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Jane's Cosmic Weather Overview Year 2019

Cosmic Weather: Year 2019 by Jane Lyle

Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to 2019! We’re still crossing the bridge, still very much in transition. 2019’s astrology brings us some beautiful spiritual and creative possibilities too. Focusing on these can help us negotiate what lies ahead. It promises to be a transformational year in many ways, with powerful Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, asking us to clear out what’s negative and reform what’s outlived its purpose. This can be exhilarating, but scary too. Eventually, Pluto offers us treasures and energy. So when the going gets tough, remember there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel and keep moving towards it. It’s not the light of an approaching train…..  


A Thought I Like for 2019:



“The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe. 

The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.”


― Swami Prabhavananda, The Upanishads: Breath from the Eternal

The big cosmic patterns in 2019’s astrology involve optimistic Jupiter, dreamy Neptune, and practical Saturn and Pluto. The zodiac signs involved are Sagittarius, Pisces, and Capricorn – so planets in these signs in your chart are highlighted this coming year.


If you have planets or points in your own personal birth chart at around 14 - 18 degrees of any sign, this year’s astrology patterns energise your chart. 


Special Sun Sign birthdays for 2019 are:


Aries:  3rd April – 8th April


Taurus: 4th May – 9th May


And if you’re an April Taurus, born between 20th – 27th April – exciting, eccentric Uranus is heading your way. This could be an outstanding year of reinvention for you!


Gemini: 4th June – 9th June


Cancer: 5th July – 11th July


Leo: 6th August – 11th August


Virgo: 6th September – 11th September


Libra: 6th October – 12th October


Scorpio: 5th November – 11th November


Sagittarius: 5th December – 11th December


All Sagittarians have a year with huge potential. Jupiter, your energy source, is in Sagittarius. Your sense of adventure thrives, just be cautious with your cash. 


Capricorn: 3rd January – 11th January


Aquarius: 2nd February – 8th February


Pisces: 2nd March – 8th March



January 2019 shows us much of the flavour of the year ahead. Two of the big cosmic patterns for the year begin this month, repeating exactly in June, September and November this year. These themes are ongoing – with creative, spiritual dreams and adventures at their heart. Yet there’s a great deal of work to do to make things solid, and some seductive pitfalls to avoid along the way.  





Faith, Hope and Charity: Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces 2019









Image: 'Aquarelle’ by Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1837) via Wikimedia Commons




Jupiter in Sagittarius squares up to Neptune in Pisces this year. Both planets are in spiritual, philosophical signs, and in the signs they rule. Each planet will express itself strongly this year. You’ll likely be extra aware of this if you have your Sun, or other planets, in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. 


Jupiter and Neptune are fluid, flexible, and dreamy in 2019. So there are big, beautiful dreams buoying us up. These expanded feelings favour travel, exploration, charity, imagination and vision. Helping others, and exploring our own imaginations, spirituality and intuition bring many of us fulfilment this year. It could be an important year for the major world religions, for migration issues, and for sport too.


The downside of Jupiter and Neptune is inflation – from gaining weight, to hosting delusional ideas about ourselves and the world around us. We’re looking at gorgeous, pearly bubbles with no substance, and more than a few huge scandals. 


Specifically, we must be very wary of:


*Smooth-talking snake oil salesmen


*Greedy gurus


*Get rich quick schemes and gambling


*Our personal boundaries – its easier than usual to let the wrong one in, whether in love, business, or friendship. What’s right will eventually become clear, so please do take your time.


*Announcing things on social media without thinking it through – Jupiter and Neptune have few filters or fact checkers on board.    


Jupiter squares Neptune exactly on these dates:


13th January 2019 at 14 degrees

16th June 2019 at 18 degrees

21st September at 17 degrees


However, the themes of this glamorous pair will ebb and flow until the autumn. 



Rock and Soul – Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, 2019






 Image: ‘Starfish’ from ‘The Aquarium’ (1856) by Philip Henry Gosse via www.biodiversitylibrary.org, PD




Our big dreams can remain just that, and never materialise. But Saturn, strong in its home sign of practical Capricorn, is here to help us manifest our ideas and visions by making a productive aspect to foggy old Neptune. Each aspect follows that expansive Jupiter and Neptune party almost straight away, encouraging many of us to not only keep it real, but to take patient steps towards tangible outcomes.


Saturn is known for restraint and boundaries, and can act to limit wild excess. Making a dream real can be quite a struggle, but Saturn builds to last. What we create may not be quite as amazing as what we can imagine, yet with Saturn there we can be sure it will be a solid piece of work, or a lasting relationship. 


This year Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn are all expressing their essence from the signs they rule. So I think they should be able to work together to produce something truly worthwhile in the end. Optimism, fairy dust, and hardworking patience – what else could we need?!


