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Jane's Cosmic Weather Horoscope - October 2016

Cosmic Weather: October 2016 by Jane Lyle

Thought for October ‘Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning, spring….I thought of the future, and spoke of the past.’

Truman Capote

October 2016 is a month of beginnings.


Two new Moons bookend the month, the first for high hopes, good fortune, and Libran harmony on 1st October. Then there’s a perfectly mysterious, magical one in Scorpio, just before Halloween.

Two new Moons offer us two potential new starts – these uplifting lunar moments favour setting goals and intentions, or dreaming fresh dreams this season. Why not make a start during the first four days? It’s an excellent time to begin something.

Sandwiched in between two beautiful new Moons is a dramatic Hunter’s full Moon, rising on 16th October.

This year it’s a great big glowing supermoon in fiery Aries. It promises high tides of every variety you can imagine, and some that you can’t. Two more supermoons follow in November and December, heralding wild weather systems, extra-high tides, and emotional peaks for the rest of 2016. We’ll have some very potent opportunities to bring certain things to a head before our year of transition ends. Endings then make space for ‘the season of beginning’.

Are you sensitive to full Moons? If so, you might like to know that 14th November’s full supermoon in Taurus will be even closer to us here on Earth – in fact, it’s the closest the Moon has been to Earth this century.

Generally, October is a time to take lots of extra care, particularly around the 7th and mid-month (13th-20th). Be extra aware of risky ventures, volatile situations, and others’ moods. A collective urge for power or freedom provokes a rebellious atmosphere, and unexpected swerves and swoops will surprise us. There are strong links back to June and July’s upheavals and events in the world, and in our own lives too. Expect to see more power struggles and a few dramas.

And around the 29th October is another disruptive, possibly dangerous, phase, a time to keep your feet on the ground and your temper under control. Many of summer 2016’s stories will continue to unfold over the coming months, and on into spring 2017. This month our skies may crackle with electrical storms, while the mood around us is restless, inventive, and eccentric. It’s creative chaos, and it can be very stimulating and fertile.

Yet, for much of October, Libran planets also urge us to embrace peace, not war, harmony not hatred. There’s sociability, friendship, even romance to be found. Towards the end of the month a Scorpio Sun and Mercury open the door to reveal inner worlds, darker nights, and a hint of the unknown beneath a bewitching Scorpio new Moon, a Moon with juicy potential for magic and dreaming big dreams.

So enjoy an exciting October, and a magical Halloween. It’s just the start of a big turning-point autumn season for all of us.


Image: ‘Autumn’ by Alfons Mucha (1896) via Wikimedia.org



Saturday 1st:

New Moon in airy Libra, sign of the Scales begins October.

New Moons mark fresh starts, and this one would be a positive time to set some goals and intentions for the remainder of 2016.

Ten lovely Libran things to focus on at this new Moon:

Natural beauty
Balanced days and nights
Colour, art, and design

There’s more in the Moon Diary.


The aspects are: This new Moon is at 8 degrees Libra, conjunct Jupiter 4 Libra, sextile Saturn, 11 Sagittarius.

And adding a spiritual, romantic twist…..

Our elegant Libran new Moon is reflected in a bewitching, other-worldly pool below. Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, is meeting glamorous Neptune in Pisces. Music is the food of love this weekend.

‘The Peaceable Kingdom’ by Edward Hicks (1833) via wikimedia.org



Sunday 2nd October:

Happy birthday to Mahatma Gandhi, born on this day in 1869.

Gandhi fought for peace and civil rights in a way that combined great strength and dynamism with a fierce desire for a more balanced society. A Libran hero indeed.

He said: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”



Wednesday 5th October:

There’s passionate potential today, making this a good time for true love, sporting efforts, or something that needs enthusiasm and absolute focus.

But it may be hard to achieve a calm, objective state of mind.

The aspects are: Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, 14 degrees. Mars in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra, 5 degrees.



Friday 7th October:

Mercury enters Libra where the communications planet is sociable, charming, and articulate. Mercury in Libra can struggle make decisions, for it cannot help but see both sides of an argument and wants to resolve things peacefully.

You may have Mercury in Libra if your Sun sign is Libra, Scorpio, or Virgo.

Today the Sun squares off with powerful Pluto, emphasising politics, finance, leadership, and the law. Perhaps some secrets will surface. When the Sun in Aries met Pluto in April the Panama Papers were leaked, and we suddenly learned a lot about the financial arrangements of the rich and famous.

