty professor clash beneath a potent, earthy new Moon in Taurus.

There’s more to say about this – but some essential themes are money and the stock markets, technology, earthquakes, and electrical storms. Its bumpy, with strange algorithms causing confusion, internet-based meltdown, or yet more leaks of information, documents, and shadowy hacking scandals – perhaps more aggressive than usual.

Cyber warfare or hostilities are a strong possibility, particularly between Monday 14th and Friday 18th May.    

By the end of May, some love and inspiration flows - in one corner of the universe at least. Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces offer beauty, healing, and inspiration then – and I think we’ll all be eager to drink deeply at that particular cosmic fountain, and look forward to happier times.

Image: ‘Guinevre’s Maying’ by John Collier Queen (1850-1934) via Wikimedia Commons, PD



Tuesday 15th May:

Earthly Powers: Uranus enters Taurus

Thought for Uranus in Taurus:

‘Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work’
- Mark Twain

Uranus, planet of revolution and change, brings some bright blue electrifying energy to all things Taurus for the first time in eighty-four years.

Uranus is in the earthy, practical sign of the Bull until 2026 – signalling opportunities for revolution, breakthroughs, and innovative developments for areas of life ruled by Taurus.

Here are some possibilities:

*Inventive, quirky ideas around money, banking, crypto-currencies, and investments – it will all look very, very different by 2026. Watch out for the first signs this May.

*New attitudes develop towards money, ‘stuff’, food, and farming.
Uranus favours freedom – some of us will be far less concerned with status objects, and more interested in spending money on helping others, or having real-life experiences – especially in nature, with music, and in celebrating our senses. It’s a revolution in values, and what we choose for pleasure. I suspect that eccentric cooks and gardeners will enjoy new popularity too.

Image: ‘Ecstasy’ by Maxfield Parrish (1929) via Pinterest

*This revolution of ‘stuff’ will affect the fashion industry, its ethics, and our own over-consumption of very cheap clothing. Taurus dislikes disposable fashion. We’ll have to deal with what cheap fashion really means behind the scenes - for the people who make it, and the Earth itself.

*Innovations in how we use the internet, social media, smart phones and everything else in the techie world of Uranus. Obviously, with Uranus in Taurus, we could expect important security developments. And as Taurus is a money sign, a revolution in how we pay for ‘free’ services, such as Facebook. Currently we ‘pay’ in personal data (Uranus in Aries, sign of the self) – but expect this to change during the Uranus in Taurus years.

*Some exciting possibilities will be explored to ease the global housing crisis. Do we really have to stick with bricks and mortar? No!

There are already some amazing small housing movements, communes, and experiments out there ranging from Hobbit houses to homes in shipping containers. Possibly the most Uranus in Taurus example I’ve noticed so far uses 3D printing to make a house, quickly and cheaply. Numerous quirky housing trends can really take off in the next seven years, bringing a housing revolution.

*I think there’s likely to be an increase in earthquakes and electrical storms during these years.

*Scientific research will uncover all kinds of intriguing secrets about our DNA. There’ll be amazing discoveries about the electromagnetic qualities of our own bodies, our senses, the Earth, and the Universe around us.

*Uranus in Taurus will see renewed curiosity about all the anomalous phenomena (what a tongue twister!) beloved of Charles Fort.

 We’ll wonder about rains of frogs, yetis, impossible coincidences, strange creatures…..and, alongside these mysteries, ley lines, earth energies, dowsing, and the magic of sound and the human voice.

*And with the spacey planet of the unexpected firmly anchored in an earth sign, perhaps we’ll discover life out there in space during these years. Even if its just microscopic alien bacteria……

Uranus is now in Taurus until 6th November, 2018, when it reverses one last time back into the late degrees of Aries. Uranus returns to Taurus for a long stay on 6th March, 2019.

There’s more about Uranus in Taurus in the Cosmic Weather for 2018.

If you’re an April Taurus, July Leo, October Scorpio, or January Aquarian, you’ll pick up on this pivotal shift right now, and in 2019. Any planets in all our personal charts between 0 and 3 degrees are switched on too. If you don’t know what to make of it, why not ask an astrologer?

