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Jane's Cosmic Weather Horoscope - November 2018

Cosmic Weather Horoscope: November 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Planets circle and shape-shift in November’s astrology –  bringing change, new perspectives, and a sprinkling of magic inside, and outside ourselves. A lively month awaits us.

So – celestial hotspot number one occurs between 6th November – 8th November.

As the month begins, on 6th November, electric Uranus returns to Aries for the final time. Our ideas about personal identity are writ large - from politics to self-expression, selfies to selfish behaviour. There are individual questions in our own lives of course, and there are huge questions that concern us all about changes we’ve already seen since 2011.

On the very same day, the Moon’s Nodes move into protective Cancer, the Crab. It’s another astrological hint that we’re questioning the past, and mulling over things from 2009 –2011, or even as far back as 2000 – 2001. There’ll be some surprising connections and alliances made this month as the Nodes connect with the unexpected eccentricity of Uranus.

November’s new Moon rises in Scorpio on the 7th, bringing powerful spiritual themes. And then, two days later, generous Jupiter comes home to Sagittarius on 8th November.

Jupiter’s expansive effect will be powerful here – travel, education, justice, sport, religion and spirituality are in strong focus. Jupiter was last in Sagittarius from November 2006 – December 2007. In one corner of the cosmos (and in your own horoscope) Jupiter offers us the gift of tremendous optimism – yet we must handle this with great care.

November’s second astrology hotspot moves things around between the 15th November – 17th November.

Love, friends, social life and desires are refreshed, and for some of us a new path opens up. Love potions and elixirs are brewing up in some kitchens. They could have unexpected results.
It begins when Mars, planet of action, enters mystical, musical Pisces on 15th, swiftly followed by loving Venus – now a morning star - finally turning forwards in Libra on 16th, and Mercury reversing on 17th  November.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius promises transport chaos, and probably some headline-worthy confusion in schools and universities. Between 11th – 21st November looks especially tangled, with Mercury and Neptune squaring off to warn us of delusions, deceptions, and general gobbledegook.

It should be quite helpful for anyone revising their ideas, editing documents, or re-negotiating an existing deal or agreement. But take extra care. Mercury turns direct on 6th December at 29 Scorpio.

Planetary patterns are changing, ahead of the New Year. It’s a chance to begin afresh, shake off unhelpful habits we’ve fallen into in 2018, or at least think about what we’d like to change.

Enjoy November. And maybe catch a falling star! Autumn’s Taurid meteor shower is said to be peaking between 4th – 12th November.  

Image: ‘The Poem of the Soul’ by Anne-Francoise-Louis Janmot (1814-1892) via Pinterest

Monday 5th November – Friday 9th November:

Sometimes, Love is All You Need…..

Loving Venus is now rising as a ‘morning star’ in her home sign, Libra.

This week, our thoughts about love, relationships, and harmony begin to emerge from the depths. If there was turmoil, or even painful inner revelations about love, sex and money, during the time Venus spent rewinding in Scorpio, that process begins to bring rewards and understanding now.

Venus in airy Libra flows with Mars in cerebral, airy Aquarius this week. Love is, symbolically, in the air. Mythic lovers Venus and Mars reach peak connection on 9th November, at 26 degrees.

It could be a beautiful week to talk with those you love. Why not be brave - express your romantic feelings, or whisper sweet nothings? Some of us may be inspired to think about making bigger commitments, particularly if there’s been a recent break up or interruption in an existing relationship.

This can also be a helpful time to review financial affairs, shared financial commitments, or projects where you’re raising money together as a couple, or in a group.

Venus turns direct on 15th November in Libra, moving towards her electrifying encounter with Uranus towards the end of this month. By then, all bets are off and radical or experimental possibilities pop up out of nowhere. 

Image: ’Hesiod and the Muse’ by Gustave Moreau (1891) via Wikipedia.com



Tuesday 6th November:

Point of Change: Moon’s North Nodes enter Cancer, the Crab and Uranus returns to Aries, the Ram

We’re shifting into a time when, collectively, we’re more and more concerned with where we belong. What does ‘home’ mean?