Here’s a story to illustrate what I mean about this astrological theme: 


‘When I came to Dungeness….I had no thought of building a garden. It looked impossible: shingle with no soil supported a sparse vegetation. Outside the front door a bed had been built – a rockery of broken bricks and concrete: it fitted in well. One day, walking on the beach at low tide, I noticed a magnificent flint. I brought it back and pulled out one of the bricks. Soon I had replaced all the rubble with flints. They were hard to find, but after a storm a few more would appear. The bed looked great, like dragon’s teeth – white and grey. My journey to the sea each morning had purpose.’


- Derek Jarman ‘Derek Jarman’s Garden’ (1995)


Derek Jarman (31st January,1942) was a film director, set designer, artist, gardener, author and gay rights activist.


Born with Sun in innovative Aquarius, Jarman had Saturn in gardener’s Taurus aligned with eccentric Uranus also in Taurus – where Uranus is now. Their practical magic combined with Neptune in meticulous Virgo. Virgo is opposite seawater Pisces, where Neptune now rules supreme.


You can see how the painstaking creation of a beautiful, unconventional garden in a bleak, stony coastal setting echoes these planetary patterns. These patterns, in turn, echo some of 2019’s Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter possibilities.




Derek Jarman died of AIDS in 1994. ‘Derek Jarman’s Garden’ was the last book he wrote.




Saturn in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces exactly on these dates:


31st January 2019 at 14 degrees

18th June 2019 at 18 degrees

9th November 2019 at 16 degrees


If you have planets or points around these degrees of any sign in your own personal horoscope, your chart is energised by 2019’s Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune story. 


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf ?


Some deeply serious astrological themes are building up throughout 2019. 


Saturn in Capricorn joins Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020, but these heavyweight planets draw close to one another all year. As they do, the circumstances and actions they represent will become more and more obvious. This is an important cycle for the world around us, and for our development and security of every kind here on Earth – including privacy, financial security, and vital resources. 


In our personal lives, Saturn and Pluto can symbolise power and powerful people in our worlds – our parents, bosses, the forces of law and order, and our own sense of security and safety.


Above all, this pair flag up the deep need for a change in our collective habits, and perhaps even some of our laws. Pluto can be the great regenerator, and one result of this astrological era will be new ways to care for our environment. We may have to endure some very dramatic weather, or other shocks to the global system to push us forwards. But sticking to what’s old and refuses to change will not work. A tipping point has arrived. Saturn the Time Lord often ends things, Pluto will eventually demolish what’s not working and aim to recycle what’s useless. 


 However, if we can work with them, we can reorganise and rethink the structures we often take for granted. When we fail to co-operate at such times, we get turmoil. We do have a clear choice, and I’m certainly not forecasting the end of the world. We have a powerful opportunity to rebuild in new ways in the next few years, so lets take it. 



The astrology:


Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is exact for the first time on 12th January 2020, at 22 degrees Capricorn.


However, we’ll feel its approach throughout 2019. 

During December 2019 Saturn travels from 18 degrees Capricorn to 21 degrees. Pluto begins December at 21 Capricorn, reaching 22 degrees by 20th December. 


Moon Diary Overview: The Eclipses of 2019


Eclipses are, basically, supercharged new and full Moons. They occur when the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up – with the Earth between the Sun and Moon at a lunar eclipse (full Moon), and Moon between the Earth and Sun at a solar eclipse (new Moon). Often, this intense cosmic energy seems to be reflected in our weather, with an eclipse bringing storms or other natural upheavals. 


Each time, something is obscured or eclipsed. And this is part of the meaning of an eclipse – something is hidden in ourselves or our lives, information may not be fully revealed or understood until later on. 


When an eclipse lines up with a planet in your horoscope, or the horoscope of a nation, company, or other organisation, it acts like a wild card. Its effects can linger for months, or even kick in some weeks beforehand. The planets it has touched remain sensitive, they have a message for us. Energy flows, either as a dynamic beginning or as some kind of release or paying back of debts on many levels. 


This year’s eclipses (apart from one) are all in Cancer the Crab or Capricorn the Sea Goat. They highlight security, money, family issues, ancestry, government, and ambition. And while none of them may connect with your own chart, their effects in various locations on Earth can affect all our lives in ways great and small.  



















Image: ‘The Moon’ from the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck via Wikipedia.com







6th January: New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 15 Capricorn


A deep and earthy solar eclipse in dynamic Capricorn opens 2019. It’s focused on money, banking, power and – eventually – the transformation and release of old patterns and karma.  Anything fixed or rigid (rules, boundaries, foundations, rocks, bones….) will need to be assessed – is it useful or appropriate any more? Are the foundations strong enough?