The Sun squares Pluto twice every year. This October, the dynamic duo energise the national horoscope for the USA. Intense.

Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, 14 degrees. Sun is conjunct Saturn in the national horoscope for the USA.



Tuesday 11th October:

A burst of positive thinking and optimistic ideas encourages plans for study, travel, and peaceful negotiations.

Potentially it’s a fortunate day to begin a project, go for a job interview, or meet up with friends.

The aspect is: Mercury conjunct Jupiter, 7 degrees Libra



Sunday 16th October:

Light My Fire - the Full Moon rises in Aries.

“Watch how your enthusiasm can light up another’s fire. This is how we wake up the world.”

Amy Ippoliti, ‘The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga’

Tonight’s full Moon is the first of three dramatic, full supermoons. One after another, they rise in November and December too. A supermoon is closer to Earth than usual, drawing up higher tides, intensifying emotions, and signifying a strong likelihood of extreme weather, earthquakes, and eruptions both in the days before, and several days after the Moon is full.

Yes, there are endless debates about the Moon’s effects on our planet, and ourselves, but even iron-willed sceptics know that the full Moon brings notably high tides and affects the behaviour of many species. Including, I’d say, ourselves.
In mind, body and spirit – we don’t inhabit a sterile void, but are connected in infinite, subtle ways to our astonishing universe.

October’s Hunter’s Moon is in fiery Aries, aligning with electrifying Uranus – planet of upsetting the apple-cart, stealing fire, and generally shaking things up by overturning the status quo.

Since this is a full Moon, we can expect to witness endings, culminations, and eruptions – both in our own lives, and in the world around us.

This Moon raises the emotional temperature for the UK and USA. It also highlights events and unrest in France, Germany, Italy and Greece.

In the Far East this supermoon, and its aspects, are significant for the people of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and Cambodia.

There’s more about this full Moon in the Moon Diary.

The aspects are: Full Supermoon, 23 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus, 22 Aries, opposition Sun in Libra.


Image: Visualisation of gravity waves, produced by merging black holes. NASA via Wikimedia Commons, public domain


Monday 17th – Thursday 20th October:

Climb Every Mountain

Great energy and power radiate from the alignment of warrior Mars, underworld Pluto, and the beautiful fixed star Vega. There’s courage and determination aplenty, so we’d better find a channel for it and use these transformative themes to create a little practical magic and regeneration.

Vega is found in the constellation Lyra, the Lyre. It’s associated with the kind of music that casts a spell of enchantment, and brings a positive element to the super-potent alliance of Mars and Pluto which can otherwise be a bit intimidating, or even destructive. 

Mars and Pluto in Capricorn may talk about creating changes in the areas of banking, resources, security, and the power of military forces. This duo can climb those Capricorn mountains with undaunted courage and endurance. They stop at nothing to reach the summit.

If you have planets at around 15 degrees in your personal birth chart, this intense burst of energy will vitalise them, and represents the opportunity to deal with something important. An astrologer can tell you more about how this will work out for you personally.

The aspect is: Mars in Capricorn conjunct Pluto at 15 degrees, exact 19th October.




Tuesday 18th  October:

Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius is an outgoing, warm-hearted Venus who prizes freedom and friendship above all. Love is about shared ideas, beliefs and humour rather than wildly romantic.

Venus as a Sagittarian centaur is prone to cantering off in search of fresh fields and pastures new. Sometimes this manifests in much travel, or a need to spend time away from their partner. Venus in Sagittarius is also a wicked flirt, even when in a committed relationship – it’s as if they need to see what else is out there, without necessarily doing anything about it.

This is a creative, adventurous Venus, attracted to all the world’s arts and musical offerings.

Financially, Venus in Sagittarius can be attracted to risky ventures, and is prone to optimistic spending, trusting that more money will manifest when needed. Sometimes this positive attitude works well, at other times money just melts away.

You may have natal Venus in Sagittarius if your Sun is in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius. This depends on your year of birth.

Venus will be travelling through sociable Sagittarius until 12th November.

Image: Tomoe-Gozen, female warrior, by Adachi Ginko (1880) via Ronin Gallery



Saturday 22nd October:

Sun enters Scorpio so we wish a happy birthday year to all our Scorpio friends, fiends, and loved ones.

This is a year when your dreaming mind can produce all kinds of treasure, so take your gut feelings seriously. Your alliances, working partnerships, and relationships need focus, but with some tender loving care, they’ll bring you amazing support and inspiration.