Emotional security and nourishment is top of the list. Love, family (in every sense), home, good food, protection for our environment – all these things will matter more than ever. For many people, they’ll mean much more than ‘wealth’ or ‘success’ – we question what those aspirations might mean. Is that all there is? 

The Moon’s nodes will now be travelling through Cancer and Capricorn until May 2020.

The Dragon’s Head, or North Node, is in Cancer. The Dragon’s Tail, or South Node, is in Capricorn. The nodes act like doorways. Universal lessons and themes flow through their portals, and they signal the signs of our eclipses – and therefore areas of vital change and focus for everyone. When an eclipse connects with your natal horoscope it sensitises that area, and what it means, for quite a while.

The North Lunar node is called the Dragon’s Head. Energy flows in at this point, represented by the people we meet, the projects we get involved in, and the opportunities we take up.

The Dragon’s Tail is the South Lunar node. Some say its ‘unlucky’, possibly because this is a place of release, giving back, and paying debts – especially karmic debts, or other obligations. However, this is not always negative – paying things back through acts of kindness, putting someone else first, or completing a difficult project are not negative things. Yet these important acts are represented here at the South Node.

The nodes have been in Leo-Aquarius, since May 2017.  Here they were about the heart and individual (Leo), versus the rational mind and every kind of group and crowd (Aquarius).

Now, with Cancer-Capricorn, they focus on our gut feelings - stomach, emotions and sensitivity (Cancer) versus our structure, bones, and stoicism (Capricorn). The phrase ‘homeland security’ resonates quite precisely with this Cancer-Capricorn journey too. Cancer-Capricorn themes will be stronger now, and in 2019.

So, for instance, the astrology of food says that milk is ruled by the Moon. I’m therefore intrigued to see that ‘Moon Milk’ is becoming more and more popular. It’s just ahead of the Cancerian upcoming trend for lunar themes and soothing drinks that the astrology suggests will be around during this phase. Sometimes themes kick in a little early, and we had our first Cancer-ruled solar eclipse back in July, 2018. 

Moon milk is warm milk with turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey.  It’s an ancient Ayurvedic sleep remedy. Or, you know, something rather like the hot milky bedtime drinks everyone used to recommend….Anyway,  people have now added all kinds of extra, esoteric ingredients.

Pastel moon milk drinks look very pretty on social media – expect this trend (and the burgeoning sleep industry in general) to flourish while the Moon’s nodes are in Moon-ruled Cancer. 

There’ll also be much more talk about work/life balance, with many questions about long hours, poor pay, or miserable conditions. The roles of mothers and fathers, parental leave, and even what stories our DNA has to tell us are up for discussion and exploration. The signs Cancer and Capricorn both love history, and who knows what tales of human history lurk in our DNA?

And as for that amazing, gurgling core of our beings – the gut – I think we’ll be hearing much more about how vital its teeming microbes are for our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. There could even be some kind of research breakthrough.

We’re questioning the past, and mulling over things from 2009 –2011, or even 2000 – 2001. There’ll be some surprising connections and alliances made this November as the nodes connect with the unexpected eccentricity of Uranus.

These themes are jolted into our conscious awareness when the Moon’s nodes meet Uranus in Aries - now, and on into early December. What does home, sweet home, mean to you? Taking care of yourself and those you love will matter more than usual. And there could be new, unconventional, or unusual ways of achieving that just around the corner.  

Image: ‘Lucia, Minerva, and Europa Anguissola Playing Chess’ (1555), by Sofonisba Anguissola, their amazing artist sister, via WikiArt

Wednesday 7th November:

Diwali Moon: New Moon in Scorpio

Spiritual beauty with a backdrop of deeply intense, even dark feelings – this endlessly watery New Moon in Scorpio is a powerful one for us here on Earth.

There could be more than a whiff of ancient scandals and the appearance of adversaries from the past. We’re thinking about sex, death, and money….what’s superficial or shallow must wait in the wings as we experience something more profound.

This new Moon marks the start of Diwali, the inspiring annual Indian festival of sweetness and lights in the darkness.