Image: John Bigg, the Dinton Hermit (1629-1696) via Wellcome Library


Wednesday 16th May:
Scientists and Mystics - Mars enters Aquarius

Scientists and mystics collide, or even collude, as Mars enters independent Aquarius for a long stay.

The Red Planet is about to move ever closer to Earth now. It reaches its closest point to us in July – watch the night sky, and you’ll spot it glowing away.

Mars is a lover and a fighter. The planet of desire, action, and assertiveness is now channelling energy in sociable Aquarius until 15th November. There’s a brief backtrack into Capricorn from 13th August – 11th September, when what we begin now, in May, can be re-evaluated.

Otherwise, why not have a look and see where the sign of Aquarius is located in your personal horoscope? That area of your life is in focus. Experimentation and freedom are Aquarian themes, as are friendships, unconventional adventures, shared projects, and joint causes. Taking action on freedom of speech could be a big theme. In your own life, it’s an opportunity to discuss things that are bothering you – hopefully in a cool-headed, Aquarian manner.

Mars can signify fights and arguments. With Mars in Aquarius those may be played out on social media, involve the tech titans, or spark more heated debates about aid work, charities, and humanitarian group endeavours.

Mars begins its retrograde phase in Aquarius on 26th June, 2018. It backtracks until 27th August, 2018, and finally leaves Aquarius for Pisces on 15th November, 2018. There’ll be more about what the retrograde means for you next month. Meanwhile, you can, if you like, find out more in the Cosmic Weather for 2018.

Image: ‘Fantastic’ magazine, October 1959 via Wikimedia Commons

Monday 21st May – Thursday 31st May:

Seeking A Magical Elixir

Towards the end of May we can float our boats in some spellbinding waters. There’s alchemy and spiritual bliss if we care to open up to it.

This phase has romantic, magical potential with a beautiful flowing trine forming between expansive Jupiter, and dreamy Neptune, exact on 25th May. They sit right in the middle of the emotional water signs of Scorpio and Pisces. Loving Venus in Cancer joins them briefly at the end of May and beginning of June for a blissful tryst.

Planets at around 16 degrees in your personal horoscope are in line for some inspiration. Subtle and sensitive, this Jupiter-Neptune connection is around for us to dip into all summer. Aspects like this work well if we decide to use them. Otherwise, they are a kind of closed circuit, and we can just sit around feeling quite good, but fail to make the most of the moment.

The Jupiter-Neptune trine is exact again on August 19th, at 15 degrees.

Here are ten pleasurable possibilities favoured by this phase:

Meditation, yoga, massage and healing

Music, art and movies

Spiritual exploration and retreats

Creative, imaginative projects

The beauty of water

Learning about other cultures

Travelling for peace and inspiration

Intuitive or psychic development

Wild swimming

Tantric sex

And here’s what to avoid:

Escapist, addictive obsessions with excessive drugs, alcohol, gambling or screen time

Uncritical involvement with any kind of guru, religious leader or political ideology

Get-rich-quick schemes and investments

‘Ghostly’ lovers

Falling for emotional or financial ‘vampires’ – wait before you open your heart or your wallet, and only let the right one in!

Big, fat financial bubbles

Image: “Bear us swiftly, Boat of Mananan, to the Garden of the Hesperides”, illustration by Stephen Reid (1873-1948) via Wikimedia Commons




Tuesday, 29th May:

Full Moon at 8 degrees Sagittarius, the Centaur

May ends with a lively full Moon in Sagittarius, opposing the Sun in chatty Gemini.

This full Moon’s astrology asks us for real courage and honesty in all our communications. We’ll need to make adjustments, and take the long view of events.

Two very significant fiery red fixed stars are amplifying the full Moon’s message – Antares, in the Heart of the Scorpion, and Aldebaran in the Eye of the Taurean Bull.

Antares, aligned with the Moon, is known as the Watcher of the West. Aldebaran, aligned with the Gemini Sun, is the Watcher of the East. Their meaning adds passion, intensity, and drama to this full Moon’s astrological picture. There’s a kind of see-saw here – dealing with opposing points of view will need great patience and care during the next two weeks. 

There’s more about May’s full Moon in the Moon Diary.

Image: The Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius, NASA/ESA/J.Trauger (JPL)


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