Sunday 23rd October:

Fishing for Peace

The glimmering subtleties of Pisces can slip-slide away like a shoal of silvery fish. When Jupiter meets Neptune, there’s much to tantalise us, and much that evokes our sympathy and idealism. Jupiter and Neptune both rule Pisces. They meet three times between now and next summer – with Jupiter in airy Libra, and Neptune in his own watery domain, Pisces.

Jupiter in Libra expands our focus on justice, peace and harmony. Neptune in Pisces dissolves boundaries between conscious and unconscious, solid and transparent, dreams and reality. Jupiter in Libra is prepared to use strategy, even conflict, to achieve a goal. Neptune in Pisces tends towards sacrifice and surrender.

Our ideals, and our collective dreams of peace will need a willingness to compromise over the next year. Air is primarily intellectual, water is about feelings, emotions, and empathy. Libra and Pisces may want the same thing, but must work hard to understand each other’s very different ways of achieving it.

Jupiter in Libra is quincunx Neptune in Pisces, 9 degrees.
This potentially idealistic aspect and it’s subtle message is exact again on 17th May, 2017 and 5th July, 2017.



Monday 24th October:

Mercury enters Scorpio.

Mercury in Scorpio is watching the detectives, determined to solve the case. Relentless focus can be a gift, or just a little bit scary. Obsessive? Quite likely. But shrewd and intuitive too.

Mercury travels deep in the underworld, reading a crime thriller, until 12th November.

When you’re in a Mercury in Scorpio mood there are over a hundred documentary films on mysterious topics here – ghosts, UFO’s, ancient sites, and more. They’re all listed in the ‘Mystery’ category.


You may have natal Mercury in Scorpio if your Sun sign is Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius.



Tuesday 25th – Saturday 29th October:

Rollercoaster Ride

Events and actions have a speedy, impulsive quality this week. Volatile moods can take many of us on a wild ride, for even if you feel perfectly calm yourself, you may have to deal with others who are in a chaotic frame of mind.

There’s a rebellious feeling in the air, sudden, unexpected actions, and a background of rumbling thunder. Much connects back to summer’s events and stories, and more recently to the full Moon on 16th October. Certain groups of people could turn against the establishment and make their feelings crystal clear through demonstrations, or even strikes and riots.

These are days to take great care, breathe deeply, and count to ten if you feel angry.

The aspect is: Mars in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, 22 degrees. It’s exact on the 29th October.



Sunday 30th October:

It’s Halloween weekend, and the new Moon rises in mysterious Scorpio.

Our Halloween new Moon is highly sensitive, intuitive, and dreamy. This is the perfect new Moon for fantastical costumes, psychic dreams, and imaginative rituals. It’s deeply romantic and sensitive, yet able to communicate through art, music, writing and film. Here’s a new Moon for spiritual and creative beginnings, and for tuning into your inner visions.

There’s more in the Moon Diary.

The aspects are:  New Moon rises at 7 degrees Scorpio, conjunct Mercury at 9 Scorpio, trine Neptune, 9 Pisces.

Image: 'East of the Sun and West of the Moon’ by Kay Nielsen, via Wikimedia Commons



Monday 31st October:

Happy Halloween!

‘The spirit world around this world of sense
Floats like an atmosphere, and everywhere
Wafts through these earthly mists and vapours dense
A vital breath of more ethereal air.’

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, from ‘Haunted Houses’, 1858

Halloween is a feast of honouring the dead. It’s a time when spirits roam freely and the uncanny realms draw closer - not just at Halloween, but throughout the dark winter season.

This is the start of the season of going within, rest, and reflection. We are now half way between the September equinox and the December solstice, a time of transition between seasons, and between the visible and invisible worlds too.

The Sun is now in Scorpio, which rules the eighth house of the horoscope – the house of sex, death, and money in the form of legacies, insurance payments, tax rebates and so on. Scorpio has a reputation for psychic powers, deep intuition, and a kind of witchy, intense presence. This isn’t entirely fanciful.

All our Halloween traditions have evolved over centuries, some of the fun – such as dressing up in masks and costumes and going from door to door – was also part of other seasonal pagan rituals throughout the year.

Divination, especially about love, was once a much bigger part of Halloween celebrations than it is today. Some of our curious ancestors must have had nerves of steel. Many traditional love spells and rituals involve such things as running alone through a church-yard around midnight, or staring, all alone in a dimly-lit room, into a mirror waiting to see your future partner appear beside your own reflection…..

If you’re interested in discovering more about Halloween’s history:


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