There’s more in the Moon Diary

Image: ‘Glow of Hope/Lady with a Lamp’ (1945) by S L Haldankar via Sri Jayachanarajendra Art Gallery, Mysore, India

Thursday 8th November:

Big Fat News: Jupiter Comes Home to Sagittarius, The Archer

Jupiter enters his home sign, Sagittarius, today, 8th November, 2018.

Jupiter’s expansive effect will be powerful here – travel, education, justice, sport, religion and spirituality are in strong focus. Publishing, financial gambling, and journalism are highlighted too.

Jupiter was last in Sagittarius from November 2006 – December 2007. In one corner of the cosmos (and in your own horoscope) Jupiter offers us the gift of tremendous optimism – yet we must handle this with great care.

Often described as lucky or fortunate, Jupiter’s most fundamental astrological role is to expand. So an expansive mood tends to be generous, good-humoured, and optimistic. A positive frame of mind sees opportunities, attracts other people, and seeks pleasure in life, love, and adventure. This is what makes Jupiter ‘lucky’.

Here in Sagittarius, the centaur and archer, Jupiter is extra potent. It acts like a mind-altering shot of high hopes and thinking big. For anyone timid or self-effacing, it’s a fabulous tonic. For those who are already confident, its effects might benefit from a little restraint.

The wide horizons beckon.  Mental, physical, and spiritual travel and exploration are favoured – with every kind of education or effort to learn more bringing excitement and fulfilment. Telling others about your discoveries through writing or creating visual stories is part of Jupiter in Sagittarius’s natural expressiveness. The next year will be a lively one if your work involves teaching, travel, international trade or sport.

Sport is real favourite of Jupiter in Sagittarius, particularly sociable or team sports. International sporting events and massive sport-based scandals could be major news in 2019. If the astrological symbolism is really sharp, these could involve racing, polo, equestrian events and, erm, archery……

More profoundly, this can be a deeply philosophical, even spiritual energy. There’s humour, for sure, but often something more. On the darker side, faith and belief can become fanatical, self-righteous, and blind to reason. Giant, jolly Jupiter does tend to overdo things, so balance and awareness might come in handy.

Jupiter’s effects in your own horoscope will depend on your personal chart. The fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, and the air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – will benefit in the most obvious ways. Yet the feel good factor can be so delightful it’s easy to just coast along. So don’t look this cosmic gift horse in the mouth!

Wherever Jupiter is travelling for you this year, you’ll find that uplifting sense of optimism and freedom. That’s a springboard, and you can use it to make positive changes – particularly if you want to explore, study, or widen your world in some way.

Image: Barnum & Bailey vintage circus poster via Pinterest


Friday 23rd November:

Seeing Double: Full Moon in Gemini, the Twins

Tricksters abound. Our Gemini full Moon is nimble, quick-witted, and economical with the truth when it suits. And mostly, smoke and mirrors do suit a backtracking Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of this full Moon. 

This full Moon brings a tug-of-war featuring flamboyant emotions, and inflates everything it illuminates. Take everything you hear in the coming days with a generous pinch of Saturn’s sensible salt.

There’s more in the Moon Diary.


28th November:

Best of Luck? Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Are you revising or reworking a project, or maybe just want to get back in touch with someone from the past?

Today looks like a fortunate time to do that. Rewinding Mercury aligns with optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius today at 4 degrees. Please do steer clear of over optimism, gambling, or wild travel plans. But, otherwise, feel the love.

The next cosmic boost from messenger Mercury and jolly Jupiter will be right on the Winter Solstice, 21st December. This one looks to be quite something. It’s at 10 degrees, aligning with the Watcher of the West, fixed star Antares.

Antares is a very potent, important star. It’s also known as the Heart of the Scorpion. Antares denotes success, but some kind of journey to the underworld and back again is always involved. This could be through an intense experience, or a psychological trip into your personal subconscious. Some kind of underworld beckons.

So watch out for the days around this December event – they’ll more than likely be brimming over with intense news, passion, and major announcements.

There’s more in the Moon Diary

Image: Tarot Nouveau (1910) via Wikimedia Commons



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