This solar eclipse sits between brooding Pluto and serious Saturn. Are there blockages? Are there secret schemes, power ploys, or hidden motives?  This eclipse says that we will all have to be very practical, responsible, and realistic about resources, cash, and the earth itself. Big corporate organisations have enormous power in our world. Can they learn to use it wisely? We can always hope…..


It’s vital we pay close attention to what crops up now in our own lives, and out there in the big, bad world. It’s a stark message from those ultimate grown-ups, Saturn and Pluto. They draw ever closer to each other this year, until they align exactly in January 2020.


There’s not much wiggle room. What flexibility there is may come from a deep understanding of the connectedness of all things, for the eclipse aligns with a mystical, musical fixed star, Vega, in the constellation Lyra, the Lyre. Neptune’s presence, aspecting both Sun and Moon, offers spiritual possibilities on the one hand, misty delusions and scandals on the other. We must stay awake. 


This eclipse is an important one for Russia, and many countries that were once part of the former Soviet Union.


The eclipse has a message about government, finances, and leadership for the UK, and the EU with their Capricorn Suns.


The USA with its 4th July Sun exactly opposite this eclipse in Cancer, the Crab will also have much to consider this January. Serious business is afoot, but some information will remain hidden for a while yet.   


This is a South Node eclipse, with a karmic message and a need for release, giving back, and caution. Something in our news or in our lives is ‘eclipsed’ at this time. Making big decisions or judgments is best delayed for a week or two – wait until things settle, or new facts emerge. 


The astrology: The Sun and Moon at 15 Capricorn are conjunct Saturn at 12 Capricorn, and Pluto at 20 Capricorn. Sun and Moon are sextile Neptune at 14 Pisces.


Mars in Cancer switches this eclipse on again between 7th – 10th June. Events and themes related to the eclipse emerge strongly again at that time. 



21st January: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 0 Leo


This is a North Node eclipse, stirring up plenty of energy and scattering surprises around us, with a challenging aspect to Uranus (28 Aries) heralding what’s unusual, unexpected or even disruptive. Look out for new inventions and original ideas too. 


And it’s the final eclipse in Leo for a while. We’ve had a series of them, all generally highlighting leadership, royalty, family, celebrities, creativity and children. There could be big news about those subjects in the days around this eclipse as certain situations come to a head.


This lunar eclipse highlights news and events in many locations now and over the next six months. These include the UK; Russia; Greece; Spain; France; Israel and North Korea.


It’s worth watching, too, when Mars in Leo vitalises this eclipse again on 1st – 2nd July. There’s another eclipse to think about then as well – expect a bit of a shake up around these dates. It’s a hotspot.  



2nd July: New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer


This solar eclipse in security loving Cancer is one of a challenging eclipse family called Saros 127. This eclipse family repeats every eighteen years. It can herald difficult financial conditions or unstable markets. Some previous eclipses in this series coincided with these notable financial events:


1857: The Panic of 1857 - Crash – USA, Europe

1893: The Panic of 1893 - Crash and depression – USA, Australia, UK

1929: Wall Street Crash

2001: 9/11 and financial crash, notably in Argentina




Image: Poster for Broadway melodrama about the Panic of 1893, via the United States Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons


This eclipse opposes the Capricorn Sun in the charts for the EU, UK, and numerous other locations where the natal national chart is set for 1st January. Security and finances are in the news more than usual now.


The Sun and Moon align with the Cancer Sun in Italy’s 2nd July, 1871 chart, and are close to the USA’s Cancer Sun on its 4th July founding horoscope. Watch out for turning point news from both locations this summer. 


There are, of course, many other locations where this eclipse, and 2019’s Saturn “reality bites” effect, will be felt around the world.


This is a North Node eclipse – we can expect a lot of discussion, energy, and important world news this summer. This pivotal eclipse marks beginnings that may be hard to see straight away. 



16th July: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto


This is a South Node eclipse, highlighting destiny and release. With powerful Pluto there, this eclipse brings deep feelings and subconscious forces to the surface. This eclipse could herald news of secret corruption, espionage, or yet more information about banking and finance. The desire to clear and clean our world, homes, or thoughts will be strong, even intense. 


This eclipse could be meaningful between now and December for Saudi Arabia; Australia; Nigeria and Lebanon. 


26th December: New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn


This Boxing Day eclipse promises to be very fortunate for some of us. Sometimes what goes around comes around in a good way – and a renewed sense of freedom and freshness may be one of fate’s gifts to us all. A different, innovative approach to finances can be one of the changes highlighted by this eclipse. 


This is a South Node eclipse, conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn, trine Uranus in Taurus.


It’s lively energies are active now, and in the coming months, in the national horoscopes for Greece; Brazil; Germany; Indonesia and Tibet.  


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